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News roundup: Union Academy players in Europe, American stadium updates, and more

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union

Earnie Stewart simply did not do enough this offseason. The Union echo chamber can be loud, so I suggest this reasoned take from national writer Paul Tenorio.

Even the Union website is running out of interesting things to say. Union, can you please win? Do it for me so I don’t need to read so much depressing stuff? Please?

Alberg proved a good complement for Sapong on offense.

Will Rosenberry’s benching lead to a better Rosenberry?

The coaching is letting down the young players on this team.

The Union keep talking about possession numbers, but how about just playing defense?


A preview of this weekend’s game.

An official Union-crested Bethlehem Steel training top will be available for purchase in-stadium on May 6th.


U-16 Academy player Julian Anderson is heading to Italy with the U-15 USBNT.

U-18 Academy player Mark McKenzie started for the U-18 USMNT in the Slovakia Cup.

Brendan Burke’s weekly conference call.

3 more signings for Reading United.


The weekly Power Rankings roundup from RSL Soapbox. Some site still has the Union as high as 16th!

Timbers coach taught his team accountability by accepting punishment for being one minute late to a meeting.

Matthew Doyle with an MLS Twitbag. Tweetbag? TwitterBag?

Portland Timbers are set to expand their stadium.

New England, however, is not having such stadium luck.

Indy Eleven’s MLS expansion bid is hurting after stadium issues of their own.

A look at MLS Draft pick value. Try not to think too hard about Charlie Davies while reading this.

Around the globe

Pachuca defeated Tigres to take home the CONCACAF Champions League Trophy.

An explanation of some hidden features of club crests.

Highlight of the day

The Manchester Derby was boring. Here’s a headbutt. Don’t headbutt people.


  1. Dan C (formerly of 103) says:

    Twitbag just sounds gross.

  2. Union Hulk….In your eyes, the light the heat…In your eyes, they aren’t complete…In your eyes, they can’t compete…In your eyes…
    Gotta love Union Hulk

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      The fact that it’s written in all caps just shows such attention to detail… HA! Well done Union Hulk

  3. I’ve listened to and read so many takes on the Union that I can’t remember from where or who most have come, so forgive me. Someone made a pretty good point — might have been Matt Doyle or Kevin Kinkead or maybe it was Adam Cann — that the Union has been remarkably poor at finding good MLS talent, particularly in recent years. Stewart has been mostly eyeballing Europe for gambles instead of bringing in guys who are already in the league. We’ve brought in Sapong, Pontius and Creavalle recently and, Davies, though who knows if he’ll see the the starting 18 this season. I wonder why we weren’t looking to acquire a Kekuta Manneh, a young and skilled forward who is making around half of Simpson’s wages and could probably make a great impact for us off the wing. Why aren’t we looking at defenders around the league, CBs who could make a difference? It’s not just that we don’t have pieces to trade. There are lots of ways to get deals done. And at least it really doesn’t require scouting. We’ve been really deficient in that respect.

    • I remember a little before they got Pontius, Curtin had said something to the effect of they were looking for established MLS talent. Guys who knew the league and what was expected to compete in it. After Pontius that seems to all have gone away. Stewart maybe?

    • el Pachyderm says:

      You mean a defender like Amobi Okugo?
      I know I know.
      the heat generated from the FourFourTwo article is pretty heavy and shines pretty brightly.

  4. 2-D, Murdoc, Noodle, Rusell and the Crew says:
  5. pragmatist says:

    Anyone in the need for a striker?
    Get it done, Earnie. Dump some dead weight in the process.

    • As much as I would love it, they’d have to get rid of Sapong or Simpson first or soon after. Most likely you’d only get takers for Sapong. Then they still would be paying 500k for a backup to whatever A.J. would make. I’d rather have a ten or even a solid CB at this point.

      • pragmatist says:

        Actually, we have an extra DP slot. I don’t know if he would require that designation, but it’s there.
        Also, there could be some mechanism to send someone (Simpson) to Bethlehem and have him come off our books somehow. I don’t know that for sure, I just know MLS accounting is about as shady as it gets in sports.
        Aron wants back on the USMNT and he wants playing time. Arena wants to pick guys from MLS. This doesn’t come close to adding up to “AJ to the Union,” but it does point to him ending up stateside. Let’s see if there is a mechanism to get him here.

      • I was more thinking the cost than a DP slot. Sure it’s Sugarman’s money but close to a million on guys in backup striker roles plus A.J.’s, is just so wasteful. Though apparently they don’t mind wasting money.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      This would legitimately improve the team. It will not be done.
      My anger for this team is strong today.

  6. el Pachyderm says:

    5 of a possible 42 points
    5 of a possible 42 points
    5 of a possible 42 points
    5 of a possible 42 points
    5 of a possible 42 points
    5 of a possible 42 points
    and the problem is not coaching. okay. I mean the players do play the game and all.
    Marion Campbell. The worst football coach in Philadelphia history could park the bus to more than 5 of a possible 42 points.

  7. AJ isn’t coming here. The Union is the place strikers come to fade into oblivion. There’s no one to get him the ball here. There’s a defense-first coach who cant’ coach defense. Get a real coach before spending a lot of money for players that new coach might not want…

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