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All Three Points podcast: Ranting and Raving

So, the team has been the pits for weeks now, and the All Three Points duo is ready to rant and rave, though not for the reasons you might think. Chris and Jeremy are upset that the team isn’t doing well, sure, but mostly they’re annoyed at us—Union fans. We complain about everything, even things like signing USMNT players like Alejandro Bedoya! Maybe they only see the bright side, but the All Three Points guys think things are looking up. At least, they hope so… (The pod was recorded prior to the Sebastien Le Toux to Colorado news broke.)

Listen to the episode using the player below, or download the file directly. Catch up with Chris and Jeremy on Twitter @all3points, or leave a comment here.


  1. Hey guys….I sure wish one of you dissented with the whole how good CJ is thing. Listening to you fellas is sort of like listening to a group of democrats(or could be republicans), who are all of the same mind talking about an issue. Surprise, they all see it the same way, which may not be right. Where is the other point of view? Would make it more interesting at least.

  2. Yeah, I’m with Laz! For instance, you say how us unsophisticated rabid Union fans should stop criticizing the FO for not spending money, because they tried to get Bedoya last year. But the other perspective on that (not necessarily my perspective) is that Earnie Stewart IS NOT the second coming, and that his stupendous original earth-shattering ground-breaking management isn’t all that great or novel, given that his biggest move in the transfer window was one Nick Sack had initiated a year ago!

    • Jeremy Lane says:

      That’s fair, guys, I get that. And I don’t think we disagree with you, per se, but what we’re saying is that ES and the FO haven’t actually failed yet. Sure, the team is going through a down stretch, but that doesn’t mean the FO is screwing the pooch. I think the moves on deadline day make it clear there was a plan, so let’s see if the plan pans out before grabbing our social media pitchforks.

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