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News roundup: Alberg signs with Bulgarian side, Crew blow out NYC, more

Photo by Earl Gardner

Philadelphia Union

Roland Alberg’s tenure with Philadelphia Union has officially ended. The Union are expected to announce this morning that Alberg has signed with Bulgarian side CSKA Sofia.

Jack Elliott is a finalist for MLS Rookie of the Year, as he should be.

Also nominated, Andre Blake is looking for his second straight MLS Goalkeeper of the Year award.

Columbus Crew

Yes, after decisively winning the first leg against NYCFC and amidst a still-developing story about their leaving their 22-year home, Columbus Crew get their own section today.

The announced crowd was 14,416 — on Halloween, for a midweek game, with basically no advertising done by the club — but some question that number, since the crowd seemed impressive to observers — and since every close MLS fan knows how much the clubs play around with attendance numbers, usually inflating them during the season by one measure or another.

Judge for yourself by watching the highlights. Or:

And this “Save the Crew” chant.


MUST READ: A hoaxer posing as an MLS executive initiated an e-mail thread with Precourt Sports Venture President Dave Greeley. Of particular note, Greeley hasn’t ruled out someone buying the team, mentions that Precourt will never come back to Columbus, and sends a few compliments to the soccer community in Columbus.

Next, a great story on the grassroots #SaveTheCrew movement, and how its founding fan-members are rallying the entire American soccer community, including purchasing and hustling to set up this website.

Anthony Precourt isn’t the only one responsible for this whole situation. MLS Commissioner Don Garber has as much to do with it as anyone else.

ICYMI, a Texas judge is asking for an investigation into whether MLS negotiated with San Antonio in bad faith, knowing the city would never get an expansion club, and cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

Supporters chanted during Tuesday night’s game, ““C-R-E-double-U, (bleep) you Precourt we are the Crew.”

So there’s also this great photo from the game, doctored up by a Union fan:



The East is far, far better than the West. Why that matters.

Soon after being eliminated from the playoffs, Atlanta United are already working to improve their squad.

Former Union player and current Chicago Fire manager Veljko Paunovic is being considered to lead the Serbian national team in the World Cup.

Around the globe

For the first time, women will be allowed to attend soccer matches in Saudi Arabia come 2018.

Champions League update: Bayern Munich and PSG advance; Chelsea is upset by Roma.

Bobby Wood isn’t doing so hot at Hamburg.

Highlight of the day

This is sick.


  1. el Pachyderm says:

    ‘transcript’ of information from the first day of court hearings regarding the injunction filed by NASL v USSF.

    • Good summary of facts. Amazing stuff, really. I agree with the judge that there may not be an obvious fire, but there sure is a lot of smoke. I try to be optimistic that good will come out of this mess — that soccer will open up and we can be done with charges of collusion and monopoly of backroom deals to secure MLS franchise rights and millionaire owners threatening to move clubs to distant locales. Ugh.

    • Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part, but from what I read the NASL seems to have the better case. Really interesting stuff.

    • Thanks for posting. I’m pulling for NASL here.

    • also pulling for NASL.
      Garber and USSF bad year could get a lot worse.

  2. Bunch of declined options for the Union.

  3. MLS leadership has grown very foul. Same with USSF. Does not paint a pretty picture

  4. The Crew are easily the most exciting team in the playoffs right now. Another crazy game with a great goal to end the night.

  5. I’m loving the Crew beating up on NYC, but I have to ask where were all of these Crew fans previous to the rumored move? Atmosphere was fantastic, just can’t understand why they didn’t have crowds like this earlier in the season.

    • I think there was a bit of malaise over the whole team. They get to the final in 2015 and lose a close one to Portland. They’re go into the next season the darlings of the East and stumble out of the gate with the whole Kamara drama. Stories of infighting and dysfunction prevailed and expectations were low until the end of this summer. Now they’re firing on all cylinders.

    • Precourt has done little to nothing to advertise the team. They shifted the focus away from STH a few years ago, and screwed everyone with a really bad tv contract from the get go. It’s almost like he wanted them to fail…

  6. good read on Garber in that bigsoccer.com article. highly recommended.

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