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Philadelphia Union

The Union finally ended “The Streak” with a PSPMLSSoccerDelcoTimes, CSNPhilly, BrotherlyGame, Section215, and PattisonAve.

C.J. Sapong had a “special night”, scoring all 3 goals for the Union.

Postmatch quotes from both the Union and NYRB. Quick hits from Curtin’s comments.

Snapping The Streak is a beautiful thing.


Bethlehem Steel fell 1-0 at Charleston Battery. Starting XI for the Steel. More at the Steel website.

Harrisburg City Islanders signed winger Fredrick Yamoah Opoku.


ESPN recaps this week’s MLS action.

Toronto was without many of their best players, but a tactical change led to a 1-0 victory at Seattle.

Depth was a key issue around the league this week, and those best equipped to handle it were rewarded.

FC Dallas has a Streak of their own going, as they are still unbeaten this season.

FourFourTwo says not to worry about the standings until June 1.

Around the globe

The U-17 USMNT beat Cuba 6-2 in the CONCACAF Championship semifinal to clinch qualification for the U-17 World Cup, but they lost the final in a heartbreaker, as Mexico equalized in the 92nd minute and won 5-4 in PKs.

GK Ethan Horvath became the first American to ever start for Club Brugge this weekend as he attempts to stake his claim to being Tim Howard’s successor on the USMNT.

It looks like the Canadian Premier League will be launching as early as 2018.

Mexican side Morelia got a goal in the 91st minute to qualify for the playoffs…and avoid relegation.

Highlight of the day

How to break a press.


  1. Soccerson says:

    Feeling good because of the win, still very skeptical about the way forward but hopeful that the weekend’s result snapped something in their minds that will avoid further collapses and leads given away.

  2. Could the Canadian Premier league spell the end of MLS’ wacky ways? Imagine a successful league to the north, without hidden numbers and back door deals. Maybe they even go the way of Pro/Rel. I know it’s a bit too soon.

    • Alicat215 says:

      I guess that means TFC, Montreal, and Vancouver go bye, bye?

      • scottymac says:

        I’ll believe it when I see it. There’s not enough of a market there to support a real top flight. I think it’s more a place for Edmonton and Ottawa to play each other 8 times a year.

      • The article said they were staying in MLS. Though maybe the get tired of Garber’s and MLS’ machinations. Maybe they get tired of back door deals. I know it’s really too soon to tell, but it does give those teams an option.

      • I’m pretty sure the money difference will more than make up for those back door deals.

      • In reality, I don’t expect much to come of it. I just think it’s really interesting to see how it turns out. If it were to actually have an effect, I would imagine it being more than a few years down the line.

      • Fair enough. I agree it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

      • John P. O'Donnell Jr. says:

        I would think MLS would treat it just like they treat Liga MX. Besides it sounds like it going to be a single entity just like MLS without the top markets.

    • More like the end of NASL. I doubt any of the mls team leave for a long time to go play in a worse league, plus those 3 cities metro populations combined is over a third of the whole country.

    • Tough thing for Canada is that there are more people in California. That doesn’t mean they can’t have their own PL, but it will be the Scottish PL to MLS’ EPL in terms of size and $$.

    • Alicat215 says:

      They should put a club on Prince Edward Island, name the park Green Gables.

  3. Nice win, even though none of those goals was particularly pretty. But a win is a win. I’ll take a lucky bounce against a NY team that had to play on Wed. That sort of form should be enough to compete with DC. We’ll see.

    And I really hope CJ can keep up his form. He’s a great personality on this team, and I’ve been hoping for success for him since he was acquired. Would love to see him reach 15 this year. If that happens, $500,000+ on motivation for him is money well spent.

    • I agree with everything, except all Union goals are pretty!

    • C’mon, now, that second goal was very nice. The finish was a head-tap-in, but he was there to make it. Plus the run from Herbers and the header across the box from Pontius were very nice. And then there was the pass from Bedoya to spring Herbers in the first place. It was a good, aggressive team goal.

      • I agree, scottso, just saying you won’t see any of those on a highlight reel. No goal of the week candidates. But goals are goals. I’ll take every one of them.

    • CPfeif13 says:

      Same hope for CJ. Not just because it helps the team, but watching him continue to take a beating game after game you really want to see him get rewarded.

    • dude their second goal was lovely

    • John P. O'Donnell Jr. says:

      The first goal was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a while. CJ makes a run, tries a couple of fakes and then get this…actually shoots the ball. What do you know, something good might happen if you just shoot the ball.

      • If it hadn’t been directed into goal by a defender’s ankle, it would have been goal for f the week material. But you’re right about CJs play up to the shot. It was good stuff from him. He said definitely playing at a higher level than he had before.

  4. Not many have mentioned the weak NYRB defense… All were really fresh from the Academy and you really would have to wonder had we not scored 3 goals. But kudos to our offense for another shutout.

  5. el Pachyderm says:

    The Napoli Cramnick or Italian Defense in the Highlight of the Day is extraordinary… in its calm, brazenness and forward thinking players. At every turn europeans seek and maintain numerical advantages….in possession they spread out but always in consideration of multiple options off the ball….always knowing ‘in advance’ where the logical outlet is an assuming the correct position in space to be of utmost benefit, of almost always passing to the back foot to give a ‘Gift’, as Todd Beane from TOVO Academy calls it and not pass a ‘Burden’….. It is truly ethereal. It is truly remarkable how unbelievably far away from a half standard of this version of play ‘we’ are ….as of yet removed from.
    This preternatural ability comes from rondo and positional possession play at the earliest ages….its the only way. US Soccer so miscalculates the ability of 6 and 7 and 8 year olds to understand. By ten or twelve the solutions and ability to perceive are already ingrained….then we get to see human chess at the grandest level as those little Masters become Grandmasters as adult players.

    • My immediate reactions, in order, after watching the highlight of the day:
      1. “That was beautiful…those guys are both amazingly talented and all on the same page.”
      2. “If the Union tried that, the ball would have somehow found its way into their goal by the fourth the pass.”

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