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News roundup: Mad Beatz and other gifts from the sky

Map courtesy of the Philadelphia Union.

Philadelphia Union

Attending Saturday’s game? You’ll hear Mad Beatz, watch gifts descend from the sky, and see some fan generated art. Some days, the game ball may arrive via skydiver. On your way in, get food truck fare, and, if the thirst takes you, you can drink liquor in the stadium too. There are also new stands for the capos of the Sons of Ben. The Union site gives you an update on the improved fan day experience in Talen Energy stadium.

Toyota continues their partnership with the Union.

Kevin Kinkead on Don Garber’s visit to Philadelphia.


The Los Angeles Galaxy are making a play for Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Around the globe

Champions league was exciting yesterday, with Barcelona overturning a 4-0 first leg deficit by beating PSG 6-1. Barcelona scored three goals in the last ten minutes of the game. Luis Enrique says that no kid present will ever forget the game. Most likely, no adult will forget it either.

Meanwhile Borussia Dortmund defeated Benfica 4-0. If soccer had such a rule, Pulisic! would have earned an “and one” for this well-timed piece of skill. Pierre-Emerick Aubemeyang also played and scored thrice.

US soccer

Pulisic! The youngster may profit from an injury to Marco Reus. Indeed, his start yesterday confirms this prognostication.

Injuries are not all good for the USNMT. Our national squad faces issues as Deandre Yedlin picks up a knock and a number of other proven veterans may not be available. Keegan Rosenberry is fit and ready; someone tell Bruce Arena.

Matt Doyle predicts Arena’s call ups: he has Erik Lichaj as the back up for Yedlin, not Rosenberry.


  1. “not enough liquor” has been one of my complaints about the stadium from day one, oh, wait, no it hasn’t

    • el Pachyderm says:

      personally I’m a big fan of Food Truck Fare.
      I wish Palumbo’s truck from Church and University Ave in West Chester would trundle down there and bang out one of the sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches I ate about 4,000 of in college…. with an Octoberfest… and well, maybe other ilicit on board psychostimulants but not too many, I was always cognizant of not playing too hard… well most of the time… expect for the American League Championship game 5 in Baltimore in what the hell year was that… never mind.

    • If i had to guess i would say they have received a lot of requests from people who want a drink but don’t like beer

  2. el Pachyderm says:

    Because no one here belabors a point better than me. Just had to pull this over for today’s news too. What a cool time and place for a youth player in the Philly area if that player happens to be pretty into the game beyond a past time or hobby. This video is fantastic and exhilarating.
    From the mouth of the man who is helping build it to the ears of all those who struggle to hear, are apathetic or can’t think bigger than some league results and points earned…
    .. this is / has been / and will continue to be about raising the tide of the United States soccer player– thereby raising the quality of the National Team…. THE DEFENSE RESTS.
    This public service announcement brought to you by
    ~ The Elefant.
    Thank you.

    • “The next generation of great American players”
      If I’m a kid at that academy, that’s on my locker door
      But if the Union are my client: I’m telling them to plaster that everywhere in the building

    • thanks for the link, the article is nice, and the comments remind me what a horrible, terrible, no-good place most of the internet is (something I forget if I stay at “home” on PSP)

  3. Andy Muenz says:

    I’m thinking the Union are leaving out one key point on the game day experience…Temperatures that aren’t frigid. I still don’t understand why they are starting the game so that it ends after sunset.

  4. ZLatan is making more than $12 million at Man. U. He hasn’t signed an extension yet because he knows he can likely get more because he’s the only guy on the whole roster who has scored goals. So LA will have to shell out, what, $16 million to pry him away? Twice what the highest paid player in MLS makes now? Who knows Zlatan might come to LA for shits and giggles. If he feels like it. But he’s a big fish in the very big pond of the PL already.

  5. Barca over PSG 6-5 on agg. is one of the more unbelievable scripts. Two words: sports entertainment. Three more: “Football. Bloody hell.”

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      That was one of the best games I have ever watched. When PSG scored I thought for sure Barca would come up just short. Although the second PK was crap, they really just kept coming. Amazing comeback

    • Refs gave it to Barca. Soft penalty to Barca, no penalty to PSG (in first half that should have been a penalty), no added time to the 5 extra minutes during which 2 goals were scored! The refs stopped the game just when PSG was attacking. The come-back of ManU against Bayern couple years ago was in my eyes a better come-back.

  6. Pulisic!
    His consistency….just…wow. Always making an impact.

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