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News roundup: United States seeks Gold Cup victory

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Philadelphia Union

The Gold Cup final will benefit from the Union’s contribution, as Blake will be in goal for Jamaica joined by Bethlehem’s Cory Burke. Chris Pontius will be available for the U.S.

The Union have 3 shots on goal from open play in their last 3 games, as their offense withers without a quality playmaker.

Quick hits from Curtin’s presser. Sapong is available tomorrow, while Simpson and Fafa are questionable due to injury.

The Union want revenge for Saturday’s loss.

Why to watch tonight’s game.


Harrisburg suffered its worst defeat of the season, falling 3-0 in Cincinnati.


Analysis of this past weekend’s MLS games.

Previous reports have been proven correct, with Dom Dwyer on his way to Orlando City for oodles of cash. The sale could usher in a new era in MLS.

The sale has also illuminated what is starting to look like an arcane rule, and one which could greatly impact the Union and Andre Blake.

Padraig Smith has been named Colorado’s interim general manager. Hinchey, who was previously performing the role, left the club back on June 1 to become the CEO of USA Swimming. Naturally.

Around the globe

A tactical preview of tonight’s Gold Cup final. Expect Jamaica to bunker and counter against an aggressive U.S. team.

Ex-Brazil midfielder Ederson says he has testicular cancer.

Highlight of the day

Thomas Muller is given too much time to pick his spot.


  1. Can anyone EVER see the Union making a deal like Orlando did for Dwyer? Every day it just gets more depressing being a Union fan.

    • Maybe once we shed a lot of salary this offseason but that just might be wishful thinking.

    • They spent as much on Bedoya, so sure.

      • They spent TAM, GAM, future allocation money, and got Bedoya from a team inside MLS? I must have missed that.

    • pragmatist says:

      I saw someone point out an ancillary benefit to the deal: All of the details were announced. This goes against MLS precedent. That’s a big deal because it establishes prices for these guys going overseas, and it puts pressure on ownership groups to keep up with the others, in a more specific way.
      Maybe that doesn’t come to pass, but now people can start to have a quantifiable argument.

  2. OneManWolfpack says:

    Really good article (linked above) on one of the “arcane rules” in MLS. Ridiculous how this league still has so many dumb mechanisms to acquire / sell / trade players. Enough. I get you don’t want to go “full Europe” and spend like crazy, but at some point you have to stop the expansion and let some of the training wheels off. If not we just go round and round with no real incentive to have teams separate from one another. Oh except the owners get rich… oh… now I see it 🙁

  3. Would it be crazy to try Medunjanin at the 10?

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