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Union win final preseason game, new US Soccer crest unveiled, more news

Philadelphia Union

The Union concluded preseason play in Florida with a satisfying 1-0 win over Toronto on Saturday. Next up, the start of the 2016 season on the road against Dallas on Sunday at 3 pm (TCN).

Recaps from Saturday’s win at PSP, Philadelphia Union, Philly Soccer News, Brotherly Game, Vavel, Toronto FC, Waking the Red, and the Canadian Press. Prost Amerika has a photo gallery from the win.

Tuesday is Roster Compliance Deadline Day.

A piece on CJ Sapong from Marisa Pilla at the Union website describes the forward as “A true existentialist.” Sapong says he’s grateful for the challenges he faced last season, “I think before all of those things took place I had an understanding of where I was as a player and a person, and not saying I was far off but it’s always good to gain a little perspective and that’s what led me to have success after those situations…I surrendered to my internal issues that maybe I wasn’t looking at before and coming back I was able to emanate more of a cohesive energy to my teammates that in turn made me feel my own validation and play at the best of my ability.”

At Goal.com, Roland Alberg makes a list of newcomers to watch in 2016. Ilsinho is also mentioned.

Brotherly Game looks at the Union’s striker options. Also at Brotherly Game, 2016 Union predictions.

Sons of Penn on what the Union need to do to reach the playoffs.

HITC Sport has a season preview. “It’s certainly wouldn’t be outlandish to say that Ayuk is the most exciting player the Union have had on their books since entering MLS in 2010.” Hmm.

The Union will host University of Maryland for a scrimmage on Tuesday, April 10, at 10 am before flying west to face Seattle on Saturday, April 16. (Temple will face the Terps on April 23.)

Former Union man Gabriel Farfan has joined New York Cosmos on a one-year loan from Liga MX side Chiapas.

Bethlehem Steel FC

Bethlehem defeated Junior Lone Star 5-1 on Friday morning at YSC. At Brotherly Game, Matt Ralph has an informative recap of the team’s first preseason game, for which the Steelmen used signed players, some Union Academy players, and a pair of trialists.

Philadelphia Union Academy

The Union Academy U-17s will face their academy counterparts from FC Dallas, Liga MX side Pumas, and J League Division 1 side FC Tokyo in Premier Division play in the Generation adidas Cup, which will take place in Frisco, March 18-26.


Bermuda international center back Dante Leverock is returning to Harrisburg City Islanders for a second season.



Player moves:

Preseason match results:

  • The Union defeated Toronto, 10.
  • NYRB trounced Jacksonville, 51.
  • Montreal drew 00 with Tampa Bay.
  • NYCFC defeated Reykjavik FC, 2-1.
  • Orlando crushed Bahia, 6-1.
  • Chicago defeated Portland, 20.
  • New England defeated Columbus, 10.
  • Vancouver defeated Minnesota, 31.
  • Houston drew 22 with Kansas City.
  • Colorado defeated Arizona United, 30.
  • San Jose defeated New York Cosmos, 10.

This: “U.S. international goalkeeper Tim Howard is on the verge of completing a move to the Colorado Rapids from Everton, multiple sources with knowledge of the negotiations have told ESPN FC.” Carlisle reports Howard is expected to join Colorado in the summer transfer window and will be paid $2 million a year.

At The Guardian, an interesting read on Owen Coyle adapting to life as a coach in MLS.

The St. Paul city council is considering $18 million in infrastructure improvements that will accompany the construction of Minnesota United’s new stadium. More at Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, MPR, and MinnPost.

At ESPN, Jeff Carlisle on Minnesota United having to be focused on what could be its final season in the NASL (if the team begins MLS play in 2017) while also having to prepare for its move to MLS.


US Soccer unveiled its new crest today (and yet another new look for the federation website).

New US Soccer crest

Better than the last one, anyway.

The New York Times reports on how the federation “elected to largely bypass the traditional news media” so that the unveiling “will instead be delivered directly to fans via a more immersive experience — one that involves Google Cardboard, a virtual reality promotional video and a United States Soccer Federation scarf.” Some members of the federation-backed supporters club have already received scarves in the mail with the new crest. The Times report describes, “The design evokes U.S. Soccer’s original crest from 1913, yet, according to [federation chief commercial officer Jay Berhalter], it conveys an identity that is more modern, aggressive and patriotic.” Brad Guzan and his adorable child like it. More at sportslogos.net and Footy Headlines.

You already know my thoughts on the new crest:

US Soccer crests 2

The USWNT roster for the upcoming SheBelieves Cup has been announced. The rosters for England, Germany, and Japan have also been announced. The US plays England on March 3 (7:30 pm, FS1), Germany on March 6 (3 pm, ESPN3), and Japan on March 9 (7:30 pm, ESPN3).

In San Antonio in US Soccer’s annual general meeting, Carlos Cordeiro was elected as vice president of the federation, replacing Mike Edwards. Donna Shalala was reconfirmed as an Independent Director for a two-year term. Former WNT and North Carolina head coach Anson Dorrance was honored as the winner of the 2016 Werner Fricker Award.

Coca-Cola, Sprint, and State Farm join Nike in sponsoring the Copa America Centenario.


On Sunday, in his first official act as president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino opened the new FIFA museum in Zurich. Infantino says implementing the reform package that was approved before the presidential vote is his first priority.

Infantino also said, “Sepp Blatter marked an era in FIFA. I hope that I will characterize a new era in FIFA. I’m my own man. Otherwise I would not have won such a vote. But I am still on good terms with Platini.”

The Los Angeles TimesSI, and Reuters on how Sunil Gulati worked to gather votes from supporters of Prince Ali for Infantino’s win in the second round of voting. The Washington Post considers how the election result boosts the chances the US will host the 2026 World Cup. Infantino denies he made any promises to the US about hosting the 2026 World Cup.

Funny line from Don Garber, who cast US Soccer’s vote in the presidential election. Describing how all of the presidential candidates “were very supportive what our country was doing to try to address the massive issues that were going on at FIFA,” Garber said, nevertheless, “You do see some sort of glances from folks as you’re walking around the hotel.” I’m sure you did.

At Reuters, a look at how Arab countries splitting their vote between Ali and Sheikh Salman doomed the Bahraini’s chances of being elected. The AFC has called for unity in support of Infantino after Ali and Salman, the two candidates from that confederation’s membership, lost the election.

On what Infantino must do now that he is president at The Guardian, Los Angeles Times, and Reuters.

From the AP: ‘The former president of Venezuela’s soccer federation has agreed to be extradited from Switzerland to the United States to face corruption charges, a Swiss justice official said Friday.”

Reuters reports, “Citigroup Inc said it has received questions from U.S. federal authorities investigating the role of financial institutions in alleged corruption and money laundering involving FIFA.”

Neil Paterson. The former captain of Dundee United who went on to win an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay in 1959. Neat read.


  1. I’m quite happy about the Howard to Colorado move. Not because it’s a good move, I think it’s a terrible move for them . . . but because we will jump to #2 in Allocation ranking. Nice to have come summer transfer window!

  2. Like what Marissa Pilla is doing. Good hire by the Union!

  3. Dan C (formerly of 103) says:

    The crest graphic above explains my feelings exactly.

    • agreed. simplicity — beautiful simplicity — in this case wins. it’s classic, timeless, and easily recognizable. this new crest will not age well, just as the old one did not.

    • I like the new crest. It may be a bit on the trendy side in terms of design (simple, flat) but I like it. Looks good.

  4. One correction to suggest regarding the Union-Maryland scrimmage. April 10 is a Sunday (and is the day the USWNT plays Colombia at TES). So the Union-Maryland game is either Sunday, April 10 or Tuesday, April 12.

  5. The Sons of Penn article is very informative on how the Union can make the playoffs by the numbers. It gives some credence to Curtain’s statement about wanting to keep clean sheets.
    Out of left-field, I just want to say thank you PSP for not making us have to sign in with a Facebook, Google, Yahoo, yada yada yada, account, in order to comment. I probably would contribute more on other sites, if it weren’t for this annoying necessity. Another plus, to add to what already makes this the best Site around.

    • agreed. it discourages me from commenting on other sites. to the PSP reading community’s credit, we aren’t a bunch of hoagiemouth blowhards needing policing, rather, being respectful and tolerant.

      • I must admit Chris that I tend to be that blowhard loudmouth. But at least I admit my wrong doing and apologize after I cross the line.

    • Yeah well said. I don’t do social media, with the exception of an occasional comment on this site and a few others. No Twitter, Facebook, etc. This site is so good for so many reasons, and not having to log in like that is definitely one of them. I’m looking forward to another great year with everyone on PSP… hopefully the Union step it up

    • I’m glad you liked the article, ALL4U. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. This– One Nation One Team crap is just that… crap.
    Its all propaganda and rhetoric… like Stand for Blue… what does Stand for Blue mean… hazing young players… spanking … watching 6 years of abject failure.
    Stop with your fancy slogans @USSoccer & @PhilaUnion and develop a style and system of play that actually resembles what it is you are sloganing….
    You are not fooling me, Sunil and Mr. Sugarman… I am not one of your fanboys…
    This is a game of sophistication and intelligence and I damn well demand the game in this country begins to resemble it both locally and nationally.
    .Put this in your pipe with your fancy slogans…

    “Fundamentually, your opinion of what makes an entertaining game depends on three things: your knowledge of the game, the reason you are watching, and your expectation of the game. I believe that these three things also shape your view of the simplicity of Barça’s football. In a way, your personal philosophy shapes the way you view life, not just football.

    You don’t need to be a coach to have a philosophy; your philosophy is simply an aggregate of your past experiences and your personality. This goes some way towards explaining why some people would describe Barça’s football as complex, and other people, simple.”

    -Johan Cruyff.

    • Mes que un club.
      That’s not a fancy slogan for this year’s product. It is a worldview.

    • I must say, el P fits the profile more than the Gold-mill. The one thing Mickey wasn’t, was verbose and expansive. Just saying, I miss the elephant.

      • Maybe he can work in a William Faulkner reference in a future life. Maybe a little Benjy Compson, to help signify the sound and the fury that is US Soccer.
        Too much?

      • Noted…
        “know what it was…his cufflink –Huh?….And now I’m giving it to you…and its gotta be like an angle on your shoulder..See?…If you ever feel like your gettin’ hurt and you feel like your going down this little angle is gonna whisper in your ear and is gonna say…GET UP YOU SON OF A BITCH… cause Mickey loves you. Okay?”
        now that is expansive.
        surly and cantankerous and loyal… that’s my stump… and I’m sticking to it.

      • Understood.

      • old soccer coach says:

        El Pachyderm’s language was disloyal at times, understandably so from the frustration. But the action of true disloyalty is to ignore, to not even respond “meh” when a subject arises. I the mighty elephant doing that. Ripping down jungle vegetation with reckless abandon, certainly. But as many an older coach has growled in frustration to a younger player trying to make a team, “Son, it’s when I stop yelling at you that you know I’ve given up and your not likely to make the team.”

    • Just had a vision of Burgess Meredith riding a giant elephant…

  7. A little US/Local news to add:
    USWNT defender Julie Johnston just got engaged to Eagles TE Zach Ertz.

  8. old soccer coach says:

    The link to the Brotherly Game seems solid intelligence on the current state of BSFC. For me it fleshhed out the role that the USL team can play for the Union Academy. I had read that the USL roster can have up to five Academy players, but I confess the implications swept right by me. Seeing BSFC start 3 Academy players against Junior Lone Star adds a second dimension to the BSFC as a player development opportunity. It is not only for the first team, but also for the best of the academy boys. I know, I’m old and slow.

  9. Is there a PSP Fantasy League at MLS.com?
    If so, how the heck can I join it?
    Can’t seem to search for it, etc.
    Do I need a code?

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