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News roundup: 3-0uch

Photo: Paul Rudderow

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Philadelphia Union

The Union fell 3-0 at home against fellow Eastern Conference playoff-competer Montreal in a loss that likely signals the end of the Union’s playoff hopes. They are now 10th in the conference in PPG and only 2 of their remaining 10 games are against current non-playoff teams. 6 of those 10 games are on the road, where the Union have only 6 points from 11 games this season.

Or, as Jonathan Tannenwald so succinctly put it: “When the obituary is written on the Union’s season in a few months, it’s entirely possible that the Montreal Impact will be cited as the cause of death.”

Post-game quotes. Lowlights.

It’s that point in the season where people start asking questions like “why should I renew my season tickets?”

We will get by.


Bethlehem beat Toronto II 3-1 on two late goals, including the winner by substitute James Chambers. Starting XI.

The USLPA announced its 2017-2018 divisions.


Results and recaps from this weekend’s games.

Four incidents were reviewed with VAR this week. It appears VAR stops will take 1-2 minutes, which seems very fair for getting the call correct.

Both Dallas and Colorado felt that VAR may not have gone their way.

I hate praising Red Bulls, but when’s the last time you saw the Union having fun like this?

Louisville City FC drew a sell-out of close to 14,000 fans for their game against visiting Cincinnati.

Expansion side Elm City Express of New Haven, Connecticut won the NPSL championship in front of over 3,000 fans.

Around the globe

With the European leagues back in swing, let me know down in the comments what kind of European content you want to see here.

Morocco got in a last minute bid for the 2026 World Cup, and now the North America contingent will have to come up with enough money prove their bid is a worthy one.

Ousmane Dembele has been suspended indefinitely due to lack of commitment.

Neymar scored and assisted in his PSG debut.

Ronaldo had an eventful Supercopa.

Tottenham is positioning itself as London’s NFL team, with a specially built stadium and a star striker who fancies himself an NFL kicker.

Highlight of the day

Wayne Rooney may not be appreciated by the top clubs, but he still knows how to put the ball in the back of the net.


  1. The NPSL final was a joke. From Soccer America, “Midland-Odessa upset Detroit City FC in a shootout in the semifinals but the victory was bittersweet as it lost most of its players because of NCAA eligibility rules that prevented them from continuing on in August. Of the 13 players who traveled to New Haven, just six had played for Midland-Odessa before.”


    The Elm City team did feature former Union players Cristhian Hernandez (#88 on the all-time rankings) and Matt Jones (#122).

  2. Good for Rooney. I think the guy gets treated more unfairly than just about any other footballer out there. Hope he bags a lot more for Everton. Thank God the PL is back. If all we had was this Union season it would be unbearable.

    • I’m with you on Rooney. I’ve buried him a few times myself, but that is the danger with playing for one of the top clubs in the world. Once you are replaceable on that squad, people trash you (not saying it’s ok, it’s just the way it is).
      I’m a Spurs fan, but I would love to see Rooney bag 15-20 goals this year. He’s easy to root for.

  3. “…what kind of European content you want to see here” there are so many sites that cover those leagues, I think if your-man-in-Italia wants to give us some first person accounts that’s great, but otherwise youse guys can stick to Philly

  4. For the Euro leagues, I think it would be nice to see results of Americans in Europe. And of course results of major matches, like CL or whatnot.

  5. high level European stuff is fine. player/coach moves, transfers, remarkable results.

    anyone else want to see Morocco get the bid? it’s not going to happen but this 3-way joint bid is ridiculous. logistically a nightmare for traveling fans as well as unnecessarily tolling on the players. Morocco would be fine in a saner, more level bidding year.

    NYRB celebration did look fun. last week’s best match of the year for the Union: did we think that’d be consistent? it wasn’t fun as much as it was infuriating.

    why should i renew? if the reps are call me 3 years since dumping, shows they are hurting.

  6. I’d like to read about any team with American players or coaches. Don’t much care about the rest.

  7. Hi, I don’t think i have ever commented on this site and if I have it was not under the email I have listed as required to be able to comment. That being said I have been a reader of this site regularly and faithfully for the last 4-5 years I believe. I am SoB since 2009 and from from Philly metro area. however as life has it I live in South America. I say this just to qualify and introduce myself and to also make the following comment.

    As far as content related to European football goes I would enjoy seeing links to content about tactics or formations or team philosophy that can be related to Union on some level. (e.g. An in-depth look at a team that plays the same formation and the same similar interpretation of that formation). Also mentions of North Americans abroad, scores and links of most important, marquee matchup in football from previous day(s). Also any European content related to innovation in some aspect of the business or divergent business/sporting models that are succeeding.

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