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News roundup: Reading and West Chester clinch playoff births

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union

Jack Elliott has been having a good season, but he’s probably looking up at Atlanta’s Julian Gressel in the Rookie of the Year race.

Get to know Swansea.


The Steel’s current streak, by the numbers.

Reading United has clinched a playoff spot.

West Chester United will also be heading to the playoffs.


A look at each team’s needs. Not gonna lie, reading the Union’s was…slightly depressing? “By Philly standards”. Ouch.

MLS statistical leaders. Exactly 0 Union players appear.

The LA Galaxy have signed right back Pele van Anholt to fill the hole left by Robbie Rogers’ injury.

Around the globe

Scores from yesterday’s Gold Cup and US Open Cup action.

As expected, French Guiana started Florent Malouda even though he was previous ruled ineligible.

The USMNT faces Martinique tonight.

Klinsmann the younger has signed with Hertha Berlin and is expected to join their U-23 squad.

James Rodriguez is off to Bayern on loan from Real Madrid.

Real Madrid is coming to the US, but Ronaldo won’t be with them.

Highlight of the day

Costa Rica’s defense falls asleep and Alphonso Davies makes them pay.


  1. The Union have one DP slot open but no actual roster spots. So someone has to go first, which I think we kind of guessed. Options? Besides the fact I doubt any team is dying to have a Union player, besides the ones they actually want to keep, Gaddis and Fabi seem the two likely candidates. Both are on relatively low salaries, and are “known” quantities. Though I guess Alberg could be thrown in too, I doubt there is any team beating down the door for his services.
    My point is, I’m not entirely hopeful Stewart will actually make a move this summer. Man is that a real bummer if that’s the case.

  2. Why in the blue hell would a club start a player in a Gold Cup match that they know is ineligible?

    • They can claim Draconian rules, that they had no idea, that the Gold Cup committee is unfair yada yada yada. All while pointing to the fact they drew with Honduras. I’m assuming they felt they didn’t have a chance without him, so now they can claim a moral victory while crying about how unfair things are. Just guessing.

    • Call me cynical, but I’m guessing that there was some behind-the-scenes deal with Honduras. Honduras gets credit for 3-0 win if FG is deemed to have forfeited the game for using an ineligible player. That +3 into the goal differential column could be big in getting out of the group. Canada beat FG 4-2, so that puts Honduras +1 ahead of Canada on that match-up. Could also have ramifications on which third place teams make it to the knock-out stage.

    • What I don’t understand is how the game can start with ineligible players on the roster/field? If FIFA has said he’s ineligible, shouldn’t the refs be aware, and then don’t start the game? I enjoy the many “quirks” of the game, its what makes it different and fun to me. But this system just seems preventable, and well, stupid.

      • Seriously, with the amount of time the spend checking in a sub during the game I’m amazed they allow a known ineligible player on the field at all.

    • Jim Presti says:

      FG is not a FIFA recognized nation, but is recognized under CONCACAF. Currently under FIFA, the players are assumed under France. So the argument is that the FIFA regulations do not apply to use because we are not a recognized nation. It’s basically splitting hairs, but it could be a backdoor deal with HON for an extra +3 GDF.

    • Malouda was born in F G. So it is not like he had a grandfather from the island. I think they have a case based on FIFA rules.

  3. i spent the night watching the US Open Cup Dallas-Sporting KC match. SKC went down a man on straight red 15 mins in and still won—up a man!, 3-0 in 120 min extra time. Dallas looked awful.
    they kept referencing the SKC playing the Union. no one was choked.

    tonight is FC Cincinnati-Miami. should be great.

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