Recap: USMNT 1–0 Canada

In a game no one should have stayed up to watch, the US defeated Canada, 1–0 on a very late Jozy Altidore goal. Neither team cared about this game, and it showed. Or if they did care, it didn’t look like it. On the bright side for the US, at least they won, and some younger players got to play.

First half

The first half was played energetically by both teams, but with few good scoring opportunities to speak of, and what few there were fell to the US. Jordan Morries and Gyasi Zardes were active and key components of several of the US’s chances, but also culpable for those chances not connecting. In truth, no US player had good touches once the ball got into the final third.

In the 17th, the game came to life a bit as the US nearly broke through. Morris found himself in good position in the box, but he failed to get a shot off with his left foot. The ball stayed alive, though, and Zardes found Altidore for a shot, which he rocketed off the post. It rebounded and struck the keeper, but stayed out.

In the 21st, Morris found Zardes for a shot in the box, but it was a good height for the keeper and saved. In the 38th, Morris was again in the box, with only the keeper to beat, but rather than strike the ball hard with his left foot, he attempted to lob the onrushing keeper with the outside of his right, and failed to put it on target.

Michael Bradley had one more shot on target, but the half closed without much drama and the teams level, 0–0.

Second half

A couple of Altidore chances around 55 minutes threatened to make the game actually interesting, but neither connected. The best thing about the early part of the half was Bradley nearly scoring another olimpico. Except he didn’t, so the game stayed boring.

In the 81st, Bradley found ALtidore behind the Canadian defense. With the keeper coming out, Jozy attempted the lob from outside the box, but had to put it up so high that the keeper got back to his line to punch it away.

In the 88th minute, Ethan Finlay replaced Morris, and promptly served the game-winning assist. Cutting inside from the left wing, he crossed to the six yard box where Altidore was there to power the header home. And that’s how it ended.

US verdict

It’s not that anyone played particularly badly for the US—and hey, a win’s a win, right?—but no one played all that well, either. Jozy looked okay. Zardes and Morris both buzzed around dangerously but, in the end, ineffectively. Darlington Nagbe and Jerome Kiesewetter got some more time in the second half. But that’s about it.

Final thoughts

This looked like a training game at the end of January camp, which is essentially what it was. There isn’t much to be gleaned from such a display, so bring on more meaningful matches!

USA: 22-David Bingham; 15-Steve Birnbaum, 13-Jermaine Jones, 5-Matt Besler, 14-Kellyn Acosta (21-Brandon Vincent, 46); 9-Gyasi Zardes (18-Jerome Kiesewetter, 61), 4-Michael Bradley (capt.), 10-Mix Diskerud (20-Wil Trapp, 77), 16-Lee Nguyen (6-Darlington Nagbe, 61); 8-Jordan Morris (7-Ethan Finlay, 88), 17-Jozy Altidore (23-Perry Kitchen, 90+2)
Subs Not Used:1-Sean Johnson, 2-Eric Miller, 11-Khiry Shelton, 24-Matt Polster, 25-Tony Tchani, 26-Tim Parker
Head coach: Jurgen Klinsmann

CAN: 1-Maxime Crepeau; 2-Nik Ledgerwood, (5-Doneil Henry, 46), 4-Adam Straith, 6-Julian de Guzman (capt.), 8-Will Johnson, 9-Cyle Larin (3-Samuel Adekugbe, 78), 12-Wandrille Lefevre (10-Kyle Bekker, 46), 15-Steven Vitoria, 16-Kianz Froese (11-Issey Nakajima-Farran, 46), 17-Marcel De Jong (13-Jamar Dixon, 85), 23-Tesho Akindele (7-Iain Hume, 72)
Subs Not Used: 14-Marco Bustos, 18-Tyson Farago, 19-Caleb Clarke, 20-Karl Ouimette, 21-Mallan Roberts, 22-Callum Irving
Head coach: Benito Floro

Scoring Summary
USA – Jozy Altidore (Ethan Finlay) 89th minute

Stats Summary (USA / CAN)
Shots: 17 / 4
Shots on Goal: 8 / 0
Saves: 0 / 7
Corner Kicks: 4 / 4
Fouls: 15 / 14
Offside: 1 / 0

Misconduct Summary
USA – Matt Besler (caution) 42nd minute
CAN – Doneil Henry (caution) 79′

Referee: Marlon Mejia (SLV)
Assistant Referee 1: Geovany Garcia (SLV)
Assistant Referee 2: Douglas Bermudez (SLV)
4th Official: Jair Marrufo (USA)

Attendance: 9,274


  1. el Pachyderm says:

    Buzzed around… funny…apropos as well…that is what Team USA does. Buzzes around… dangerously only in that it is totally unpredictable.. like a bumble bee is totally unpredictable in late autumn when it knows death is near.
    It should come as no surprise when I comment on Team USA that generally speaking I detest the way this national team plays on nearly every occasion. I will not sugar coat it… oh but at halftime’s end….
    … the commentator calling the game, what was his name, “is it the preseason for why the game was so” what was the word “lacksadasical”??… as if this game looked any different then the end of last season.
    What this country needs is a media with informed POV, the wherewithal, the gall dare say balls- to call to task the leadership of US Soccer starting with Sunil Gulati… eerysingle time this team plays like shit which is 3.5 out of every 4 games.
    I’m tired of it…I hope we get thrashed in the Copa, I hope our 23s do not qualitfy for the Olympics — those two events coupled with a lousy Gold Cup showing in any other country – would be enough with the media backlash and brimstone to garner REAL change starting at the top…
    Our leaders are delusional. Our media is culpable. Our general crowd happy go lucky American Outlaws with no sense for what good football is sing, “Nah nah nah NAH nah nah nah NAH, hey hey hey goodbye,” at the end of a game that was ‘fing terible to CANADA!.
    I can’t take it anymore and damn if I’m going to be quiet and permissive about the truth—- save one outlier World Cup in 2002 NOTHING has changed with the state of our senior national team in over 20 years — that is the truth. You can all argue incidentals all you want…a good showing here or there a Gold Cup here or there – losses to Mexico in nearly every game that ever counts within CONCACAF. It is all shit. What formation was this team playing tonight…
    …what new permutation of play happened out there tonight devised by the mad scientist JK- an someone explain what they think the tactical plan was… what discernable technical skills does Gyasi Zardes bring to the game, how long till a 34 year old Jermain Jones retires what? is he getting the Copa America to ride out on his high horse is he our solution for Copa how about WC 2018 Please tell me he is not our 36 year old solution at WC 2018… arguabley the most important tournament to ever land on these shores and a 34 year old COMPLETELY undisciplined turnover waiting to happen DM -who knows only how to play Route 1 game becasue he thinks he’s a deep lying hoist the ball over the top playmaker.
    Can someone explain to me with conviction what role Mix Diskerud played tonight. Jozy Altidore trying to play balls into Jordan Morris while Lee Nyguen holds his penis in his hands. We’ve scored 1 gol against Canada in three games and I’m supposed to listen to Jurgen Klinsman tell me they are hard to score on…It’s Canada! Sure…Blame it on Canada. I blame Canada too. Bollox. This country plays the game with hammers and screws – a tool belt that keeps falling off.
    I am not being fooled. I hope you are not being fooled either.

    • And this is why I no longer watch most of the USMNT’s matches. Do the same and you’ll wake up happier each day.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      oh and … Lalas is the biggest ass-clown of them all.
      I about wretched when he called Zardes the best player in the first half.
      In any other country that actually knows how to evaluate true skill then use that skill set within a clearly defined style of play… Zardes would have had a call up about 3 years ago because of his ‘meteoric MLS rise’ and been summarily dismissed… never to be heard from again. Gyasi Zardes.

    • Preach it El P! I cannot add to what you said. Lalas’ comments baffled me. I had a drinking game with my roommate where anytime Zardes or Altidore had a poor touch or misplaced a ball we took a drink. Needless to say I was passed out at 60th minute (granted it was very late and I was tired).

  2. Best analysis of the situation EVER!

    • el Pachyderm says:

      Presuming you are refering to my commentary…the silence is deafening. maybe its a saturday. maybe its Super Bore weekend. maybe its apathy.
      Presuming you were refering to the article’s author, I think the US Verdict was rather kind… hence the need to respond. Regarding the comentary that it was pretty much a training display… meh. I disagree.

  3. The commentary was too accurate and concise to be added to.All I can do is nod my head in agreement.

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