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KYW Philly Soccer Show: Adam Cann

photo: Paul Rudderow

Philly Soccer Page Tactical Guru Adam Cann joins Greg and I this week to talk about the Union’s draw against Montreal as well as what’s worked and not worked for Philly tactically this season. We also discuss the latest salary info, trying to figure out why the Union are paying some people so much money.

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  1. Great show guys. One topic you kinda covered but not in this particular sense was, what do you think the breaking point is? Meaning, I know they are looking at this season as a separate entity because of all the new players on the squad. So even if that’s how they want to look at it and say the Union go winless in the first eight or nine, will that be enough that management will be forced to do something?

  2. great show, i was already in this camp but this show has solidified my opinion that firing jim curtin would just be a useless blame shifting move that wouldn’t make sense or improve things

  3. Shadow of Vinny Nogs says:

    Excellent analysis, boys. Really enjoyed this one

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