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News roundup: Earnie speaks, Former Union players making an impact, and more

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union

Going back into the Film Room to look at last weekend’s game. I’m not sure I have the same definition of “good defense” as the Union do after watching some of these clips…

Matthew De George goes global as he continues to do incredible research regarding “The Streak”.

Earnie Stewart spoke with media about a lot of topics related to the Union.

Rosenberry spoke with Kevin Kinkead regarding his benching.

The Union need more than small positives to end The Streak. “But in all reality, when you’re applauding the play of a fourth-round pick at center back and proclaiming right back as your deepest position, you have a big problem on your hands.”

Richie Marquez won Union Goal of the Month and Andre Blake won Union Save of the Month.

Takeaways from Curtin’s press conference. He didn’t say anything particularly interesting.

Fred will be the honorary captain on Throwback Night.

Reasons to watch this weekend’s game. Reason #1? It’s throwback night, and they may throw it back to a time when they won a game. Who knows!

The Union match on June 3rd has changed times. Mark your calendars accordingly.


Tomas Romero and Mark McKenzie gained valuable experience playing for their respective national teams.

The Union did a nice little history on Bethlehem Steel to explain the throwback tops for this weekend.

The full Reading United roster was released.

Brendan Burke’s weekly conference call for BSFC.


Andrew Jacobson won Goal of the Week. Zac MacMath won Save of the Week.

A good story and video on “The Save”, Stefan Frei’s incredible save in last year’s MLS Cup.

A look at the “OpuLoons”, a fantastic supporters group for Minnesota.

RSL Soapbox’s weekly Power Rankings roundup.

Read Matt Doyle’s TwitBag this week to learn why Lawrence of Arabia is the best Star Wars movie.

How to hold a multi-goal lead.

The group behind the Nashville MLS bid has strengthened it by acquiring the Nashville USL team set to start play next season.

Around the globe

Do you love soccer? Do you love the US? Do you love the wee hours of the morning? Good news! The U-20 USMNT World Cup games will be broadcast live from Korea starting between 4 and 7 AM EST.

The U-17 USMNT is set to take on Cuba tonight. Get to know the Cuba U-17 team.

Manchester United beat Celta Vigo 1-0 in Europa League play.

The USL is coming to Fresno in 2018.

Highlight of the day

Marcus Rashford’s free kick goal for Manchester United.


  1. el Pachyderm says:

    Now your smile is wearing thin
    Seems you’re trying not to lose
    Since I’m not supposed to grin
    All you’ve got to do is win

    Me, I’m fresh on your pages
    Secret thinker sometimes listening aloud
    Life lies dumb on its heroes
    Wear your wound with honor, make someone proud
    Bowie, Win.

  2. do us a favor

  3. Applauding the play of a fourth-round pick at center back isn’t a problem. When he’s the only one you applauding it is.

  4. pragmatist says:

    A tip of the cap to Adam and the others at PSP who continue to slog through this drek of a season. God willing, you’ll be able write something that isn’t completely bleak soon.
    Not holding my breath…

  5. CPfeif13 says:

    Not good.
    Marquez is listed as questionable with “illness” in the updated league injury report.

    • pragmatist says:

      Must have caught it from Ilsinho. That is exactly what we need…all of the underperforming players to now get sick on top of that.
      Can we just call up all of Bethlehem? (Joke…please don’t anyone give me a strategic reason why it’s a bad idea.)

      • At this point, I wouldn’t be so adverse to it. What do they have to lose, another game? That’s probably going to happen anyway. (Not joking)

  6. El P – You’ve got to stop the Scotch in your morning coffee

  7. Stewart’s comments to the press just leave me cold. If he honestly thinks we have a team comparable to last year’s, just catching some bad breaks or whatever, and that we don’t really need to make any changes, and that the system is fine, then all I have to say is… this will be the first season in Union history when I don’t attend a single match. Pretty soon I won’t even bother watching on TV.

    I can only hope that he’s being really coy, and that the big signing for the summer is in the works under the table and he wants to keep it very quiet. I really hope.

  8. pragmatist says:

    And AJ is back in the rumor mill…
    Of course, since we refuse to switch formations, does that mean he’d have to play on the wing for us with CJ up top? Sure…why not.
    Not likely to happen, but it’s being talked about out loud by the national press now, so I’ll join the chorus. Again.

  9. Roger Allaway says:

    The original Bethlehem Steel team was “America’s first soccer team”? Holy Toledo! It was more than 40 years too late to be that.

    Among other problems in this article linked to from the Union website is the idea that immigrant steelworkers from Europe during World War II who “happened to be good soccer players” made the team better. Money flowing into the corporation’s coffers as a result of World War I made the team better by enabling it to buy better players and build better facilities. However, it was not possible for someone to go to soccer practice several afternoons a week, go to frequent banquets in the evening, make two-game road trips to places like Massachusetts every other weekend and also work in a steel mill. By the time of the Bethlehem Steel team’s upsurge in 1915-19, the players were not real steelworkers.

  10. OneManWolfpack says:

    “Andrew Jacobson won Goal of the Week. Zac MacMath won Save of the Week.”
    Not saying these guys are studs or anything, but MAN… it’s all flowing down hill on the Union this year. HA!

  11. philpill says:

    What’s the chance Aron Johansson signs here?

    • Unionjacq says:

      He has ties to Earnie from his days in Denmark. Maybe?

    • pragmatist says:

      Apparently COL is the front runner.
      Although I’d love to see how he would play out of position here…

      • philpill says:

        U are 8, COL 17 in order. Jay’s on a 1-yr deal so Big Ern can make a great case as #9. SugarJay can add Exhibit A to his open response. Easier for AJ to train for USMNT. Do U have GAM, TAM & US$ enough?

      • pragmatist says:

        All of that stuff can be obtained. MLS decides who get players, the mechanisms are for us to debate.
        I just fear he’d be wasted in our strict adherence to a single-striker set.

      • “He’d make a great #8” – all Union coaches 🙁

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