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News roundup: BSFC win, titles and relegations in Europe, U-17 USMNT winning, and more

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union

0-0, recaps: PSPMLSSoccer, CSNPhilly, BrotherlyGamePattisonAve, and SBI.

MLSSoccer’s highlights of the game. As of the time of writing, the official link is broken. Fitting. Highlights from ESPN.

Road Sapong.

Author’s note: I tried to make this section as interesting as the Union were on Saturday.


Bethlehem Steel beat FC Cincinnati 1-0 on a PSP.

Former Reading United forward Deshorn Brown scored a spectacular goal in USL play this weekend.


A roundup of this weekend’s action. Here are all the scores.

St. Petersburg is holding a vote on Tampa Bay’s stadium proposal.

Kaká scored in his first game back from injury as Orlando City stayed perfect at home.

Around the globe

Former Union boss John Hackworth has the U-17 USMNT undefeated through group play after their 1-0 win against El Salvador. More at USSoccer.

Spurs beat Arsenal to clinch a top 4 finish and a spot ahead of Arsenal. They will be playing their home games at Wembley next season.

Sunderland was officially relegated, ending their 10 year run in the Premier League.

Bayern Munich clinched their 5th straight Bundesliga title.

A roundup of La Liga and Serie A action.

US International Matt Miazga helped Vitesse beat AZ Alkmaar in the Dutch Cup final.

Highlight of the day

Hey look, it’s Sebastian Le Toux doing Sebastian Le Toux things again. He’s making about 10K more than Fafa this season. Just saying.


  1. el Pachyderm says:

    So I waited, and waited and mulled it over and would like to say today right here right now… Hey Keegan, I resented your Tweeter Twitter Twatter message pregame while in LA, saying “how great a time it has been visiting.”
    Are you fucking kidding me? You do not represent me.
    I gotta tell ya. I burn. I detest the taste of losing. Always have. Detest it. I detest being associated with a professional franchise that seems to think its okay and seems to display, ‘hey there’s no relegation so… shrug, we’ll just work it out in our own time.’ I detest losing.
    I detest being a joke. This team is a joke. This franchise has been a joke for 7 years. You are a punchline to the joke. Do you not see? Do you not hear? Then I gotta see how my BENCHED right back thinks LA has been a great visit? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?
    its business as usual casual friday in LA. And you want my faith and trust that this is turning around?
    You punt the ball up field in hopes of a CJ Sapong flick on more than kids’ Youth Travel Soccer teams, who are required to represent US Soccer by attempting to build play from the back then week in week out I see our professional role models giving up on it after three passes. YOU DO NOT REPRESENT ME. OH MY GOD. I’m so disappointed. This is not the new Rome.
    I asked for Vision. Philosophy. Plan. I am wavering in a bad bad way. I see no urgency at all.
    Consider this a supporter addressing his team. Happens abroad all the time.

    • I put it all on Curtin.

      He talks the talk, his players love him, he sounds great in PRs, but I simply don’t see anything on the field worth keeping.

    • no offense, but you are delusional if you think that the team being winless doesn’t bother the players

      • Sean Doyle says:


      • el Pachyderm says:

        Of course it bothers them and I’m pretty sure if someone looks at one speck they seldom don’t see the pointillist picture.
        And there is no question I suffer from delusions of grandeur. Called mania

      • Old Soccer Coach says:

        The wisdom of Socrates.

    • UnionGoal says:

      El P,
      One of our disagreements this time last year was you said you would prefer they lost games and played beautifully, whereas I liked fact they were off to great start last year!
      My how times change—but like you, an area I totally agree with you on your post above—I HATE LOSING! (or settling for a draw)
      And in answer to someone below, there is a whole Ricky Watters attitude in many players–(and in jobs outside sports) where they just punch a timeclock and collect a paycheck and I am starting to wonder which are which on this team.
      CJ Sapong is a fighter since he was with KC and I just wish more had that fire and that he would fire up his teammates.

      WEDNESDAY—We need any guy on the Union to take the role of 2007 Jimmy Rollins– to physically SHOVE mealey-mouthed, script-reading boring Curtin off the stage of the presser, stand up on the table and SHOUT as loud as possible “WE WILL BEAT NEW YORK!”

      FUCKING A!


      WE WILL WIN!!!!! (but Union Players need to stop punching timeclocks, grow some balls, show some FUCKING PRIDE, and FIGHT!!!!)

    • From the article: ‘The MLS website’s “Four-Minute Highlights” package could only muster up three minutes worth showing.’ Ouch.

  2. anyone else watch Atlanta-DC national game feel the team is as irrelevant as Alexi made us sound? in the “there’s trouble after that match,” 90% of it was all about coaching change in LA and “well that’s Philadelphia, this is LA”

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