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Daily roundup: Union win, Blake out, Morris and Altidore win the Gold Cup

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union

The boys in blue and gold found the back of the net three times for their first win in four. The highlights show Union forward C.J. Sapong running rampant, earning a goal and two assists and ensuring that some goalpost paint got on the ball. MLS, PSP recap the action.

The night featured a missed penalty and two ejections. PSP post game show features a discussion of the pre-penalty Roland Alberg and C.J. Sapong discussion. Alejandro Bedoya explained his perspective on this moment. Columbus coach Gregg Berhalter had plenty to say about the officiating.

It was Pride night at Talen Energy, and the staff painted the nets to celebrate. The captain’s armband and flags were rainbow patterned, but the Sons of Ben did it best with a massive banner, “We are one”.

Local Soccer

Philadelphia Coppa Girls 04 are looking for a few soccer players. The team has won the state cup and is coached by Karla Sacher, who played for the Canadian National team. United German Hungarian Girls 08 team is looking for players. Palumbo 07 Girls also looks to add a few players.

Neuman Goretti Boys Soccer is looking for a few junior varsity games. Give them a call.

Local teams produced few wins at the U.S. Soccer National Championships in Texas.

Gold Cup

The low point of the Gold Cup final, from a Union fan’s perspective, occurred in the 19th minute when Andre Blake made a double save and in the process received an injury that saw the keeper shook up. He subsequently left the match. Reports from the Jamaican Football Federation say his finger is injured.

Jozy Altidore hit a beauty of free kick to give the lead to the U.S.A. but Je-Vaughn Watson responded shortly after the break with desire and skill to scoop home a corner on the back post. Seattle forward Jordan Morris was marking him on the play.

Morris redeemed himself in the 89th minute. A ball fell kindly to him and he fired home to give victory to the U.S.A. Morris will add the column on Morris from a couple years back.


  1. Looks like Berhalter felt emboldened by Petke’s epic rant the other day. Only problem is his complaints ring pretty hollow in comparison.
    Even if Sapong was outside the box (he might have been), there can be absolutely no complaints about that red card – it’s denial of a clear goalscoring opportunity, full stop. And Alberg missed the damn penalty anyway.
    Also, does Ilsinho make a meal of Abubakar’s “challenge”? Sure, but he totally gets mugged in the face on that play. Is that a little inconsistent with the way MLS is reffed sometimes? Sure, but it shouldn’t be! You can’t throw your arm into a guy’s face and expect to stay on the pitch.
    VAR may well turn out to be a very good thing in helping refs to get the call right, but I don’t think this game is really the one to point at to illustrate why it’s needed..

    • Zizouisgod says:

      Agreed, I think his rant was more meant as a morale booster for his players. He’s been rumored to have had some problems in the dressing room and he probably wants to keep everyone’s spirits up, especially since they are playing a new formation.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      That was also the second time Ilsinho had been mugged in the face….

      • “Mugged” might be a little strong in both cases. Ilsinho sold the first one even better. That was some next-level referee management on the Brazilian’s part.

    • The Ilsinho RC happened in full view of the center referee, assistant referee, and the 4th official, all from 3 different angles. The referee almost certainly checked with both of them before reaching for the red. It was definitely a RC…the C-bus player put both hands to his face and neck. Did Ilsinho sell it? Absolutely. In this instance, I wouldn’t have a problem with a yellow to Ilsinho for simulation on top of the RC to C-bus.

  2. Andy Muenz says:

    Just read this on the Union website:
    “Andre Blake suffered a laceration on his hand last night during the Gold Cup Final. The injury required seven stitches in the web of his hand between his index finger and middle finger. Blake will be reevaluated when he returns to Philadelphia.”

  3. John P O'Donnell Jr. says:

    Am I wrong to believe that is the second time Alberg and Sapong argued over a penalty shot then missed? Sapong should have said look here “player” I never scored 10 in this league and Kevin Kinkead put the jinx on me when he got into it with coach C. Now step aside and let me take care of this because I already gave you the last one.

  4. In other news… Sigi signs with LA Galaxy and Bob Bradley signed with LAFC. Way to go U on missing out on 2 of the best coaches on the market and sticking with the guy who will not bring us back to the playoffs this year.

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