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Daily roundup: The US kids are all right, the Union is unbalanced

Philadelphia Union

Matt De George, writing for the Delco Times explains the problem facing Jim Curtin in balancing defense and offense:

Therein lies Curtin’s catch-22: Absent a forward who creates chances for himself and high-scoring wingers, the coach needs a goal threat in both the No. 8 and 10 spots to pack the attacking third. But doing so compromises the side’s defensive mettle, particularly with Medunjanin being quite upfront about his shortcomings in the ball-winning department.

Kevin Kinkead questions the way MLS officials serve and protect C. J. Sapong.

The Union posts this video promoting the upcoming game against the Galaxy. The first time the Union faced the Galaxy, the StubHub Center was packed with a lot of ten year old girls there only to watch Beckham, and the Galaxy won. Nothing against ten year old girls in particular – just Beckham fans of any age – but since I saw that match in 2010, I’ve wanted us to beat them. This may be the year.

US Soccer

The U17s played Mexico. Re-watch it on youtube. You really should. If that is a problem- you lack 90 minutes- the boys came back from a deficit and won. First time ever to beat El Tri in U17 World Cup Qualifying.

John Brooks is injured. Matthew Doyle considers the options by depth.

Youth Soccer

Ursinus College is looking for an assistant coach for the men’s team.

Ukrainian Nationals is hosting a tournament during Memorial Day Weekend for a range of boys and girls teams.

St. Joe’s Prep is hosting a soccer camp July 17-20.



  1. I still can’t buy into the “poor Jim Curtin” argument.

    He still hasn’t tried a handful of different lineups or reasonable formation changes for my liking.

    • i get the feeling stewart doesnt want him changing the formation

    • over half the positions have had a different player start this year. He’s switching up the lineup more than he’s getting credit for. The formation is what it is at this point, although unless we do a major switch of formations I’m not sure it really matters.

      • OK… but this losing streak extends back to last year…

      • its been terrible but it hasnt been a losing streak

      • Sure, but why carry over from last year. Almost all the players that were on the bench last year are in USL. It’s dumb to try and look at things the same. Like the Union haven’t won in X weeks, but like half of them weren’t even part of the season.

      • Mea Culpa. It’s not a losing streak, rather a win-less streak of 15 games. My apologies to Coach Curtin.


        We can’t look back to last season? Alright, I’ll focus on the 0.43 PPG from this season then.

  2. I think that the game against LA will be our first win of the season especially if we start fafa. a lot of their important players are old and slow

    • Good on you for optimism. I don’t see how anyone could be. I’m expecting the Union to trot out the same game plan — a high press that leaves our defense easy to pick — and for LA to just smoke us with a dosSantos hat trick. I know LA has been poor so far, but the team has quality. If they decide to get a win, I don’t see how the Union get in their way.

    • This would be a good chance to really blood Fafa and see what he can do. LA’s right side is vulnerable and slow. What have we got to lose?

      • I think Pontius could get in behind too but I would really like to see Fafa out there burning them. I’d also like to see Bedoya out on the right with Jones inserted into the middle. We shall see I suppose.

      • I said it in a comment before, but will repeat here. Fafa reminds me of Hoppenot. Lot’s of speed, but lack of soccer IQ to use it effectively. I hope he has a higher ceiling than the Frenchman.

  3. el Pachyderm says:

    If LA are playing for their coach…they will garner the 3 points.
    If LA is of two minds or not playing for their coach, anything is possible. I have no reason to believe AT ALL, Philadelphia Union are capable of playing a full 93 minute game.
    Argue all you want about this or that and this or this or any innumerable permutation of blame assigned culpability or guilt…
    Quite simply, this team is unable to play a full game. Till that changes- more the same- Yo….Adrian!

  4. Old Soccer Coach says:

    Worth noting that the first team left for SoCal quite early. They are already there I think.
    Shelling out for an extra night’s lodging and an extra day’s practice field rent.

  5. I don’t see how anyone can see a win from this match for the Union. Yes LA is struggling but so are the Union. So for me, it comes down to the quality of players. We all know who wins that match-up. LA wins 2-1.

    • pragmatist says:

      Which fan base freaks out more over a loss? I’m thinkin’ LA. If we beat them on their field, there will be a riot out there. Well, maybe not a riot, but loud arguing over craft beers.
      Come to think of it, that’s probably all that will happen here, too. Never mind…

  6. Andy Muenz says:

    “I’ve wanted us to beat them. This may be the year.”
    Well, we did beat them back in 2013 on a couple of great goals and an amazing performance from MacMath. Dallas and RSL are the two teams we still need to thing that this may be the year (plus Atlanta and Minnesota, of course).

  7. Andy Muenz says:

    How about a mention of who the coach is for the U-17’s that beat Mexico yesterday? Some Hackworth guy.

    • Hackworth always seemed like a youth coach. I never hated him here and he definitely wasn’t given a good roster. Glad to see him having success.

      • OneManWolfpack says:

        Agreed… he is a youth coach.
        As for our current first team. Until we actually win, I am of the mind, that we will not. Prove me wrong.

  8. el Pachyderm says:

    “Think you can survive in Philly without irrational confidence.”
    Dion Waiters.
    Letter to my younger self.

  9. “Ursinus College is looking for an assistant coach for the men’s team.”
    Nice looking out for Jimmy’s next gig. Good on ya.

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