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Philadelphia Union select Fabian Herbers 6th overall in 2016 SuperDraft

After drafting two defenders with the 2nd and 3rd overall picks, Philadelphia Union tabbed Creighton’s offensive dynamo Fabian Herbers with the 6th pick.

Herbers had 17 goals and 15 assists in 23 games for Creighton in 2015. He can play all over the front line and is equally comfortable creating and scoring. Herbers could play off a main striker or on the wing for the Union.

Although born in Germany, Herbers based his game on Dutch passing and moving.

“I’m an attacking player for sure. I like holding the ball, making runs off the ball. I like to give the final pass,” Herbers told MLSsoccer.com. “I have a lot of assists, but I also like scoring a lot. I have a lot of speed too; I’m a good finisher and good at set pieces.”

Asked about MLS play, Herbers said: “I think the league is pretty fast, too, and I’m a fast player. I think, basically, I’ll connect my passes and give the other players an opportunity to score. And me, myself, I’m a good finisher, as I said, so I feel comfortable scoring in the league as well.”


  1. Deep breath everybody.

  2. Atomic Spartan says:

    Dutch. Figures. Maybe? You can’t coach speed.

  3. The fact that we MIGHT just have someone who won’t get run down from behind like a three legged turtle makes me hopeful.

  4. Old Soccer Coach says:

    Nuclear descendant of the five villages of Lacodaemon, you have spoken truth.

  5. Creighton is a serious soccer program. Those numbers are insane. As a bench player It’s nice to have a guy that can sub in anywhere on the front line and be effective.

  6. It looks like Curt, Earnie, and Fabian all shop at the same shoe store…group discount??

  7. If you knew this morning that we would have gotten this kid Yaro, secured Keegan who it obviously was important by club to secure, drafted arguably the best playmaker in the draft Herbers and picked up a LB (though not the consensus best LB) who could very well slot in this year or next… every one of you would have said… okay.
    None of us were in the war room… none of us know what ES and JC did or did not see hear or say… Not a one of us.
    sit back…observe and wait to see what happens…
    You know what I think…I think Fabinho plays fast and I think Fabinho actually played damn good in the second half of season last year.

    • +1

    • +1 Granted we all have had our issues with the Union’s constant drama, but this is a great draft with excellent potential. They got who the wanted plus moved up to get the 2nd. I’ll admit that I’m on the fence about JC but now he has no more excuses. He’s going to have to coach and adjust. That may mean going with different formations. If he can’t he has no more excuses. Because Sak is gone and ES is here and we now have BSFC, I’m willing to wait and see.

  8. Lucky Striker says:

    Herbers was the Union’s best pick in this draft.

  9. Yung Herc! Step up yer game! You goin to Phillie!

  10. Fabian Herbers loves himself some Fabian Herbers. My man is CONFIDENT. I love it. Hopefully, he can do/gets a chance to do what he says he can THIS season.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      He certainly is cocksure….hopefully he plays with some atty-tude too.. I was 0.5 expecting him refer to himself in 3rd person… maybe in a few years…
      If he’s good enough I won’t mind… Not one bit.

    • Check out Herber on you-tube hit the set piece from 20+ out… WOW !!! Impressive

  11. The most exciting part of Adam’s write-up is the possibility of this team playing the Dutch passing and moving game as opposed to the Union passing and standing still game.

  12. Yesterday was a solid step forward. Whoever they get today to fill up BS FC is fine.

    If Yaro or Anderson(no way I’m spelling the surname) slot in to start next to Marquez (or maybe he’s pushed to the bench?), it’s a youngish back 5 with Blake and Gaddis. But seemingly athletic and mobile and with something rarely seen around here, promise.

    Just not sure I see the strategy yet. Semi-competitive this year with older and expensive guys like Pontius, Barnetta and Edu? Somehow move them out in the summer or winter for more young pieces? I’d be on board.

  13. Herbie looks like a stud in his game tape. I am very excited about this kid.

  14. I’m pretty happy with the direction of the team so far.there were a lot of pieces this team needed…not just on field but infrastructure too! So as a fan with no control over anything with this teams operations.. I must trust the guys in charge to continue to work for the positive.

  15. i’m sure everyone has seen this at this point but watch it if you haven’t
    he has an attitude that no other players on this team had last season

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