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Union top Rowdies, USMNT faces Paraguay at Linc in June, Pulisic, USWNT tops Canada, more

Photo: Courtesy of Philadelphia Union

Philadelphia Union

The Union have today off for a regeneration day after Saturday’s 2-0 win over Tampa Bay Rowdies at the Suncoast Invitational preseason tournament. Ken Tribbett and Leo Fernandes scored the Union goals, both of which were assisted by Ilsinho. Next up is NYRB on Wednesday at 7 pm.

Recaps of Saturday’s win at PSP, Philadelphia UnionPhilly Soccer NewsBrotherly Game, Sons of PennNoise NationTampa Bay Rowdies, and Saint Peters Blog.

Tribbett said after scoring his first Union goal, “Getting your first goal is always fun. You always love scoring. It’s definitely a confidence booster, and anything I can do to help myself get on the squad, I’m going to do, so I’m happy.”

It is probably safe to say that every Union fan who has seen Ilsinho play wants him signed. Of course, there’s the need for an international roster spot, but a quick look at the team rosters on the league website would seem to indicate there are plenty of teams with international spots to give up for the right price. Or, the Union could go the more frugal route and simply loan Eric Ayuk to Bethlehem for the season.

There has been a fair amount of speculation about why Ray Gaddis has not seen minutes in recent preseason games, speculation that was only amped up after the right back posted a series of tweets on Saturday night that some interpreted as voicing displeasure with not playing. A Union spokesperson tells PSP that Gaddis is battling a knee injury.

Is Maurice Edu in Florida? If a post on his Instagram account is anything to go by, on Saturday he was in Wilmington, Del. getting his hair cut.

On Friday, the Union announced the signing of left back Taylor Washington, the team’s second round draft pick in this year’s draft, No. 23 overall. More on the Washington signing at PSPCSN Philly, Brotherly Game, and Lohud.com.

Brotherly Game reviews the Union’s central midfielders.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has a Q&A with former Union man Danny Cruz.

Ladies and gentlemen, former Union man Corben Bone:


Copa America Centenario draw

The draw for the Copa America Centenario took place on Sunday evening and the US was drawn into what has been called the Group of Death. (There has to be one, right? The Armchair Analyst disagrees that it is the Group of Death. Someone always has to, right?)

In Philadelphia at the Linc, the US will face Paraguay on Saturday, June 11 in its final Group A game. Uruguay will face Venezuela at the Linc on Thursday, June 9, and Chile will face Panama on Tuesday, June 14. For ticketing information, click here. At MLSsoccer.com, a look at how the US has performed against the teams in its group in the past.

Before the June 11 match in Philadelphia, the US will face Colombia on Friday, June 3 in the tournament opener at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif. The US then faces Costa Rica at Soldier Field in Chicago on Tuesday, June 7 before the USA-Paraguay match in Philadelphia. At MLSsoccer.com, a look at how the US has performed against the teams in its group in the past.

Jurgen Klinsmann’s take on surviving the group? “It’s doable. We had a similar kind of scenario in Brazil, and we went through. First or second with that group is both tremendously fine.

Klinsmann said further,

When you have an opportunity like playing one of the top teams in South America, you want to take it all in. You obviously want to do well and you want to measure yourself. For our players now, this is a huge opportunity, go into that game and showcase yourself and show them that you’ll compete with them, eye to eye.

We don’t see ourselves as outsiders or underdogs or whatever you want to call it, we see ourselves as eye to eye in this tournament and we want to go through the group and then take it one game at a time.

More from Klinsmann at MLSsoccer.com,

More on the draw at US Soccer, Philadelphia UnionPhilly.com, Brotherly GameSoccer America, ESPN, Fox Soccer, SI, Goal.com, Yahoo Sports, and The Guardian.

In case you’re wondering Andre Blake’s Jamaica was drawn into Group C, which includes Mexico, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

East End ArmyBethlehem Steel FC

Bethlehem Steel supporters group East End Army has unveiled their logo.


Hershey, Pa.’s Christian Pulisic earned his first start for Dortmund on Sunday. With the game scoreless, the 17 year old was subbed off before the start of the second half. ESPN and Fox Soccer report Jurgen Klinsmann says patience will be the key with Pulisic. Jurgen Klinsmann More at MLSsoccer.comGoal.comSBI, and Stars and Stripes FC.

Of course, internationally, all that anyone is talking about from the Dortmund game is the refs walking off the pitch for 9 minutes after Bayer head coach Roger Schmidt refused to leave the sidelines after being ejected. Schmidt later apologized for being stubborn.

As expected, former Philadelphia Independence head coach Paul Riley has been named head coach of Western New York Flash. More at Rochester Democrat & Chronicle.


Player moves:

  • NYCFC has acquired 22-year old defensive midfielder Federico Bravo from Boca Juniors on loan through the end of the 2016 season.
  • DC has signed SuperDraft pick Paul Clowes.
  • San Jose’s Marc Pelosi is out 2-3 months after undergoing knee surgery.

Preseason games:

  • On Saturday, the Union defeated Tampa Bay Rowdies, 20.
  • Montreal defeated DC, 41.
  • Columbus drew 11 with Salt Lake.
  • NYCFC defeated HB Køge, 2-0.
  • After scrimmaging UCF in a 5-2 win, NYRB drew 11 with Toronto.
  • New England drew 11 with Kansas City.
  • San Jose defeated Sacramento Republic, 21.
  • Dallas defeated Alianza FC, 4-0.
  • Colorado and Houston drew, 00.
  • On Sunday, Orlando defeated Toronto, 21.
  • Chicago defeated Vancouver, 32.
  • Portland thumped Minnesota, 40.

At ESPN, Jeff Carlisle looks at how free agency is going for MLS players.

In Toronto, the new South End canopy was raised at BMO Field on Sunday morning.

In other stadium news, Seattle has a new artificial surface to play on at CenturyLink Field. How nice.


The US defeated Canada 2-0 in Sunday’s CONCACAF Olympic qualification final in Houston with second half goals from Lindsey Horan and Tobin Heath. More on the final at US Soccer, CONCACAF, Houston Chronicle, Newsday, Pro Soccer TalkFox Soccer, CBS Sports, Soccer America,  Team USA,  Stars and Stripes FC, Toronto StarThe Canadian Press, Yahoo Sports CanadaYahoo Sports, AFP, and the AP.

Eight of the players on the tournament Best XI list are from the USWNT with Morgan Brian winning the Golden Ball, Crystal Dunn the Golden Boot, Hope Solo the Golden Glove, and the team winning the Fair Play Award.

Before Sunday’s final, the US qualified for the Olympics with a 5-0 victory over Trinidad and Tobago in Friday night’s semifinal. Alex Morgan had a hat trick. Recaps at US Soccer, CONCACAF, Houston ChronicleWashington Post, Pro Soccer TalkSoccer AmericaASNTeam USAStars and Stripes FC, and the AP.


From Reuters: “FIFA presidential candidate Jerome Champagne has criticized the plans of rival Gianni Infantino as financially ‘dangerous’ for global soccer’s beleaguered ruling body.”

From Sky Sports: “Presidential candidate Gianni Infantino says he is the right man to restore confidence in FIFA.”

Vice Sports has a Q&A with FIFA presidential candidate Prince Ali Al Hussein.

ESPN has key facts ahead of Friday’s election.

Also from Reuters: “FIFA has rejected a demand from a presidential candidate to use transparent voting booths at [this] week’s election to ensure delegates do not photograph their ballot papers when they choose the head of soccer’s world ruling body.”

Sepp Blatter continues to state his innocence of corruption charges: “I have killed nobody, I have not robbed a bank, I have not taken any money from anywhere and I was even treating well all my ex-girlfriends. It’s true. They defend me. One I was married to only for a few months and she is really defending me.”

More from Reuters: ‘FIFA’s disciplinary committee has banned Worawi Makudi, former president of the Football Association of Thailand and a former member of the FIFA Executive Committee, for three months for failing to comply with an earlier suspension.”


  1. I accept this is pedantic by me…but can we please please please stop this talk of ‘Group of Death’. It is trite and passé. It now comes up in every conversation about a tournament the way WMD came up every time Iraq was mentioned….Move on. It is everywhere all the time and in typical US fashion just beaten to a bloody meaningless pulp.
    The US got a tough few games to play this summer and for as much as I would like to see a total US Soccer implosion to actually make the necessary changes– I believe this is a group from which they will emerge… funny that it will likely ride on the Paraguay game and one will wonder if they need a victory or will 1 point secure advancement. My guess is the US advances— and then we do what we always do, which is constitute this as progress after we get bounced in first knockout stage by being totally outclassed…. US Soccer… on the rise…
    It is also imminently possible the only game they get points from is Costa Rica… who like Kevin Kinkead said on Twitter last night… would be inexcusable losing at home to a CONCACAF team even though we made that look so easy in the Gold Cup.
    What oh what is the team going to look like for Copa… we complain about the pool so much and it is with decent reason… but how bout some fresh faces getting serious minutes this summer…
    Nice Pulisic got a start in Germany this week…most of the activity was down the right channel but a start is a start. I’m curious JK, why can’t he see some time… why do we need to be patient as if that then means he can’t play with the men… He’s playing with men every week against some of the best competition in the world and he can’t see minutes in some friendlies or against Guatemala? It’s Guatemala.
    Why the Kid Gloves with US players all the time… it is totally common for teenagers to get spot first team minutes in other nations… bollox.
    I leave this for you… is there ANYTHING organic about the game in this country…anything at all…

    • ‘Group of Death’ is just one more way the media and US Soccer tries to pacify and pull the wool over the eyes of the uninformed soccer observer… oh we survived the Group of Death… that must mean progress.
      Shut the ‘el up about the Group of Death already.
      I’m ready to rumble today.

      • Agreed. Although I’m not so much sick of the concept as much as just tired of the term. It was fine as a one use thing. Now any competition that involves groups spawns twelve “group of death” articles around the Internet. I hate it even more than I hated the “keys to the car” metaphor from the Freddy Adu heyday with the Union.
        On the other hand, it does remind me of Eddie Izzard’s “cake or death” bit, which makes me laugh, so there’s that I guess.

      • If USA can’t beat two out of Colombia, Costa Rica and Paraguay then it’s not the difficulty of the Group that’s at fault.

        For the teams who could have been facing Brazil or Argentina, it’s the Group of Life

      • +3 for Eddie Izzard reference.

        Cake or Death?

        Uh, Cake please.

        We’re out of cake.

        So my choices are “or death’?

      • How about “Group of Annoyance?” It has to have some type of catchy name for marketing.

      • Old Soccer Coach says:

        My first impression was that Brazil got the group of Life.

      • Old Soccer Coach says:

        Does not the term predate 1994, and did it not originate outside the United States? I am now curious. If I find anything, I will report back.

      • Old Soccer Coach says:

        Wikipedia (English) asserts that the term originated in Spanish for the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, it next appeared in the 1982 Wordl Cup in Spain. 1970 precedes my ability to find ways to watch international soccer. I remember the ’82 World Cup from Soccer made in Germany on PBS.
        [The Article’s title is “Group of Death”].

      • I appreciate the research…
        I stand by my position… Group of Death, thanks to this pseudo journalism world we live in now has been pounded into oblivion… and is still nothing more than a rouge… its a sleight of hand trick. Do not be fooled.

      • Section 114 (Formerly) says:

        Agreed. At one time it was used for a ridiculous group that popped up now and then (and might even applied to our group in Brazil). But it has become “the group that is slightly tougher top to bottom.” More like a Group of Ingrown Hair Follicle.

      • I think that using past performance for seeding as we know started in 1990. Up until then, FIFA just decided the seeds.

        1970 was pretty odd as FIFA just decided who should play who.

    • “Group of zika virus?” Slightly alarmist, but potentially threatening – without proper precautions. If JK doesn’t feel the pressure, he’ll feel the heat of a combined Olympics/Copa (hosted!) flameout.

    • Pachy, the answer to your last question is “no”. We’re purely a hothouse, GMO infused product.

    • i think group of death reflects the journalistic group think prevalent in the echo chamber of internet media. as with many other items, it devolves into a bilateral, false equivalency. a counter-narrative needs to be adopted, with a catchy moniker: (1) group play is a snapshot for most of the teams involved – moniker: Group of 3 separate 90 minute instagram posts; (2) group play is unpredictable but in an organized way – moniker: Group of Chaos (Theory); (3) group play is uninteresting and not worth getting up for – moniker: Group of Cats.

    • YES YES YES YES YES YES. I am so sick of the “Group of death” label. I’m sorry, but the US has never been in a so called “group of death” One very good team and one decent team do not make a it “group of death”. Stop it. It was not an accomplishment to move on from group stage in the WC, it should be EXPECTED. It’s the same for the Copa.
      I could not agree more about fresh faces. WHY ARE WE NOT PLAYING our youth players? The Jill Ellis plays Mallory Pugh in meaningful games and Pugh has been great, driving at players, adding energy and spark, and two assists no less. GIVE THEM MINUTES FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

  2. Damn, Bonesaw! Impressive.

    • I cannot believe Bone-r scored that goal! If he had totally whiffed the ball and the momentum caused his leg to fly off and over the crossbar (ala that Simpsons episode) I would have been less stunned while watching that.

  3. Lucky Striker says:

    hmmm…..this “Group of Death” of which you speak…….

    Might actually have to watch US soccer again to see what all the fuss is about………

  4. So, does anyone know the times of the CAC games? I’ve been considering purchasing tickets (seemed freely available last time I checked at least), but can only find dates with no times posted anywhere. You guys are a smart bunch, so I thought maybe y’all would know.

  5. Ilsinho needs to be signed sealed and delivered ASAP! Get it done!

    • I’d like to see him against NYRB at least before being 100% sure about that. I’d also like to see him go 90 min.

    • It’s gonna be quite funny when a team from a league that gives zero sh!ts about MLS discovery rights comes in and signs him before we make him an offer.

      • Dude’s been a free agent since like July. Don’t think those clubs from the ‘big’ leagues are going to be swayed by a couple highlights against a minor-league American club.

      • Very true. I always wonder about players who are on a free for such a long period of time. Are they asking for too much money, is there a lingering long-term injury or does he have something in his background that has given teams pause about signing him?

        Remember Stephen Appiah from Ghana. He went through a couple of long spells without a club and I’m sure that it had to do with reported interaction that he had had with match-fixers in the past.

        Not saying or even insinuating that this is the case here, but sometimes there are off the pitch things that the general public doesn’t know about which causes a player to remain unsigned.

      • Robinho just signed under similar circumstances

  6. Oh yeah, one more thing. Anyone see Matt Doyle’s article calling for Klinsman to be launched into the sun? They stole our Fabinho rocket!
    Although I’m not even sure we need it for Fabi anymore, so I guess Doyle’s welcome to it.

  7. Sign Ilsinho now! 2 assists in 72 minutes. Without Maidana we’re going to need some ability to create goals. Barnetta is not the answer: 3 assists and 1 goal in 765 min last year = a goal or assist every 191 minutes. (Maidana had 15 assists and 1 goal in 2121 minutes = a goal or assist every 132 minutes.)

    • However, like Maidana, he also doesn’t look like he can consistently go the full 90. I’m curious to see if he can produce against NYRB and go 90 minutes.

      • Agreed. Maybe we should see how he does vs a MLS side first. It’s much easier to perform well when you’re playing a NASL side which is two weeks into a NINE week preseason (BTW – That’s brutal).

  8. On Ilshino, let’s trust the new brain trust. We like what we see, but I have also watched Roger Torres look like a dominant playmaker in pre season play in short bursts.

    Trust Stewart to determine if he is the real deal or not and worth the slot.

    • +1. MBolhi looked good in that one spring training game, too.

    • agree. if its on looks Ilsinho appears … well rested and fed. 32 goals in 274 club appearances over ten years. lots of good players out there who are not 30 years old. he appears talented. who else are we looking at? what are his contract demands versus the others?

  9. Got to say if I see another post that Ilshinho is better that Barnetta I may just flip. Your not comparing players even with similar styles of play. Its like saying Robben is better than Schweinsteiger they are just too different to compare. Also lets wait we’ve seen Ilshinho play against tampa bay rowdies and what 30 minutes against the Chicago B or C side. If anyone has truly seen Barnetta play other than his limited time in MLS no one would be making this comparison. He is a true professional and maybe one of the few players that the Union have gone after that was the right move. This team will go as Barnetta and Nogs do as they are the engines, the skill, and the best professionals on this team. Would Ilsinho be a good signing? I would say yes, but to say he can take this team on his shoulders can be a captain and can fight for his teammates at a top level to me is still to be seen. What I think people should be talking about is the fact that this team no longer needs Edu. I think this is now pretty clear and would make the best player to trade including his contract. Lets think about this lineup if they signed Ilsinho.

    Pontius Alberg Ilsinho
    Barnetta Nogs
    Fabi Conceicao (right now its Tribbett as he has played better then Marquez and Yaro, but I say wait and see who wins this) Rosenberry (still could be Gaddis’s spot to win as I worry about Rosenberry versus top flight wingers)
    Blake or Jones (While they said Blake starts I’m fine with Jones beating him out for the position in play if he can).

    • Huh? No, no one thinks Barnetta is a defensive midfielder. And no one thinks Nogs is either. We would set a new record for goals against with that line-up. The argument shouldn’t be “is Edu expendable?” The question should be “what the hell was Curtin doing getting rid of his only reliable creator in favor of Barnetta, who doesn’t create anything except opponents’ counter-attacks?” Or maybe, “If Edu is injured or on the trading block, why did the Union get rid of Lahoud and why aren’t they making any effort to sign another D-mid?” (Wow, Jim, Okugo really would be pretty useful right now, wouldn’t he?)

    • I’m pretty sure Barnetta will be one of those players that either doesn’t score enough or create enough yet when he is not on the field…the Union are pretty completely unable to play through the lines…
      I am also pretty sure in typical european fashion…the preseason is an opportunity to jaunt…to try some things… to not really give a 7uck… I am also pretty sure by the end of the season last year, as he settled in…it was pretty clear Tranquillo Barnetta is a pretty damn good player… with the skill set he has… pretty clean, pretty well makes the right choice pretty well all the time, pretty well capable of patrolling an MLS midfield… pretty sure when I saw him at YSC two weeks ago, based on his mannerisms…. he was pretty well going through the motions.
      We have arguably the cleanest technician this team has had in six years and all a sizable group of people can do is bitch and moan. Nothing like playing sports in Philly. Nothing. Let’s just observe for the first 8 or so weeks, shall we….

      • BTW Ben and Doc… Edu stays till he either shows he’s worth this pretty hefty investment or they move on and– well pretty much everyone knows I wish #14 was still the HDM.

      • Agree elP and I don’t care whether Barnetta is played where D-mid whether LM or CAM the guy is a damn good player.

        Ben I have no idea what you are looking at or if you have ever seen Barnetta play. The reason Lahoud isn’t here is cause he can’t cut it as a starter in MLS and has more than enough chances he is just not good enough.

        Plus if you have a solid defense which this team should be working towards you don’t need to have as much cover by the D-mids allowing for mismatches on the other side of the field. This is what we should be working towards. Also that lineup I listed gives a great set of technicians to move the ball and control play. Ultimately if the lineup can hold opposing teams to under 1 goal a game you should be able to win the game based off of the chances that will be created.

        I also don’t see Edu going anywhere, I just tend to think it is possible now with some of the signings that he is not needed. Ultimately he will be here this season and if disciplined I think he will be a solid fit. My worry is that I do not see him being disciplined costing the Union games, but I will wait and see till the season begins.

      • I’m on record here as saying I am a huge fan of Barnetta and am expecting big things from him this season. I thought he played very well after joining the team mid-season last year even though the stats aren’t glowing. I think he’s great technically on the ball and will bring a very dynamic element to the attack, as well as bring a defensive work rate from the midfield, which I love to see.
        Now, having said that, I thought he’s had a poor preseason based on the 3 matches I’ve seen so far. He’s had some very poor giveaways and has looked pretty tired out there. My thought as it relates to this: He played non-stop for about 15 months going through a full European season followed by half an MLS season. He’s not used to having 2 and 1/2 months off before preseason begins and he used that time to recuperate and recharge. So, he’s a bit out of game shape and may take some time to get back to his best. If people are basing their opinions on how he’s looked this preseason, I can understand some of the criticisms, but I think Barnetta is going to be a key player for the Union and I’m expecting a huge year from him. Just food for thought on the opposing side even though I’m firmly in the el p and Dr. Union camp of loving Barnetta.

  10. Sepp Blatter – STFU.
    2 weeks till the first real game. I’m excited! Reserved, sure. Nervous, yeah. But I’m excited for the Union again.
    Please sign Ilsinho. It’s necessary. Throw some GAM or TAM or SCAM… or whatever the he’ll it’s called… at a team, and get an international roster spot.

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