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News roundup: Union make a deadline deal!

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Philadelphia Union

The Union made a deadline deal! It’s something!

The Union just couldn’t find a deal to improve the team. No other teams seemed to have that problem, and the Union could find themselves left out come playoff time as a result.

Stewart preaches patience but stays behind closed doors when it’s time to face the fans. More on this later today.

Not making a move may have been the right course of action. On one hand, I agree. On the other hand, Stewart needs to take some responsibility for putting the Union in this position in the first place.

Curtin’s press conference. Most notable, Blake is still out.

Younger players are stepping up for the Union.

The last time the Union hosted Montreal, it was the last of their unwinning streak and the first of their unbeaten streak.

ESPN chatted with Andre Blake.

Why to watch this weekend’s game.


Harrisburg fell 1-0 against Rochester, as they struggle to score in the wake of 5 injuries to their offense.

Tomas Romero is taking advantage of the opportunities afforded him by the Academy and the Steel.


A couple of late announced moves:

Minnesota signed Costa Rican winger Jose Leiton on loan.

Vancouver acquired Egyptian international central midfielder Aly Ghazal.

Seattle acquired midfielder Calum Mallace from Montreal in exchange for a 2019 4th round pick.

Red Bulls signed veteran midfielder Dilly Duka.

When all the dust settled, MLS graded all 22 teams on their summer transfers. The Union earned the league’s only F.

Around the globe

The USMNT (and most of CONCACAF) moved up in the world rankings, buoyed by the Gold Cup.

Should Jill Ellis be fired?

Youth soccer rules are changing to help kids learn how to play out of the back.

Iran has banned two of their players from playing for their national team for playing for their club team against an Israeli club team.

Highlight of the day

Dries Mertens scores a free kick against Espanyol.


  1. So nice of the Union to make a deal to help out one of the teams they’re fighting over the last playoff spot with

    • The plan is long term thinking. They get more GAM for an international slot they weren’t going to use, then get it back when they need it at the end of the year with that GAM to spend on a player they want. I can’t believe I’m actually defending it, but if the team is drastically different (i.e. improved), then maybe this reject of a season might have been worth it. Depends IF there is a star striker and almost as good #10.

  2. so to confirm what i read in the You should be happy the Union aren’t signing a No. 10 this summer thread comments: no one who attended last night is willing to speak about details after being asked by the staff?

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