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News roundup: HCI and BSFC play exciting game, MLS All-Stars to play Real Madrid, and more

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I believe in practicing what I preach. I’ve been asking the Union to change things up, so I’ve been doing the same in these post-game news roundups. Last week, it was delivering the bad news in a good way. This week, I am not as kind…

Philadelphia Union

The Friday night’s 2-0 loss at home to NYCFC are simple and obvious: Jack Elliott started and Adam Najem played. Why talk about anything else? Here’s some postgame videos, and some other recaps from MLSSoccer, the Daily Times, CSNPhilly (with a second article featuring players spouting cliches), BrotherlyGame, Section215, PattisonAve, and PhillyVoice.

The second goal allowed was on an inch-perfect shot from 53 yards out by David Villa. Patrick Vieira and Andrea Pirlo called it among the best goals they’ve ever seen. While some have blamed this on Andre Blake or used it to denigrate the MLS, the fact is that goals like this do get scored every now and then, and when it happens in any league other than MLS, all credit goes to the scorer. David Villa is a world class striker who hit an incredible ball. Give him the credit.

Earnie Stewart thinks the pressure on Jim Curtin is unfair. Maybe somebody should ask Earnie if there’s less pressure on Curtin because Earnie’s transactions have been so poor. UnionRumors would like to remind you that Earnie traded the Union’s 1st round pick this year for Charlie Davies. Charlie Davies has played 81 minutes for the Union since his acquisition last season.


Harrisburg City beat Bethlehem Steel 3-2 on a 90th minute goal. Many current and former Union players played for both sides, with Aaron Wheeler opening the scoring for HCI and newly-signed Pedro Ribeiro getting the assist on the game winner. More from Section215.


This year’s All-Star game will feature the best of the MLS, managed by Chicago Fire manager and former Union player Veljko Paunovic, against Real Madrid. The game will take place at Soldier Field in Chicago.

A recap of this weekend’s games. Minnesota United made trades to fix their weak spots and then started taking points. Ignacio Piatti returned for the Impact to help them get their first win, leaving the Union last to put one in the W column. Real Salt Lake won their second straight after bringing in an experienced, proven coach. Bastian Schweinsteiger continued to make an impact for Chicago Fire.

The MLS Players’ Union acknowledges that Tim Howard’s conduct leading to his 3 game suspension was inappropriate, but questions both fan and security conduct in the incident.

Around the globe

FC Cincinnati drew a crowd of 23,144 for their home opening 4-0 win. Striker Djiby Fall, acquired this off-season, scored the 4 goals in under 30 minutes and now has 6 goals in 4 games.

A recap of this weekend’s season-opening games in the NWSL. Here’s a preview to catch you up on the NWSL in 2017.

A tragic day for Panama and the global soccer community in general, as Panama midfielder Amilcar Henriquez was shot and killed this weekend.

“This should be pretty obvious, but: Leave everyone’s butts alone.”

Highlight of the day

Rachel Daly sets the bar for goal of the year on the first day of the NWSL season.


  1. “Real Salt Lake won their second straight after bringing in an experienced, proven coach. Bastian Schweinsteiger continued to make an impact for Chicago Fire.”


    Tough to imagine U doing anything close to either move.

  2. Well we got Alberg this game and it looked good for awhile and then fell apart. Our offense is terrible. At most 2 of our most advanced 4 should be starters and honestly it’s probably 1. They don’t play well together. They don’t compliment each other. Fafa or Epps needs to start because we are pathetically slow. Ilsinho is useless. Alberg can only shoot (and Curtin was right about his fitness, it’s pathetic). And Sapong and Pontius are hardworking. That’s about it. Something needs to give.
    At least Elliot looked ok.

    • Old Soccer Coach says:

      Do remember David Villa is a quick striker but not a pace striker.
      All credit in the world to Jack Elliott that so far in all the events in which he has been seen he has avoided being caught in a 1 v 1 foot race. But it is a test he needs to pass before he is anointed the second coming of — name your preferred pace center back here.

      • Oh I agree he’s not fast. But he’s faster than Gooch and is a better passer. So different styles that could be switched against different teams.

  3. pragmatist says:

    The MLSPU has a good point, and their statement was well prepared. Timmy was definitely wrong with his behavior, but it should never have reached that point in the first place. The drunken idiots that are cursing out the players need to be tossed out of the stadium.
    I have no problem with giving players an earful and trying to get in their heads, or whatever, but there is a line. And it is up to the home team and stadium to monitor their crowds. This was a failure by SKC.

  4. The 1st for Davies is interesting to bring up. Honestly I had forgotten about it. And honestly I couldn’t care less about the first. As far as Im concerned we got our first round pick this year in Najem. And hell, I consider Jones and Trusty as first rounds picks too.

    Hell where were we going to pick anyway? In the teens? I highly doubt there is any one we could have drafted at our spot that could have made any difference.

    • I generally agree, but Elliot has already started and Epps looks decent. Plus you can;t say Najem or Jones or Trusty were first round picks because we would have gotten them anyway. Plus Davies has barely played and hasn’t even looked good when he did. Should have kept Le Toux.

      • Le Toux is just a worse version of Herbers at this point.

      • I have no problem with trading our first. The Superdraft is a crapshoot with diminishing returns at this point.
        I have no real problem with trading Letoux. At that point in his career he was an aging roleplayer who was somewhat overpaid.
        But Charlie Davis has been a complete bust. Say what you will about draft picks and Letoux, they were assets and to give away those assets for what amounts to dead money in a tightly capped league terrible.
        We have too many holes on this team at the moment and too much dead money invested in players who have no real hope in seeing meaningful minutes on the field or even being tradable/sellable assets.
        Letoux and that draft pick could have at least contributed in some way.

    • Trade for Davies was for first round pick in 2018, which at this rate could be #1 overall. You can argue quality of the draft, but it could have been traded for something better than what it was.

      • You’re right. The Union’s 2017 first-round pick went to Chicago. The club’s 2018 first-rounder is the pick that went to New England (along with allocation money) in exchange for Davies and a third-round pick that year.

    • pragmatist says:

      They took a shot that they could revive a promising career. Most draft picks don’t pan out anyway, so it was a calculated risk that so far hasn’t turned out well for anyone. But we didn’t lose much.
      You never know…maybe the next manager has a role for him…

  5. el Pachyderm says:

    Panamanian player shot and killed.
    Argentinian fan beaten and jumps over railing– to his death.
    Fans storm field and attack Lyon FC players.
    I have called out numerous Twitter folks who bash US Soccer culture for being lame and not able to make an impact on the world stage related to the lack of culture in the states and I have asked them, is this what we should be striving for. CRICKETS.
    these people (many of whom I agree with and respect immensely) who i read every day bash MLS and soft suburban soccer mom culture and weak minded players and the Casual Recreational Soccer Culture here in america have yet to respond. If you are one of these people, and are reading this (highly unlikely) what say you?
    Where have you gone. Is tribalism that gets players killed, referees maimed, players attacked o the pitch the way forward? You send out Tweets showing me three fans topping Sergio Ramos after a RM game and giving him and earful, which he gainfully listens to and accepts then luckily gets to drive away unharmed….you send these tweets and tell us, SEE THIS IS REAL football culture….
    You same people think what happened to Tim Howard being reprimanded is bullshit and it speaks poorly about MLS and its wussy league (which I agree with mind you)….
    ….Where are you people? Where are your statements of disgust this is happening abroad? CRICKETS and it is precisely WHY so many tune you the fuck out.
    Wake Up.
    In other news…three days later and I’m still gnashing my teeth over your totally fucking ineptitude down Talen Way. What are you doing? Do you realize you have been outscored 5-1 the last two games? Do you realize the means by which the final goal of the last two games was scored against you- solidifying for every poor soul putting their faith in you this is a total fucking mess?
    Are you ready? HEre’s a word I never use with my children but and using today with you.

  6. I made the trip from frustration to acceptance this weekend. It was helped by this from Stewart on Curtin: “I think he’s a young coach, that he’s still learning at the same time. But that’s the process that the Philadelphia Union is in right now. Not only with their players, but also with the coach.”

    Curtin isn’t going anywhere. This team isn’t going anywhere. I’ll continue to watch, because this is my team, for better and worse. Only way this team turns things around is with this group figuring something out. My expectations based on that assessment is complete regression in points and standing. Best case scenario will be to get playing time for the “kids.” More Jones, more Najem, Elliot, Epps, Wijnaldum, etc. We’re a second-year expansion club, everyone.

    • Unfortunately this is totally on point. Lets get more of the young guys out there. What a horrible statement this early in the season.

    • el Pachyderm says:


    • I still am not willing to buy into ES’ GM speak.

      That’s literally what they ALL say. “We are behind the coach” “We think he is doing fine considering [insert excuse here]” blah blah blah.

      Curtin will be gone soon if this ship keeps on going down.

      • The extent of Stewart’s comments are a lot more than a simple: “We’re behind the manager.” It was a complete defense of Curtin’s place in the organization and a acknowledgment, I think, that we’re in the midst of (gasp!) a process.

        Although I accept this, I’m not at all free from a great deal of disappointment in the state we find this team. It’s year 8 and to still be an expansion franchise is pretty ridiculous. I feel pretty stupid that I thought this team would be doping better and that I’d actually enjoy my partial season package this year.

        What I’m not going to do is spend time thinking about who’d be a better manager, what would formation would make better tactical sense… All a waste of time. Perhaps the German guy trialing at keeper is really step one in selling Blake for some $$ to go out and get a Plan B #10. I don’t know. But that might be the most interesting thing we can expect this club to do any time soon.

      • The Union have dropped a curtain of secrecy over Jake Mcguire’s status.
        For two consecutive games he has appeared on the Union bench as the backup keeper, and then played the next day with the Steel.
        He is listed with the Union on the roster on their website. Note that information about categories and statuses is less this year than previously.
        You can find his name on the MLS website if you search individual players.
        On the MLS website’s version of the Union roster, he is no longer listed anywhere, neither in the active 1-30 list, nor the senior1-20, the supplemental, the reserve, or the unavailable.
        A contingency not covered by the rules summary available to the general public concerns the extreme hardship call ups to a goalkeeper ON SEASON LONG LOAN TO A USL TEAM WHO IS ON AN MLS CONTRACT.
        Evidence previously on the internet which has now disappeared after it was brought to the organization’s attention by me suggested directly that McGuire originally was on loan to the Steel and was unavailable to the Union.
        The physical visual evidence in Talen Energy Stadium witnessed directly by thousands says the status has changed.
        That is the end of the fact pattern.
        The serous story here is how badly is John McCarthy hurt.
        How the German fits in is unknown. If he is not on trial for the third goalkeeper spot de facto, then right at the moment Jake McGuire will start while Andre Blake is away at the end of June and into July, because McCarthy is currently unavailable and has been so since at least March 25th.

    • You couldn’t be more on point. Nothing is changing. Next year we’ll have 4-6 new players and again will be told to stay patient.

  7. Phil in Wilmington says:

    “I think he’s a young coach, that he’s still learning at the same time. But that’s the process that the Philadelphia Union is in right now. Not only with their players, but also with the coach.” E.S.

    This is all you need to know. He’s not uninterested in winning now, and without relegation, there’s no need to.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      correct. dead spot on. he insinuated as much and Alejandro Bedoya actually said as much.
      I’m still pissed off though.

  8. Also that Rachel Daly goal > David Villa’s goal.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      that’s the second time Villa tried that against the Union too… almost pulled it off against them last year in New York…
      Hit the crossbar…
      so I’ll Trump the Daly goal with a Villa pretty much did the same thing to the same team twice in two years.

  9. Joel Pterosaur says:

    That was a sick highlight, but this https://twitter.com/USL/status/853592354606993409 From midfield…on the volley?!!

  10. Old Soccer Coach says:

    Wasn’t there tape within the last year or two of a goalkeeper scoring on another goalkeeper from inside his own eighteen?

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