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Philadelphia Union draft LB Taylor Washington with 2nd round SuperDraft pick

Philadelphia Union selected George Mason left back Taylor Washington in the second round of the SuperDraft on Thursday.

Washington overcame dyslexia to excel on the George Mason back line. He will likely compete with Fabinho for minutes on the left side of the Union defense.

After coming into the draft with only Richie Marquez, Ray Gaddis, and Anderson as defensive options, the Union have added three highly rated young backs to the roster.


  1. Why did they not draft Brandon Vincent as their LB? very Curious since they ended up drafting Taylor Washington at LB in the 2nd round, which is an area of need but they could have taken Vincent at 2 or 3…….doesn’t make any sense to NOT Draft Vincent and Draft Rosenberry instead. Hopefully better minds know more than I can discern through the miasma of this draft. #InErnieWeTrust

    • i wouldn’t say its a slam dunk to take rosenberry over vincent but i also wouldn’t say it doesn’t make sense. rosenberry is very highly regarded and very athletic. he played on one of the best defenses in college soccer alongside yaro who is the big prize of this draft. and last and most importantly, they know him and they already have a very good idea about how he plays and how he will integrate with the team.

      • I am not knocking Rosenberry, I am just trying to work through the logic. I am also saying IF you use the draft to select the “best” player(s) to fit your “needs” (ie LB is an area of need), then Why not take Vincent since he is touted as the most “professional ready” player at #3, and see if Rosenberry falls to #6? It is all a “crap shoot” anyway, but I thought it was interesting that they drafted a LB anyway in the 2nd round.

        IF Yaro and Rosenberry are the starting CB combination, then the thinking is Mo slots into the CDM role with Nogs, Barnetta (if playing a 4-3-3). Should be interesting, especially with Bedoya’s name being brandished around again.

      • My guess, and it a TOTAL “whoop-tee-doo” guess, is that we’re all focused what (very) little we all know regarding “on field” stuff. But we’re not the ones who have to live and work with these guys in the locker room every day. Could be Vincent just wasn’t going to be a good “fit” from a personality standpoint.

      • Rosenberry and Yaro would be a very vertically challenged CB pairing. Both look like they are about 5’9, based on that pic from the draft.

  2. Ok so is this frightening to people bc it may mean we don’t pick up a LB? Or just a LB shot and hoping to fill some depth in the future?
    Personally I’m not freaking out about anything, the draft choices are just a little odd.

    • I think it’s your second thought. Get to the second round of the draft, and it’s very unlikely you get an immediate MLS starter no matter what. If they have a chance to bring in a LB from abroad they will. This guy will be given the chance to compete, but at worst (and most likely) they have the starting BSFC left back for the year, and let him marinate there.

  3. Yaro and Rosenberry are definitely the type of technically proficient defenders that Earnie is looking for. They also both have pace. Herbers fits the mold of technically proficient and pacy as well. Stylistically it certainly speaks to the type of player he is looking for.

  4. Lucky Striker says:

    yea LB!


    Sounds like this coach thinks he was definitely worth drafting maybe there is more to him then we think.

  6. Has anyone considered that maybe the Union did not want to pick up Vincent’s contract? He was pre-signed to MLS with a senior contract prior to the draft. It’s possible that it was more than they were willing to spend or it had other performance stipulations or increases that they didn’t think were smart financially. For ex., look at Wenger’s contract. Making $250k+ after three years and barely any production – maybe a half seasons worth. Just a thought.

    • this is a very good point. vincent was considered the best senior in the draft and was probably given a wenger sized contract. that won’t be as much of an issue with rosenberry- he was signed later than the other seniors and was expected to go later in the draft so his contract is probably more reasonable. he is also a much more known quantity so it is possible for stewart and curtin to assess whether the contract the league signed him to makes sense

    • It’s a great thought, Jim. This is the most reasonable explanation that I have read as to why they wouldn’t draft Vincent, who I wanted because, you know, the Union haven’t had a true left back since Jordan Harvey was unceremoniously and inexplicably booted out of town. Moneyball, baby…moneyball. Man, I hate that term, but I guess it’s here to stay for awhile.

    • I would completely agree with this, as tying up that much guaranteed money could be too much of a risk, especially if the rumor is true that the Union are willing to pay $700k – $1 million for a DP Striker.

    • I merely brought it up because Earnie was quoted as saying they would not make “emotional” picks. Indicating to me that they have a specific set of criteria that needs to be met: on the field, in the lockeroom, personal life, and financially.

  7. I hope someone asks Earnie and/or Curtin at the next available press conference why they passed on Vincent.

    • old soccer coach says:

      they’re not likely to tell you straight up.
      my own craziest theory is that they will convert Yaro to a left back. He’s reportedly left footed, the picture of him next to Rosenberry and Curtin makes me think he’s not close to 5’11,” and he’s reportedly got elite speed.
      We have to wait to see how he does in preseason to make any judgments.

  8. old soccer coach says:

    As I try to ponder all the information of the last 36-48 hours, I would encourage us not to overlook Earnie Stewart’s comments regarding Anderson Conceicao. I cannot quote them exactly from memory, but they left me with the impression that technical passing proficiency from the back line was going to be a point of emphasis: what Ethan White could not do, what Ray Gaddis struggles to do, what Fabinho does inconsistently, what Richie Marquez does reasonably well, What Maurice Edu did well for the most part.
    The back four start the attack. if they are consistently good passers, both technique and vision, Nogueira and Edu won’t have to go backwards to receive the ball, turn and start the attack. I hope that is the objective of rebuilding the defense.

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