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News roundup: Blake saves 3 points

Photo: Earl Gardner

Philadelphia Union

Faf√† Picault scored the lone goal in the Union’s PSP, MLS, Philly.com, CSNPhilly, BrotherlyGame,

A recap and video of Curtin’s post-game press conference. Post-match quotes. Highlights.

There was a very strange moment during the game when a red card was shown for a foul on Medunjanin and then the card was immediately rescinded. After the game, we learned that Medunjanin told the ref that there was no contact and it was not a foul. Absolute class from Medunjanin, although the team may have felt differently if they dropped points because of it.

There is no Elias Aguilar deal close – the issue is loan vs. buy.

Bedoya and Blake were called up for the Gold Cup. Sapong and Pontius were not but remain on the provisional roster and could be called up at a later date. The teams the Union will face without them will also be without key players.


Cory Burke had the shootout winning goal in Jamaica’s Caribbean Cup semifinal victory over French Guiana.

Emmanuel Perez of the Union Academy U17/18 squad scored a brilliant goal.

Reading and Ocean City were forced to abandon their match due to inclement weather. Maybe the Nor’easters should rename to the Sunshiners.


Scores and recaps of every game from this weekend.

San Jose fired coach Dominic Kinnear and reshuffled their front office, naming technical director Chris Leitch as head coach.

Josef Martinez returned to Atlanta’s starting XI for the first time since March and made an instant impact.

Nobody hates us – the five teams with the weakest rivalries.

Around the globe

Analysis of the U.S. Gold Cup roster, which blends the old and the new.

The USWNT is ranked #1 again.

Germany, Chile, Portugal, and Mexico are on to the Confederations Cup semifinals.

Highlight of the day

There were some cool goals this weekend, but I am partial to Josef Martinez forgetting how Atlanta celebrates goals.


  1. About that rivalry thing: I spent a minute or two watching someone take a few hacks at the car with a sledgehammer and instead of any football-related thoughts, all I could think was “damn, cars these days can really take a beating…”

  2. SJ canned their local coach after a win to move into 5th place? Interesting.

  3. Andy Muenz says:

    Looking ahead, the Union have back to back games against Columbus opposite the semi finals and finals of the Gold Cup and Columbus has no one on any team’s roster, so those games could be a problem. (Sorry Andre but I’m going to have to root for Jamaica to be eliminated before then.)

    • I’ve had those games circled on my calendar all year. People won’t hype them up as much since they conflict with the Gold Cup, but they will go a long, long way towards deciding how this season ends.

      • Andy Muenz says:

        My worry is that the Union will be two players down for one or both of the games and Columbus will have a full squad.

  4. Would love to know the particulars in the Aguilar deal. Gotta be a bit tough for the Union who absolutely need a #10 (of course, with no threat of relegation “absolutely need” is up to interpretation).

    Not knowing much about Herediano, his current club, I’m not sure what leverage the Union might have. But I can see why the club probably wants to sell rather than loan, particularly given that one report I read had the coach saying there were multiple MLS teams interested. Though that, too, could be negotiation.

    I have a feeling we’re going to sign this guy as soon as that transfer window opens.

    • I think buy vs loan is highly dependent if we sell either Ilshino or Alberg

      • Old Soccer Coach says:

        There are two roster moves that might — might — create room.
        Given apparent injury prognoses with perhaps Edu and perhaps Carroll, the season-ending injury list could be used to create space, maybe.
        All my caution is that I have never seen such a move happen, so I have not direct observation of it or how it works.

    • Loan makes more sense to me anywy. Aguilar is far from a known commodity or product. I don’t want to commit to a money ball move only to figure out he isn’t good enough. I understand them pushing for a loan.

    • I could care less either way. I seriously doubt Aguilar has the quality to push us up to even be a longshot at winning a Cup. I think he’ll improve the team, but if the team is going to put out another half measure than what’s the difference?

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