Postgame / Union / Video

PSP Union postgame show

Video shot by Ryan Griffith

Philadelphia Union pounded Orlando City 6-1 on Sunday. Here’s what everyone had to say after the game.

Postgame wrap-up with PSP writer Nick Fishman and PSP assistant managing editor Ryan Rose

Jim Curtin’s postgame press conference

Curtin talks about the Union’s big win and addresses questions of his job security.

Postgame interview with Ilsinho

Postgame interview with Brian Carroll

Brian Carroll played his last professional game on Sunday.

Postgame interview with C.J. Sapong

Sapong broke the Union’s single season scoring record on Sunday, with two goals to give him 16 for the year.

Pre-match interviews with Union and Orlando fans



  1. John Harris says:

    Glad about the knife comment but isn’t that Curtin saying he didn’t have the tools? The players on the roster (ie. the weapons) aren’t going to ask to be replaced but they were inadequate. But so too was Curtin inadequate. Seems like someone in the organization finally admitting that they are underfunded. Although Curtin is part of the problem.

  2. John Harris says:

    Go to Curtin’s clip art about 2:10. Curtin said, “… as we look forward to our final season.” Slip if the tongue? Simple misstatement? Change of ownership? Change of administration?

    • Yo! What’s up with that?

    • Might be the end of his contract.
      That’s pure guesswork on my part, but that would a logical reason why he’s thinking that way.
      I have no independently verifiable evidence whatsoever, none.

      • Does anyone have any clue as to when Jim’s contract ends?
        I have been trying to find this out all year, and nobody seems to have an answer.

      • A group of us met Earnie before the game and we talked about all kinds of things (such as why they played with the same formation home and away and that this was maybe the reason why they lost most away games….) Anyway, Earnie said that the Union had made too many coaching changes in the past and that other things could be changed to bring success next year. He said that stability is the key to success…

    • the union will also be moving to austin. 2 teams in ny, 2 teams in la and 2 teams in austin

  3. Curtin upset about a negative article. Dude win a road game.

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