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News roundup: Anthem protests find their way to soccer

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Philadelphia Union

Georgia’s Creavalle is impressed by the strides made by soccer in Atlanta.

What does the Union’s slight formation change mean?

Quick hits from Curtin’s presser.

Get to know Atlanta. Why to watch tonight’s game.


Cory Burke has set BSFC’s single season scoring record. His performance earned a spot on the USL Team of the Week.

BSFC hosts Tampa today.


16 teams are in action tonight.

Around the globe

U.S. Soccer has confirmed that it will continue requiring all its players to stand for the national anthem. This policy needs to be changed, but my thoughts on this matter can’t be summarized in one sentence here, so look for something longer in a separate commentary post.

Related:¬†Read this. Read it again. Understand it. FIFA may have¬†declared the problem solved, but it’s not, and we should all want to change that. Even if it’s a little inconvenient to you.

MLS’s official policy is that they encourage but do not mandate that players stand for the anthem.

Soccer and its fans need to join the grown-up conversation, not avoid it.

Who should get the call from Bruce Arena?

A recap of Champions League action.

Somebody did the research to find out how every top tier European team since 1990 is currently faring.

Highlight of the day

Bale isn’t ready to give up his starting spot just quite yet.


  1. The Union continue their meteoric rise up the fivethirteight world soccer rankings. They are now the 388th best team in the world!

  2. I disagree with the “grown-up conversation” point and article. Sports, especially the national soccer team, should and does represent everything about this country, including diversity, respect and honor. Regardless of what any government or sports officials say. That should not be about making a political statement but rather demonstrating professionalism and respect, attributes that many Americans practice every day. On a club level it is certainly different, but I don’t think that sports teams and/or players have an obligation to acknowledge or ignore any political statement. I don’t want to advocate for either viewpoint on this matter, but I will say that neither side can say the other is wrong or right and neither side should demand the other change and convert. If it’s not uncomfortable it’s not working.

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