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News roundup: A cold hard dose of reality

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Philadelphia Union

The Union learned that there’s a whole different level of quality. If only there was some system to ensure that teams only played other teams of roughly the same quality…

It doesn’t help that the Union are in a perpetual slide, playing like a true bottom dweller.

Even the most devoted fans are struggling.

Ten observations from the game, including observations of what a good general manager does and how a team can change formation while retaining their basic shape.

It was a good night for Andre Blake, even if he didn’t win.

Get to know Atlanta. Reasons to watch. Match preview.


La Salle University is happy to have new turf with no gridiron lines.

Registration is now open for the 2017 Wilson Fall Classic.


Playoff probability. The Union are down to 3% after the midweek loss.

5 young players impacting the playoff race.

Western Conference PPG leaders Sporting KC show how to actually build your academy. 6 scouts!

Orlando City supporters groups have been banned 4 games from Atlanta.

The USL has hit 1.5M fans in attendance and are on their way to 2M.

SBI’s College Top 25. Is there interest from the peanut gallery in college content?

Around the globe

A breakdown of the Champions League draw.

Europa League results.

Ousmane Dembele is heading to Barcelona.

Zlatan announced his return to Man U in a totally Zlatan way.

Ronaldo is officially UEFA’s best player.

American Cameron Carter-Vickers is set to go on loan to the Championship.

Highlight of the day

Gylfi adds multiple degrees of difficulty to the near-midline goal.


  1. What a goal. Gylfi’s worth every penny.

  2. You know things are bad when almost every local news outlet has written damning articles on the Union. De George’s being the most telling IMO.

    • There is definitely a groundswell occurring here. One hopes that the front office is paying attention to their hurricane buoys.

      • I hope you’re right Rey, I really do. Change will only happen when the silence is deafening.

  3. 3% playoff probability? I’ll take it given that Chris Sherman’s SEBA projections had them at less than 2% before Wednesday’s game. (I think Chris is probably the more accurate of the two.)

    • All things considered and the fact that I don’t think they have a much of a prayer of making playoffs, I think 3% is low. Dare I say it should still be close to 10%? Say they sweep their home games (Yeah right I know) and they win at Minnesota. Steal another 3 points and we’re at 48 points. Wait a minute…on second thought, 3% is right haha!

      • 🙁 plus, the SEBA forecasts say the last Eastern conference playoff slot is most likely to require 50 points

  4. It’s like, I think promotion and relegation need to happen, and then I remember I’m a Philadelphia supporter, and I’m like, “Whoa, not so fast there,…”

  5. OneManWolfpack says:

    Christ… we still have ANY actual percentage chance to make the playoffs… awesome #Delusional

  6. What is all this ” relegation” nonsense. If professional athletes require a threat of demotion in order to perform, they shouldn’t be there. The Phillies, Eagles and Sixers didn’t need relegation
    to spur them to try to improve, but all three are considerably better than a couple years ago. If the threat is simply to stir
    management, then the team shouldn’t be there.

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