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Sapong, Fabinho, and Rosenberry Best XI honors, power rankings climb, more

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union

CJ Sapong and Keegan Rosenberry have been named to MLSsoccer.com’s Team of the Week. Sapong and Fabinho have been named to SBI’s Best MLS XI for Week 3. The pair also made MLSsoccer.com’s Fantasy Football Best XI, with Sapong the top point getter for Week 3.

Power Rankings! At SI, it’s an eight-spot climb to No. 8. At ESPN, it’s a seven-spot climb to No. 8: “The Union are making an early case for the league’s most improved team.” At Soccer America, the Union move up four spots to No. 5.

At Delco Times, Matthew De George writes in praise of Sunday’s performances from Roland Alberg and Ilsinho and the potential the pairing shows, one that could be even brighter when Tranquillo Barnetta is fit enough to play.

Also at the Delco Times, Dillon Friday on how, thanks to the wins of Columbus and New England, the Union have the rare luxury of “of taking a victory with a grain of salt.”

At Goal.com, Ives Galarcep on how “the new-look Union are giving fans reason to be optimistic.”

Soccer America also notes the play of Alberg and Ilsinho and the improved Union roster.

At the Union website, Chris Winkler rounds up where the Union stand in the league in a variety of different stat categories.

More on Sunday’s win at Delco Times, MetroMatch Forecaster, and CLNS RadioAt Prost Amerika, a photo gallery from the game.

The Nutmeg News considers Sunday’s tifo display from the Sons of Ben; “There is nothing more ultra than spectacles. Nothing. Especially spectacles on skull face. At least that’s what some of us in the office think it is.

Philly Sports Nation praises John McCarthy for his support of #TeamCameron.


Forward Craig Foster is back with Harrisburg City Islanders for a second season.

The Drexel women’s team will be holding an Identification Clinic, May 21-22.


This is the league the Union plays in.


Between the out-of-favor at Everton Tim Howard, and the out-of-form at Aston Villa Brad Guzan, Fox Soccer says the goalkeeping situation at the USMNT is a mess. The Guardian says Howard was great in his prime but he stayed too long at Everton.

ASN talks to Alejandro Bedoya, who says he is feeling “in the zone” with Nantes.

SBI reports on how the US U-23 MNT is dealing with the challenges and pressure of their upcoming Olympic qualification series against Colombia. ESPN talks to U-23 defender Matt Miazga, who says he hopes his time at Chelsea will help him to become “the best American player.”

In Dallas Cup play, the US U-20s defeated CF Monterrey Rayados, 1-0, on Sunday. The team faces Fulham today (3 pm, US Soccer).

During its March training camp in Argentina, the US U-18 MNT defeated sides from San Lorenzo (2-1), Racing Club (3-2) and Uruguay (2-1). The Union Academy’s Matthew Real started and played 41 minutes in the win over San Lorenzo, and did the same against Racing Club and Uruguay.

At Philly.com, Todd McGrath on being the team doctor for the US U-18 and U-20 WNTs at the recent La Manga Tournament in Spain.


Following the terrorist attacks today in Brussels, the Belgian national team has cancelled today’s training session out of respect for the victims. The friendly scheduled to be played against Portugal in Brussels on March 29 is now in doubt.

From Inside World Football: “FIFA and UEFA have joined forces to warn Greece to reinstate the national cup competition, scrapped by the government earlier this month because of crowd trouble, or risk being thrown out of international football.”

Soccer America has more on what new China-based FIFA sponsors could mean.

The AP reports, “FIFA says it will present a Diversity Award in July to honor work eliminating discrimination in football…The award was suggested in 2013 by FIFA’s discrimination task force, whose work has stalled since the 2014 World Cup.”


  1. The Realist Brian says:

    The u20’s played yesterday and lost 2-1 to Fulham. Auston Trusty looked very good as he got the start and played full game.

  2. Sapong and Fabinho well deserved this week. I got sick after the game (I thought I bundled up) and frankly don’t mind at all. I’ll happy put up with aches and a stuffy nose to watch this team play like that every week!

  3. Moment of prayer and silent reflection for the safety of our friends and neighbors and world partners and even all those living in an alternate universe based in fear and terror…I offer you my thoughts and prayer too…. and for those in Belgium specifically this morning- I’m sorry for the shit sandwich this world can be. I offer hope that none of us visiting this page on a regular basis happen into The Wrong Place Wrong Time Event Horizon. Go safely friends.
    Okay then….Hey MLS media ass clown fanboys….re: Philadelphia Union.
    KNEEL before Zod.

  4. MLS

    This is the league the Union plays in.

  5. Sad how a bunch of immigrants can make Belgium the world’s best soccer team but also cause so much panic and death. I wonder how many of the radical ‘kids’ once played soccer and hoped to become rich professional players only not to succeed due to injury or just not being good enough. It would also not surprise me if some of the current players have some links to radical family members or friends; Belgium is a small place.

    • fourfourtwo has had a couple articles about the number of jihadis that were footballers, happens more than you think. A year or two ago, a former German U-17 was found dead on the battlefield in Syria. It’s not just Belgium. But to also suggest footballers of Muslim background, living in Europe, are all linked to jihadis is a little xenophobic,don’t you think?

      • So 5 guys who went to London for football became radicalized……and went to Syria to fight. They all knew Jihadi John, kind of high profile. What about the kid from Africa who gets taken by an “agent” and then dropped off on the streets of Paris? They don’t all become jihadists…….I think you are painting with a broad brush here……….

      • While I’m not aligned at all with Guido, you keep harping on “all” Ali, and nowhere has he said that. I do think it is important to note that youth with a seemingly lost future, are extremely vulnerable to those that would take advantage of them. This concept is nothing new. But it should be a concern of those involved with those youth. Hopefully it leads to explaining that there are other opportunities beyond a footballing career.

      • It’s not what said, it’s what is implied……..sowing the seeds of mistrust, if you will……

      • I also acknowledged its an issue in football, all4u……but I would never take it so far as to implicate the Belgian National Team without one hint of evidence……..

      • Points taken, Domestic. Maybe I’m just trying too hard to give the benefit of the doubt. And since I don’t want to be on the side of the implication you speak of, I shall now bow out.

  6. i know hard work goes into the tifo but i agree with nutmeg. that was lame. it’s our friggin home opener. a 15×15 square with spectacles. intimidating.
    sitting across from it, i actually spent time criticizing it and questioning where in MLS our tifo ranks. i settled on “somewhere in the middle.”

    • Zizouisgod says:

      Agreed, it was underwhelming, but the banners and displays in the River End haven’t impressed me for a couple of years now.

      • they’ve had moments but this one really made me go “huh. well, we certainly don’t rank anywhere near the top in this league”

      • Kind of made me think that maybe not enough people came out to volunteer and help. Definitely made me feel guilty for sitting at home while they were painting in the snow.

        Like the Sons of Ben social media keeps saying…before you complain, volunteer!

      • i think they used to paint weekdays out in Glenside. now down at the lots.
        anyone interested, contact SOB ryan.bross@sonsofben.com

    • i don’t understand the draw of big tifo displays. probably just a personal preference

    • I thought it was Groucho Marx… so not really sure what that means… and I also assume I’m wrong… so again, I’m thoroughly confused. I’m not gonna shit on it, because I don’t have the time to dedicate to help out, but I hope they improve as the season goes on.

  7. Richie_the_limey says:

    Chris / Zizouisgod

    If you think the tifo is below par why don’t you do something about it?

  8. Mike Macheski says:

    “This is the league the Union plays in.” That’s journalism at its finest right there. 🙂

  9. So Keegan Rosenberry — whose selection was the subject of controversy amongst the Union faihtful — gets named to the MLS Team of the Week in his first month as a professional player. I think it’s time for a cap-tip to Earnie and Jim for that one.

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