Poll: Housecleaning at Philadelphia Union

Photo: Earl Gardner

You saw Saturday’s game. You watched the Union blow a three-goal lead to Montreal. You’ve seen the Union go winless on their recent three-game home stand — and winless since August.

We can provide all the analysis and commentary in the world, but sometimes, we need to just shut up and get out of the way.

Check out the poll below. Vote. Sound off in the comments section below.

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  1. 700 chopper says:

    Good poll

  2. In the first question, should there be an “All of the above” option if you can check as many as you want? I feel like this confuses the results.

  3. I don’t want to “get rid” of Bedoya, but I do think he’s a trade-able asset with value in MLS. He’s not going to help us make a serious play at anything, so might as well sell to a team looking to finalize a strong roster.

    • Not at $1,000,000. For some perspective, Dax makes half of that.
      Bedoya is a good player, but we were foolish to give him that money without building around him. Imagine if TFC just paid for Bradley without getting Defoe, Giovinco, Altidore, ect. They would’ve looked foolish too. A team like the Union needs to spend its limited DP dollars on attacking talent, not support players that can be developed or acquired within the league.

      • ^^^This. Bedoya is a support player, just like Bradley. He’s definitely valuable and has proven his value in a major European league and on the national team. But he needs to be surrounded by appropriate talent to do that. He’s not the guy who’s going to lift you there on his shoulders.

  4. The one vote against Sugarman selling the team must be Sugarman himself.

  5. I think a coaching change does a lot of good for this team right away. But after thinking about it a bit, the back line is a real, real problem that I had not been paying much attention to because of how poor the attack has been. When I look at this team, I see mostly miscommunication and disorganization which just simply has to be a coaching issue. Change coaches, buy up at the CB spot and I think a lot of pain and suffering goes away. You still could use big upgrades at CAM and Striker, but at least you won’t cough up 3 point leads.

    • If it is a “trust the process” situation: you have to drop Fabinho for a younger guy, drop ilsinho and/or pontius for a younger guy.
      you endure the frustrations and capitalize this summer and the off-season addressing the No10/No6 and (possibly) CB.

  6. Bastian Schweinfire says:

    Seems like the current players could benefit from a formation change, but the coach is too committed to his system.. can’t tell from a fan perspective if player purchases is on Earnie or Sugarman not willing to be bold financially. The team has strengths and weaknesses, but so does every MLS team… its how you get the most out of what you have that matters. Curtain might be a good coach, but at the end of the day you’re accountable for winning. Whether it’s tactical, emotional or motivational… falls on the coach. Adjust, or Die.

  7. Adam Schorr says:

    I’m actually shocked at the Sugarman hate. He literally has done just about everything the fans have asked of him (parking lot paving excepted). Our spending is in line with many other MLS teams. He built the Academy. He brought in a million dollar player. He brought in a true sporting director. Like, I’m just curious to hear why people believe he’s the issue. Because, like, if it’s “the team isn’t good enough and he’s not willing to spend to make it better”, I think you’re barking up the wrong tree. That’s not Sugarman’s fault, that’s Earnie’s fault for spending poorly. Earnie has tied up ~1.7M in players who simply aren’t good enough (and that’s not counting Edu, since that’s neither Sugarman nor Earnie’s fault).
    We wanted a real striker, and Earnie went out and spent TAM-level money on a striker. He just brought in a demonstrably shitty striker who is playing shitty. We wanted a better CDM, and Earnie brought in a #8. We wanted a better CB, and Earnie brought in Onyewu. We wanted a better LB, and Earnie brought in a guy who is not MLS-caliber and doesn’t look to be that caliber any time soon, if ever. Sugarman put out the money. They re-signed a bunch of guys and brought in some new ones. Earnie just blew it.
    Also, the biggest problem question is a bit strange. 5 of the 7 options come down to “Earnie did not do his job well”. The other two are “Curtin needs to go”, which is 100% true, but I think you could put a true world class manager in charge of this team and still end up with a .500 or worse team. The talent’s just not there. The other option is “Jay Sugarman”, which, again, I would love for people to explain this one.
    So if you’re upset about the fact that Sugarman is not willing to put out more money to try to just spend our way out of this hole, ask yourself this: If your sporting director managed to spend 5.5+M on a team that is dead last and hopeless, how much more money would you give him? I know what my answer is, and I think Sugarman’s answer is the same.
    As for who needs to go:
    Maurice Edu just can’t get healthy, so that’s an easy one. Ilsinho’s play does not justify his salary, so he can go. Alberg doesn’t fit the scheme, so he can go. Fabinho would be fine if he was making less, but at his salary, strap on the sun rocket. Carroll has been washed up for years, his spot should be used on somebody a decade younger and cheaper. Creavalle just sucks, I’m not sure I’d even start him in USL, he can go. Davies can go, he’s doing nothing. Pontius can go, he’s not justifying his salary this year and he’s only getting older. Simpson never should have been brought in, he can go. Wijnaldum has proven not good enough, let’s not waste any more time with him, he can go. As for Medunjanin, I am hoping to write up a piece on him for later this week, but he can go too.

    • You really think Stewart is to blame so soon, barely a year after he took over the product? A GM should probably require at least a 3 years before you can see their vision on the field.

      The Union have literally never had depth on the squad before (except for goalkeeper), which is what I’d argue is a large part of last year’s late-season debacle. Stewart made some gambles, for which he hoped some would work out as starters, but at the least would provide some depth.

      Stewart’s failure rate with his gambles should be noted and remembered in a couple of years if the failure rate is maintained, but why would he make Gambles if his budget allowed him to bring in the near-certainties that other clubs seem to be able to afford?

      I’ll do some research on the limited salary information we have available to make sure, but I find it highly unlikely that Ernie Stewart has had the same resources as most other MLS clubs (factoring in the club’s obligations when Stewart took over). Tell me I’m wrong if you’ve already done the research

      I don’t hate Sugarman because I can’t comprehend his level of spending/affordability, and I don’t know that there is a buyer with super-deep pockets lying around, but Stewart shouldn’t be the scapegoat

      • Every move other than Bedoya has been a gamble though. Is this team really better than before Earnie took over?

      • My point is that you only take gambles when you can’t afford certainties. If you bring 5 players in, each with a 40% chance of being good, you can probabilistically expect 2 of them to be good, but there is no guarantee. If this continues over another year or two, then we know it was due to bad odds-assessments, but as of now it could easily have been bad luck.

        Face it, the Union need to go through a rebuilding phase. That may have sounded like two years ago, but the Union had never been fully “built” in the first place, so they never had assets to sell off and re-invest.

        Now, we can sell off a Bedoya, Blake, Sapong, and Marquez for reasonable returns to invest in cheaper, young talent to build off of. Maybe even an Ilsinho (although expensive and international slot), Alberg (ditto), or Pontius (last year of contract) for smaller returns but a cheaper salary cap impact.

      • Dan C (formerly of 103) says:

        Soccer GMs don’t get three years. Teams can turnover entire rosters in less then a season. The Union always rank in the middle of the pack for money spent. So, even if Ernie was doing his job in an ok manner, then they would be middle of the pack. But they are not. They’re dead last. Dead last.

      • I’m not sure what you’re basing your declarative statements on, so, for the moment, I reject your premise.

        The whole point of having a GM in addition to a coach is to have their job security tied to long-term results instead of the short-term window coaches will be pressured in.

        Is there some giant, magical pool of primarily American players that we can swap our players with? And will be just as good despite no MLS club wanting them now? If not, I think your suggestion that the entire team can turn over is convenient for your argument, but false.

      • I you want to see your ‘magical pool of American players’ just take a look around the league. 21 other teams made some great selections to reinforce their squads with out breaking the bank. There were plenty of options to fill exactly what we needed right here in MLS.

      • Old Soccer Coach says:

        If I have understood your arguments correctly, I get the impression you have forgotten the existence of a salary cap, a soft cap with several different exceptions to allow it to be finessed, but still.
        Some time after mid-May the players association always releases salary data. It will inform conversation. However, this year the MLS roster for the team shows who is on the senior roster, who on supplemental and who reserve. Read the rules and you will get ballpark ideas for the youngsters already.

    • Dan C (formerly of 103) says:

      Maybe the most well reasoned comment this entire home stand. The fact of the matter is that under Ernie’s supervision, the U have managed to bring players in who are just not good enough, while losing two of the best that the Union ever had (Nogs and Barnetta).

    • Rich Graham started the ACADEMY,

    • I think Earnie has focused so much on being “2 deep” that we basically just a roster full of 2 deep bench players and no real starters (witha few exceptions). You just can’t be 2 deep in MLS without weakening your starting 11 or having an incredible youth pipeline.

    • The Union either does not have or is unwilling to commit the resources to bring in the designated players that can make a difference at striker and central defensive midfielder. We also need an investment in a coaching staff that can make adjustments, put players in the best position to win and condition them to play a full 90 minutes. We’ve needed help at these positions for years and instead of bringing in difference makers we get “money-ball” solutions that are not working. To me that falls on the owner.

      I look at franchises like Atlanta that entered the league with an owner with resources. They are competing in year 1 and already have the facilities that it took the Union years to develop. LAFC will probably be the same next year. In year 8 of their existence Talen Energy Stadium looks very bush league when you consider that the lots are not even paved. I get that the Union are investing in their academy and built a nice training complex but those should be staples of any professional organization and not something that should compromise the ability to commit to putting the best possible product on the pitch for the present while eyeing the future.

      Unfortunately Union fans have sat through 7+ years of general ineptitude on the pitch and much of this lies with the ownership’s limited resources. Fans are expected to pay major league prices for tickets, concessions and parking but the product being given is not major league. The novelty of having a team has worn off, but it seems ownership still has the if you build it they will come mentality. That has to change and the half full stadium on Saturday supports that. If the current owner can’t do it then he should sell to someone that can.

      • They have $1.7+ million wrapped up in CDM…Bedoya, Edu, Carrol, Creavalle, Medujanin, that’s the problem. It’s not about how much the team spends, it’s about how much they spend at what position. They spend less on the skilled positions than they do for the grunt work. It’s almost the opposite of what everyone else does.

      • Well I thin if Edu was healthy (or whatever a similar salary at the #6) then their spending doesn’t look horrible as long as you shift Bedoya out wide. But it is a waste of money. Of course we also spend even less on D than on attack.

      • el Pachyderm says:

        Did you drop the mic after this truth bomb or just show em your ass on the way out the door.
        Solid and well reasoned.
        The Union rank almost dead last in actual money to spend relative to something or other I can’t remember…I just read an article in the last week or two that Kevin Kinkhead or Zeitlin retweeted from another source.
        The CB on this team make less than 70K. How can you win when a part time healthcare worker earns more than your centerbacks.

      • Adam Schorr says:

        I agree. And if we weren’t spending, say, 250K on Carroll and Creavalle, maybe we could spend that money on a CB. It was Earnie’s decision to bring them back. Maybe if we weren’t spending 400K+ on Ilsinho to not do anything, we would be spending that on CB.
        We don’t have the money because Earnie squandered it. It’s like blaming an employer for an employee being broke because the employee spent all his money playing the lottery. Blame the person blowing the money. There’s literally millions of dollars of pure waste on the roster. There’s the money we’re missing. That’s 100% on Earnie.

      • el Pachyderm says:

        I stand by my premise that while not ideal or perfect with the sporting director, this is a coaching issue first and foremost.
        We have verifiable proof Earnie has built quality teams.
        We have no such proof pre-earnie or post-earnie, Jim Curtin can manage at this level. None. Guy was teaching kids as recently as 36 months ago.
        Ultimately while in agreement about some stuff (ownership culpability, stadium location not being as troubling as others suggest) we diverge for now on the reasons for ultimate failure. In other words, we have come to a mutually respectful place of agreeing to disagree and moving on with the fun conversation.

      • Old Soccer Coach says:

        Actually, Yaro earns more than Richie. Yes Richie is somewhat under paid, but he also has a fairly glaring hole in his repertoire, offensive distribution using routes other than 1.
        Still you over all point that right now the Union defense is thriftily paid remains accurate.

    • John Harris says:

      Jay Sugarman is the most likely reason the Union brought in the players they have. It is most likely that he will not spend money. Compare to Atlanta and Toronto, cities that are measurably smaller than Philly. Yet they spend money and win; Philly acts like it has no money… thus player acquisitions like Jay Simpson. This narrative of being a small to medium sized market is nonsense. Philly is a monsterous city. It has no business crying poor. None. Jay Sugarman is getting rich off this at your expense and people should wake up to that fact. If there were a threat of relegation his attitude would be much more attentive.

    • You win for “the comment most likely to generate a lot of comments”.
      Your comment about spending in line with other teams is demonstrably false. Outside of Bedoya, every, and I mean every, other player comes here on a free. You’re equating salary budgets in a salary budget league, in which the best guestimates have the U around 15th. You can go to every other MLS club’s site, count up the # of employees in the respective FOs and the Union will be in the bottom 5 clubs. That is on Jay Sugarman. It is one thing to handcuff Earnie to a $0 acquisition budget and another to not even give him help to find people. That’s been the story since Day 1.
      They have VOLUNTEERS working concessions now, I mean who does that?

    • My guess on the Sugarman hate is that people are looking at the constant factor over the course of the franchise’s consistent mediocrity (or worse), and the only thing that has been around the whole time is ownership. Now I’m not saying I necessarily agree with it – I reserve judgement for now – but I can see the argument. We’ve gone through three coaches, a bunch of subpar players (and some good ones, most of whom have only stayed for 2-3 seasons at most), and whatever the heck Sakowitz was. At first, people blamed Nowak. Then they got rid of him and the mediocrity continued, so they aimed higher and blamed Sak. Then they got rid of him, and – well, where else is there to go? You can blame the coaches, you can blame the players, you can blame the fact that the FO was understaffed for years. But ultimately that all goes up to one place: ownership. Not sure it’s fair to blame Sugarman. But there’s an argument to be made for it.

      It’s not that we’ve been bad for the entire life of this team; it’s just that we’ve never been good. The reasons for that have to lie somewhere. Taking the broad view, does it really make sense to place the blame the current streak of terribleness on personnel who haven’t been here (or in positions of responsibility) for that long? Maybe….but, maybe not.

    • Agree with just about all you said.

      In my opinion Ernies biggest miscue was he totally undervalued Barnetta contributions , leadership, skill set and value to the team. As soon as he knew Barnetta was not coming back he should have made it priority to find someone with as good or a better skill set. Even if it meant eliminating Edu ,Alberg or Ilsiniho. He shoukd have realized Bedoya could not replace Barnetta. I also think they were gambling that Edu would be healthy and Yaro could step in at CB. Some bad luck in the mix has hurt the Union on those injuries and reinjuries. Yaro has got to put on 10 pound of muscle and not lose a step to play CB or they need to move him out wide if he can handle LB. Vincent was available 2 years ago and they went for Rosenberry. Good LB are harder to find than RBs.

  8. Im glad Fabinho is so high on the list. He coasts under the radar because of high profile holes on this team. But he is such a dangerous liability and we need to get better at LB. He;s bounced between not good enough and barely good enough for the past 3 years.

  9. We haven’t had Edu for almost two years, but that second question made me think that, if he every gets healthy, the Union could desperately use him at CB until his contract ends or they can trade him. Especially since we have enough box-to-box MF already. The back line has been so weak since last summer. The MF of mismatched parts doesn’t help, but he can at least solidify the defense.

  10. Curtin – I like him. Coaching changes rarely cause any long-term improvement, and often create more havoc. Keep him.

    Biggest tactical problem I see: Curtin seems to want to play high press, with high wing-backs. The problem is that you need a CDM that can drop back into the space between the two CBs when then become split (Lucas at Liverpool is a great example). Medujnanin is not this player. Bedoya is not this player. Edu is perfect for it, but… I think if you solve that issue, you solve a lot.

    Sugarman: I’m still not sure. Do we have the latest spending numbers? Bedoya was a solid move, and adding Stewart and Richie Graham’s improvements in the Academy are absolute perfect long-term solutions. That being said, who would argue if some oil-rich family wanted to invest? Not me.

  11. Old Soccer Coach says:

    Ilsinho and Alberg should be sold for what they may bring. To finish the season with them means letting them walk for nothing by declining their options at the end of the season. They do not have the mentalities of two-way players, no matter how hard they are trying to remember.
    I have seen nothing but speed from Fafa Picault, and it is not elite speed.
    If someone out there wants Chris Pontius, sell him.
    Keep Ray Gaddis, because he is improving incrementally, and I am not yet convinced by Aaron Jones and Gili Wijnaldum. Each does somethings well, at times.
    Move on from Ken Tribbett, Brian Carroll and probably Warren Creavalle.
    In reference to Haris Medunjanin, Andrea Pirlo’s value is that he feeds the difference makers in the attack. What would be his value to NYCFC if he did not have David Villa to feed? So far he is not a ball winner at #6.
    Leave the 6-8 guys who play with Bethlehem as is. No one shows as ready for MLS except as a stop gap, although Adam Najem is a solidly competent USL center midfielder. His positional discipline allows Cory Burke to range all over the field.

  12. Old Soccer Coach says:

    When you are winning, winning creates interest. Ask those who raise funds for universities with Bowl Championship Series college football programs.
    When you are losing, closed-mouth secrecy smothers interest. It enhances the general public’ ability to ignore you. And it disrespects that public’s intelligence.
    That attitude needs housecleaning, badly, much worse than any individual or individuals.

  13. pragmatist says:

    I chose “Curtin can’t coach” as the biggest problem, but I don’t think that’s accurate. I think the issue is “Curtin can’t motivate.”
    I truly believe that a coach like Bruce Arena, or Jesse Marsh, or Caleb Porter would be able to get these guys to play for 90 minutes. Jim can’t pull that out of his players, and that will be his Achilles Heel.

    • Interesting. I kinda agree with this. Maybe I more lean towards he can’t keep them focused.

      • Or maybe they went cheap on defense so they just aren’t good enough to play out a full game. I mean our CB pairing is 3rd round and 4th round Super Draft picks.

      • pragmatist says:

        Marquez/Yaro were very solid last year. I find it hard to believe that Marquez is suddenly drek. The Yaro injury, combined with the existing Edu injury (no need rehash the emotions around that one) have forced our hand.
        Everyone said before the season that if Gooch had to start more than 12 games, we were screwed. Well…he was forced into the first 5.
        I don’t believe our CB’s are suddenly not MLS-quality. There is a lack or organization in front of them, and we are missing 2 of our top CB options due to injury. One of these can be easily corrected.

      • Our CBs weren’t that good last year either though. Honestly the only time Marquez has consistently looked good was when he was lined up next to Edu. That being said, I agree that we are completely lacking a #6 to take control of things.

      • pragmatist says:

        I’m not claiming they are John Terry in his prime. But they are more than serviceable. But they benefit greatly from midfielders with ANY defensive tendencies.
        Matt Doyle (I think) showed a graphic after the game of a 20-yard gap between the defense and midfield on one of the goals. Those guys are getting hung out to dry on a regular basis.

      • Oh yeah. I totally agree, but they have issues as well and we have been cheap in that area.

      • Speaking of Terry, not sure how much he would cost, but seems like an upgrade.

  14. It’s funny how many of us are putting blame on Ernie, as am I, but he doesn’t think it necessary to address the fans/media. Bedoya was gutted and took the podium. Curtain comes out each week and says the same exact thing. The same exact thing! Does Ernie realize how empty that place will be in a month?

    • Obviously, it’s not the result we wanted…

      If i was closer than a few thousand miles, I’d make that phrase into a banner.

  15. The Realist Brian says:

    Sugarman SELL THE TEAM. Please get out.

  16. I think this team has many problems first and foremost, but I choose a playmaker in the poll. Basically because I believe if you have Barnetta in this team they are a thousand times better. Not perfect, but better.
    I also said Edu, Ilsinho, and Medunjanin should go. Edu because he takes up too much salary and is damaged/surplus goods. Ilsinho because I don’t think he gets enough end product. Finally Haris, because despite his wonderful passing ability, he defensive liabilities are causing havoc with overall team defense. Maybe you throw Pontius in too.

  17. el Pachyderm says:

    Yesterday LAG showed what a team in transition and rebuilding can look like.
    They were man handled by Seattle yet all the while played and actual game of footy that players and fans could be proud of. Crisp and clean. Controlled in possession. Aesthetic.
    Union aren’t even in the same Galaxy.

  18. el Pachyderm says:

    el Pachyderm April 24, 2017 at 11:06 am
    . Yup reposted cause I’m that egotistical.

    I recommend the documentary ‘Eat Grass’ about Antonio Conte and how the Italian Calcio School-O taught him about the frivolity of being married to a formation. And how he learned there to be fluid in all manner of his management as evidenced at almost every in his teaching career where he saw something wasn’t right then Reworked His Team’s formation, drilled the expectation into his players then VOILA.
    Eat Grass. Any one of you souls that visit this page that in anyway has contact with the coaches and manager of the first team. Psst. Pass it along.
    Quick hurry. I know there is one if you here. Help your manager out. This would be considered joystick parenting if I was on the sideline of a child’s game which it appears I am so…. here’s me controlling it.
    Alpha Omega. Hurry hurry scurry scurry. Get his ear. Give him this info to set himself free.

  19. Nick Fishman says:

    The Union were 15th out of 20 teams last season in payroll. It’s why fans are frustrated with ownership.

    Philadelphia is the 4th largest media market in the league. It is a highly disproportionate figure. Jay Sugarman is asking a city to accept being a small-market team. This city is not that.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      Fucking spot on. I’ve written many times, they had a chance to be grand and all thas ultimately happened thus far is the perpetuation of the Philly Pathos and Neurosis that we simply aren’t good enough. Philadelphians carry this albatross with untold dignity.
      I have resentment about this and resentment is the most cancerous of all human emotions.
      I’m grateful for the infrastructure and the Vision. I’m not grateful for the second iteration of a manager just not capable of coaching at the highest level. But per the ES and Taylor Twellman ESPN interview, he’s not going anywhere and I have to make amends and surrender this.

      • Nick Fishman says:

        Exactly. What the team is building at its youth level is to be admired. Ownership, however, has failed to recognize they psychology of its fan base.

        (Some) Sixers and Phillies fans have been patient because there is a desire to build a potential champion at the expense of short-term success. Even then, it has come at the cost of overall attendance.

      • They need to turn the salaries of Edu into an actaul player; Pontius & Ilsinho into 1 great wing player; and Alberg & Simpson & Spaong & Davies into 1 great striker and a backup striker. There is so much wasted money on this team. This does nothing to hurt the bench that much and gives you a strong group of players. Fit in the youth when they are ready.

      • True Dat! Three 300K players does not equal One 900K player!

      • The CBA doesn’t allow the Union to ditch Edu while injured (and still under contract). That’s the only reason he’s still on the team.

        Pontius is on the last year of his contract, so that is a self-fixing problem. I’d argue his contract was a nice bit of business. We got him cheaper for two years, and if it had just been for last year, we would have paid him more to keep him.

        Agreed on the strikers. I was ok with Simpson gamble, but I never understood the objective of the Davies acquisition.

      • I understand, I’m just saying that’s large salaries to 7 players when it should be spread to 3 players instead. Would make a huge difference on this team and you’d still have basically the same depth we have now.

    • Adam Schorr says:

      Yeah, but teams below us made the playoffs, and Dallas are a perennial contender. Not because of their academy, but because they spend much smarter. That’s all there is to it.

      • Do you really think it’s reasonable to expect that simply firing Ernie will allow us to find someone the equivalent of the best decision-making club in MLS, like Dallas?
        – Isn’t that like saying that “I need us to be a smarter tech firm, so it’s a simple as firing my CIO and then finding someone like Steve Wozniak who is currently unemployed and affordable.
        That’s all there is to it”.

        ….didn’t we make the playoffs last year too?

        And now we’re undoubtedly no higher on the spending level than 16th out of 22 (possibly lower).

      • Nick Fishman says:

        I agree the players acquired have been poor. The argument isn’t that small-market clubs can’t win, but that Philadelphia is not a small-market.

  20. John Osborn says:

    After seeing Le Toux’s splendid goal this past weekend, I still can’t believe Stewart sold him.

  21. The Union’s continued lethargy hurts the MLS brand. Is there any chance Don Garber would take steps to influence Sugarman to invest/sell team?

    • he was very vocal on how Chivas was run. do we honestly feel we’re better than Chivas? perhaps this is worth looking into in a followup poll at 11 losses.

  22. There was a time under Andy Reid that the Eagles used to do really well in the first half of games, utilizing their pre-scripted plays. Then a half time the other coach would make good adjustments and the Eagles would fail to. More often then not, the Eagles would get their butt kicked in the second half.
    Seems like the same thing all over again. That is why as much as I like Jim the man, I don’t like Jim the coach. Agree that Earnie should takeover for a while.
    Side note Drogba, just went to Phoenix. Cant we really not even out bid USL Phoenix? As old as he is, still suspect he would be upgrade. CJ could slide over into Pontius’ spot.

  23. Yallop just abruptly resigned…

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