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News roundup: Herbers sees green

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union

The Union have the hardest remaining schedule in MLS.

Fabian Herbers received his green card.

Ray Gaddis has faced many challenges and has persevered through it all.

Swansea released Jim O’Leary’s thoughts, I don’t think the Swans have a single name on that roster that will draw fans to the stadium.

But you should still watch! Just, you know, not on stream or TV or anywhere else that’s not live. Because reasons?

Matt Doyle’s dream trade: Josh Yaro for Jose Villarreal.


West Chester United fell 1-0 in the playoffs to end their season.

The Steel are benefiting from their Union partnership.


Scores from last night’s Gold Cup and Open Cup action.

Midseason grades for all 22 MLS teams. The Union earn a C, but it’s really more like a ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Among the top 10 revelations this MLS season are the Union’s centerback tandem of Elliot and Gooch.

Toronto signed Liechtenstein international defender Nicolas Hasler.

Montreal traded for San Jose left back Shaun Francis.

Cincinnati and Miami will have to wait a little longer to determine who advances in the Open Cup after lightning postponed their scheduled game.

Around the globe

There are more questions than answers for the USMNT.

Kenny Saief, whose injury opened the way for Chris Pontius, is having hernia surgery.

Highlight of the day

Wayne Rooney’s triumphant return to Everton.


  1. I like Doyle’s trade scenario. Gotta think given Elliot’s performance and Trusty’s promise, Yaro is a luxury item. And Villareal is only 23.If he’s even a little bit better than Ilsinho, it sounds like a good idea. Other than Doyle’s recommendation, I really don’t know about Villareal, though. But I would love to see the Union making an effort to improve the attack somehow.

    • Curtin would never for it. Some offensive kid from LA for a defensive pride and joy who’s “been a bit unlucky with injuries”? No chance…sadly.

  2. scottymac says:

    I don’t usually agree with Matt Doyle, but this time I do. I can’t for the life of me understand why we haven’t done more intraleague deals to improve this team. There have been a few, but draft picks for Charlie Davies isn’t getting it done. A $79 MLS Live subscription would be all the scouting Albright would need. Hopefully they can turn something around.

    • For some reason I have great hesitation when it comes to “giving up on” or trading away Yaro. I’ve said since almost the beginning I thought he was too small and would like to see him at DCM. I really think he could be a game changer in midfield. Though I guess if Villarreal can be the #10 for the next 5 years I’d have to be happy with that.

      • “He’s a centerback.” – Jim Curtin, man who doesn’t truly understand evolution and versatility.

      • This is one thing I actually agree with and think its crazy to want to move Yaro now. The dude hasn’t even FAILED at CB yet! He looked fine last year!

        Like, I understand the conjecture. But atleast let the dude FAIL first because you decide to play with his career. Look at what happened to Okugo! Now he is seen as a CB and is languishing in the league. Let’s not ruin another career.

      • Believe me, I understand both Yaro and Jimbo believe he’s a centerback. For the most part I like him in that position. It’s just his size and shoulder issues that give me pause, and with his skill set, it entices me to want to see him at D-mid. Either way I think he has the skills to be a solid starter in this league or better.

      • Did his play last year give you pause though? When he was so good at CB he was winning the starting job until injury?

      • scottymac says:

        His size gives me pause and his lack of it led to his injuries. I’m not “giving up” on Yaro, but maximizing value for an asset who’s upside is a big ? mark. Will he be injury prone forever? Will he be better as a CDM? would a creative attacking midfielder make this team click? Would CJ become instantly better with someone who can find him in dangerous positions? Would the Union move closer to a playoff team?
        Think that’s the real thing to weigh. Are you ok with an Elliott – Marquez/Trusty pairing if it meant this team was suddenly dangerous in the offensive third? I’d make that deal.

      • Scotty, I agree. In the end I think I’d do the deal too. I’m just saying I’d have an ingrained feeling of hesitation.
        James, no his play didn’t, except that it resulted in his injuries. He looked exciting. Read plays well. Made some mistakes. Was good with the ball at his feet and had nice passing.

  3. Old Soccer Coach says:

    I’d be very surprised if the speed and excellent technical distribution skill of Yaro were sent away.
    Onyewu is one a veteran minimum one year deal. Somebody else will offer him more money, if as we all hope, he makes it through the season.
    Marquez seems to have found his ceiling. Tribbett may return if he continues to progress as a dcm thus providing flexibility at two positions as a backup, being more versatile than BC.
    The open cup game that started Yaro next to Elliott looked to me like the back line of the future, especially if they think Elliott has enough pace for them to play a really high restraining line.

  4. I love all these articles suddenly questioning Bruce Arena because our BACKUPS(!!!) are struggling to get results in the gold cup. Mexico’s backups tied Jamaica, Costa Rica tied Canada, etc. Just because Martinique is not recognized by FIFA, doesn’t mean they’re necessarily a minnow. There’s some real talent in the lower French divisions…go figure!

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