Postgame video: Union 2-1 Rapids

PSP’s Mike Servedio and Delco Times Matt De George break down Philadelphia Union’s 2-1 win over Colorado Rapids.

Interviews with Haris Medunjanin and C.J. Sapong.

Philadelphia Union head coach Jim Curtin talks about the match.



  1. lol, “i havent ever seen that, to be honest, where you reenter the field like a sneak attack behind the goal”

  2. Just an aside, can you guys post anything from the opposing coach or players? Interesting to hear the thoughts of each game from the opposition.

    • Mike Servedio says:

      It’s tough to do opposing players/coaches. They used to have the visiting coach do a short press conference before the Union player and Jim Curtin, but it took too much time and didn’t leave enough time to get worthwhile locker room interviews with Union players. I always enjoyed hearing from the visiting coach, but it definitely took too much time.

      • John Polis says:

        Well just send someone to the visitors locker room. It is open 15 min after the game. Sometimes you have to go to them!

  3. As a fan who is critical of this ownership and manager(that hasn’t changed) I will give props to the TEAM for coming together. This is the team that we all were hoping we would see. I still want this organization to get out of their version of small market money ball. It is not going to serve the Union well in MLS and this great long suffering fan base deserves better. I’ll never stop saying it because we do! In the mean time excellent hard fought come back. It’s about time the breaks went their way. Congratulations to Wijnaldum on an excellent debut.

    • Tim Jones says:

      Not only did the real estate bubble collapse of 2008 change our presidential election.
      I suspect, on the basis of no evidence, that it may have altered the potential for the financial backing of th Union to some degree or other. We will never know, of course.
      How long did it take Ruly Carpenter to get his Phillies to win the series?

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