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MacMath, Cruz, Creavalle, Fred, Hoppenot in re-entry draft; Casey & Carroll free agents

Philadelphia Union listed five players in the first round of the MLS re-entry draft, which is scheduled for Friday, December 11 at 3 pm EST.

Returning loanee Zac MacMath highlights a group that also includes Danny Cruz, Warren Creavalle, Fred, and Hackworth favorite Antoine Hoppenot.

Brian Carroll and Conor Casey are over 28 years old and have at least eight years of MLS service so they are eligible for free agency and may negotiate with any club. Jim Curtin told CSN Philly’s Ryan Bright Carroll will return to the Union while Casey will not.

Players eligible for the re-entry draft can negotiate only with their 2015 club until 5 pm on December 10, however Kevin Kinkead already reported that Danny Cruz and Fred will not return to the Union and Cruz tweeted his farewell to fans on Monday.

Players may withdraw from the re-entry draft at any point, with his rights retained by his previous club.

Former Union players Danny Mwanga, Michael Farfan, Brian Perk, Chris Konopka, Chandler Hoffman, and Bakary Soumare were also made available by Orlando City, DC United, LA, Toronto, Houston, and FC Dallas respectively, although Soumare announced his retirement in November.  Jack McInerney is out of contract with Columbus but the Crew said in a statement discussions are underway for a new deal. Justin Mapp, out of contract with Montreal, is listed as a free agent.


  1. I’d take that Marfan back in a heartbeat. Nothing changes there. Talk about quality depth.

  2. Lucky Striker says:

    Want what Carole Merrill is hiding behind the Curtin.

    No interest at all in recycling.

    Bad memories……….

  3. I enjoy the moves made today. Hopefully more smart ones to come

    • WilkersonMcLaser says:

      What’s to enjoy? We just dumped players, at least one of them legit starter quality (Maidana) and several solid depth/BSFC players (Cruz, Wenger, Casey, arguably Hoppenot) — and a lot of the money freed up was to take on the undoubtedly skilled but injury-prone (and thus potentially grossly overpaid) Chris Pontius.
      This is either the opening entree in some grand plan (inshallah), or, as would resemble several seasons past, the first salvo in a daisy chain of personnel disasters. I’m hopeful for the former, but muscle memory inclines me towards the latter. But either way, it’s hard to find much to celebrate so far.

      • The money to take on Pontius was already freed up by Vitoria coming off the books.

      • Trust in the process

      • Dan C (formerly of 103) says:

        You are saying that we lost starters and solid depth. This team finsihed third, from the BOTTOM. There was NO solid depth.

      • Agreed and from my perspective, no one from last year’s team (aside from maybe Blake) is untouchable. The Union always had some nice players like Maidana, but they never seemed to fit very well.

      • To me untouchables tended to be Nogs and Barnetta. Blake I would part with for the right trade he is still to untested for me to trust.

      • WilkersonMcLaser says:

        Uhh, the problem — at least in large part — was that solid depth were the starters.

  4. So if BC is staying on and there was no mention of Lahoud being dropped, it looks like our CDM situation is still the same (sub-par). Was really hoping we’d be bringing someone in who can not only defer attacks, but also help maintain possession. Thought this was a HUGE issue last season when we were forced to simply wack the ball 60 yards down the field because we didn’t have enough skill to chill on the ball in our own end.

    • One of the articles yesterday mentioned BC staying on as a combination of depth for the Union and a mentor to younger players in Bethlehem. Maybe he’ll be spending most of his time in Bethlehem and only with the Union in cases of injury or to come on in 3 games in a week type situations. Certainly wouldn’t mind seeing him get some Open Cup time.

      • Lucky Striker says:

        I’d be looking at BC to reprise the Fred role (with about as many minutes played). They have an eye toward adding him to the staff long-term.

        D-mids in line for an upgrade with a starter on the left and a backup on the right.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      It would be my opinion that if Earnie Stewart plans to implement a 4-3-3 which I am all for …. the CDM position will be his top priority. Notice I wrote HIS top priority…
      I also expect this is an issue that may not be resolved immediately.
      Course none of us know what the likely formation will be.

    • Could be options with free agents or re-entry.
      Most I think assume Larentowicz will sign with the Union, being a local guy but Grabavoy and Nagamura are listed.
      Also decent names on list at centerback which could push Edu back to the midfield like Brovsky, Anibaba, and Bobby Burling.

      • edu for some reason hasn’t been able to play as a disciplined 6. i don’t think moving him back into the midfield is a good idea

      • your finger tips to God’s blinking cursor.

      • Agreed 1000%.
        My comment was from the perspective of what the front office could be thinking as far as the starting CDM position, not from my own opinion.

      • I think a trade still needs to come about lets trade Edu for Mix. Make the 4-3-3 transition and put Nogs, Barnetta and Mix in the middle. I think this could work and I think we get a better player in return.

  5. same old shit different year, the reason the Union are in last place is because the organization doesn’t know what the hell there doing from the Academy to the head coach and the entire staff in the front office, if they had a clue they wouldn’t be in last place, time for Stewart to fire everybody and bring the Dutch style, were still playing kick, run and pray British soccer from the 70’s

    • I love everything Jerome just said.

    • Jerome you are a cloud on an otherwise unclouded day… and just like the thoughts moving through my head similarly…I observe you and pass no judgement… now move along.

    • Lots of invective here but nothing to back it up. I know we commenters are a little snobby here at PSP, but I expect better. 😉 What specifically about these moves speaks to a front office without a clue?
      This article is specifically discussing the Union releasing players that don’t fit the style you are advocating!

    • I do think there’s sufficient evidence now that times are changing. Sak is gone, there’s an in-house USL team in place, real training fields set up this past season, Brendan Burke returns, and Earnie Stewart is in place. I think the right time to evaluate the organization is somewhere around March 1st. What do yesterday’s moves free us up to do in the next 3 months? Whether it’s successful remains to be seen, but I think it’s hard to argue that there isn’t a concerted effort underway to build something better.

  6. Who will have more assists next year? Chaco or the sum of every player the Union bring in after the Chaco trade for this year?

      • I think it is going to matter if we don’t score enough goals next year. I will be patient but I feel like this deal has a horrible return.

      • 15 assists and 1 goal. Pretty sure Barnetta is going to get around 16 goals+assists. Plus our wingers will get more as it won’t be Sapong alone in the middle anymore.

      • Just Rob f/k/a Rob127 says:

        Pretty sure? How could you possibly be sure of that kind of production from Barnetta?

      • Because in my opinion Barnetta is a better player. While Chaco averaged a point every 130 minutes and Barnetta was at 190 it was clear he wasn’t ready at the beginning of his start here. The team functioned so much better when he was out there in the middle. Maybe I’m wrong though. I don’t think Chaco is a bad player, I just think he needs to be in a diamond 4-4-2 with a lot of defensive help behind him to fill the holes his style creates.

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