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All Three Points podcast: Rock bottom?

The last four games have gone a long way toward sapping the hope out of the two eternally optimistic hosts of the All Three Points podcast. Chris and Jeremy both have had the scales fall from their eyes and see the Union for what they are: just not very good (and that’s putting it mildly). There’s lots of blame to go around, but the duo explore who’s truly at fault, then ponder the best way out of the morass.

Listen to the episode using the player below, or download the file directly. Catch up with Chris and Jeremy on Twitter @all3points, or leave a comment here.


  1. el Pachyderm says:

    Boy at the place of rock bottom one finally looks into the mirror and realizes surrender is THE ONLY way out of the hole.
    First comes the three most important Steps in recovery…then the heavy heavy work after a Fearless and Moral Inventory.
    With some diligence a direction, a life, a soul, a franchise can be resurrected. Wonder if this work is underway- thought so, but I am beginning to have doubt.
    Out of the Wreck I Rise… Oswald Chambers.

  2. Great stuff, guys. Keep it up! I’d rather listen to you than another pointless Jim Curtain press conference…

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