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News roundup: Champions League action begins

Photo: Paul Rudderow

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Philadelphia Union

In this week’s Inside Doop, the Union are stuck in neutral.

An update on a whole lot of former Union men.

This week’s Know your Enemy reminds us that this week’s loss game at Red Bull Arena will be nationally televised.


Harrisburg City won 2-1 in St. Louis thanks to a late Pedro Ribeiro goal.

Bethlehem made the most of their week off by watching their playoff competitors lose.

Local teams in the high school rankings.


The top 25 MLS players according to EA’s FIFA. No Union players make the list.

Jordan Morris will miss multiple weeks with a strained hamstring.

Atlanta’s new stadium is nice, but the product on the pitch still matters most.

LAFC is scouting far and wide to fill their roster.

Around the globe

Sunil Gulati has a challenger.

South Africa will not appeal their nullified WCQ match unless the banned referee is cleared.

England is concerned about being hacked at the Russia World Cup.

The Champions League started without any major upsets.

Money ideals and soccer ideals clash in the Champions League.

FFP is under siege as the good and bad is put on display.

Highlight of the day

Messi scored. Twice.


  1. I look at that top 25 list and just get depressed.

    • Section 114 (Former) says:

      Donald Sugarman:
      We are going to grow so many players at our Academy. It will be beautiful. You will be sooooo happy.
      Come up here, skinny Jimmy. I have him call me Daddy. It makes me so happy. I know he can’t coach, but this way I don’t have to understand multiple strategies. And he looks so good in those sweaters. Nordstrom’s really should carry those, and not just on the clearance rack in the juniors section.
      That guy, Richie Graham, wants to shift ideas to fit our talent. And the other guy, who I like to call “Bert and Earnie” — we need to make sure he’s not stealing an American’s job.
      I liked that Danny Califf. And the Chris Pontius. And, hmmm, do we have any other white, American players. Oh, yeah, Brian Carroll. Let’s get him some time.
      And those Red Bulls. So many fine people on that team.
      Don’t ask me why we aren’t succeeding yet. Just wait. You are all going to be so happy, happy, happy after we start winning all the time. You are going to get so bored with all the winning.

  2. We suck, but atleast we aren’t signing Gilardino.

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