Postgame video: Union 3-0 Red Bulls

PSP’s Mike Servedio and KYW Greg Orlandini break down Philadelphia Union’s 3-0 win over New York Red Bulls.

Interviews with C.J. Sapong, Keegan Rosenberry and Alejandro Bedoya.

Philadelphia Union head coach Jim Curtin talks about the match.


  1. Congrats to Kincaid for eliciting actual emotion from Curtin. Nothing wrong at all with the question. Curtin’s comments about being “picked apart” “criticized ” and “taking shots” are all way off. He doesn’t run a local boy scout troop. He should sit through and questions that aren’t : ” talk about what is like to have Blake in goal.” Keep up the good work, KK.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      Kevin Kinkhead askes hard questions (one of the few I may add)- has glared light in the crevasses of the troubles this franchise has had that half the other local reporters alley-op off of. I read the same thing over and over from most of them. To be honest, if you want actual writing on this team it exists here and Brotherly Game and more recently Union Deux has been putting out some decent columns.
      …that said, I actually commend Jim for standing in and pushing back a bit becasue maybe tonight wasn’t the night to ask about CJ Sapong’s impending summer dry spell. Still think he could have let the question roll too though. There will likely never be another Pete Hammill.
      Not much journalism out there anymore and I consider Kevin a journalist.
      Writers are in a strange place these days, few can hardly work as a journalist anymore and actually make a living, social media provides strange bedfellows allowing writers to opinions beyond the work they are putting out. Many of those opinions were shared inside tight ‘writer circles’ over many many beers between deadlines- not so much now- now a writer can post a column then make wild assertions like no MLS team will ever field 11 homegrown players… also posted by KK.
      editing is a lost art anymore, nearly every piece has poor grammar and misspellings. Strange station.

    • Zizouisgod says:

      Curtis’s behavior was unfair to Kevin, but to be fair to Curtin, his loyalty was in the right place. Saw the opportunity to stick up for his player and took it. And showed some real emotion and fire which I think that he should show more of.

      I love Kevin’s work and always look to read everything that he writes/tweets. Agree with Pachy, he’s a true journalist and whether the Union believe it or not, his coverage of the team is good for them whether he criticizes or compliments the club. I’m sure that Curtin may seek him out when the cameras are off to make things right again.

    • In this corner, Jimmy the “Cur” vs. in the other corner, Kevin the “Aid”. DING! Oh man that was great. I tell you, I like the dander up Jimmy, vs. the half dead one. That being said, I do think he was a bit unfair. After 16 matches without a win, Jimmy and his team are fair game. It’s not like Kevin was the only one picking apart Jimmy and the club. We all were, with good reason.
      As the paper men say, “this makes good copy”. Loved it! KK, keep it up!

  2. Kevin Kinkead is the best journalist out there. Happy for CJ and the team. It was a solid performance and much needed win. I don’t however, for one minute let Sugarman, Stewart, and Curtin of the hook. This team needs “Proven” DP’s. Difference makers who can help the team consistently and when they hit roadblocks during the course of the season. This market and fan base deserve it.

  3. Curtin did the right thing by shutting Kinkead down. As a coach he needs to ride this high and build on this (possibly fleeting) success.
    And the optics of Kevin’s question was I know CJ just had a great game but he sucks by Summer.
    If Curtin were to answer that he could be undermining his own player(the player who deserves it the least) at the moment of of his and his team greatest (and only) triumph. Curtin has no incentive and no good reason to answer the question and every reason to shut him down.
    Look this is his team, either reenforcements are coming are they aren’t. Curtin has to ride this momentum as far as he can and instill a positive attitude in his team. To undermine that for a throwaway question during a press conference is insane.

  4. YO KEVIN, IMMA LET YOU FINISH BUT CJ JUST HAD A HAT TRICK actually imma not let you finish

  5. Alicat215 says:

    A good gaffer tells Kevin off, offscreen…….in passing at the club somewhere, not on camera. He looked small and not able to adequately answer the question. It’s Kevin’s job to pick you apart Jim….especially when you haven’t had a result in almost a year, and you are mad? You are surprised? If you had a little more skill at this, you’d realize the question was about adding personnel……..which again, is an entirely fair question! You can easily answer that without throwing any of your players under the bus. Which, by the way, you also need to do at this level if it’s warranted and a player is asking for it. Lastly, you can tell Jim likes Gaddis better than Keegan……..which hints that Jim can’t evolve with modern football either……..match changed when KR came on.

    • Ali, first off, nice to see you back. Secondly, I think you’re a bit off base with the Jim likes Gaddis better than Rosenberry thing. Does Jim like Ray? Sure, why wouldn’t he. The guy has sat the bench for LONG periods of time over his career and when called upon, has stepped up and done yeoman’s work. Yes, he’s a professional and that’s the way it should be, but honestly how many “professionals” could actually claim that. As for Keegs, Jim wouldn’t have started him EVERY match last year if he liked Ray better. There’s plenty of things to harp on Jim for. Something like this has no basis in reality.

      • Alicat215 says:

        All4U, thanks for welcome back! Lol! I’m not denying anything you said here about Ray……..I’m simply stating how Jim came off during the interview, that’s all. Jim lit up talking about Ray……his demeanor was entirely different when discussing Keegan. I honestly think an old school CB like Jim would empathize with an old school flank back, like Ray. I wouldn’t be surprised if a marauding flank back like Keegan, who yes…can leave you exposed at times… a hard pill for Jimmy to swallow!

      • Alicat215 says:

        “No basis in reality”……..than wake the f–k up, man! That’s cute……….,,,

      • LOL, ahh he’s back! Honestly I didn’t notice the change in Jim. but I wasn’t really paying attention for that. Admittedly I was waiting for the spat between him and KK. Maybe I’ll watch it again to look for what you saw. Though watching the paint dry with Jim once, is usually more than enough.

      • Alicat215 says:

        Haha, hope all is well dude!

      • I mean all those games last year that he chose Ray over Keegan…Come on.

    • Eh, it’s bad timing to ask a question like that. That’s a midweek press conference question, not a question after the dude scores 3 goals at the end of the game in the first win in forever. That said, KK has said wasn’t trying to go there with the question and was cut off and kinda worded the first part wrong. I don’t think there’s bad blood there and I think both guys are man enough to admit it was more a misunderstanding than anything and move on without an hard feelings.

  6. Kevin Kinkead had every right to ask that question. What he’s really asking is, “Are you gonna run the guy into the ground this year the way you did last year?” I would love to hear an answer to that question. How much you wanna bet Curtin has Sapong play 85+ minutes in each of the next 3 matches in 8 days?

  7. Shadow of Vinny Nogs says:

    I like the fire from both sides; this presser was actually fun to watch–for once.

  8. scottymac says:

    Btw, the best part of this thread is 17 different spellings of Kyvan Kinkosaid and Jamers Curtaines

  9. Alicat215 says:

    I’m actually waiting for a dust up between Curtin and Stewart. Think about it, Jim has to worry about his future and marketability, too. I can easily see a conversation from Jim’s perspective in that ” my job is to win matches for the first team”……”your job is to implement a vision, plan, philosophy”……..along those lines…….”I need to do what I have to do…….to win matches”, ” if I am terminated from the Union, I’d like to be able to get a job elsewhere…..and Ernie, your hurting my ability to do that”…….just a random thought.

  10. CPfeif13 says:

    In my opinion, both KK and Curtin are in the right – the press has the right to criticize and question while the coach has every right to stand up for a player when he feels it is warranted.
    That said, it would have made for really good television had KK followed up with “Are there any updates on the recovery of Mo?”

  11. Got to side with Kevin on this. That is a fair question that neededto be asked. Jim has been a great professional during these post-game press conferences all year, but came away looking small during this one. It was disappointing.

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