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Union’s Fernandes named NASL Young Player of the Year, more Union bits, more news

Photo: Earl Gardner

Philadelphia Union

On loan to New York Cosmos for 2015, Union midfielder Leo Fernandes scored 8 goals and three assists, earning him the NASL’s Young Player of the Year award.

At Philly.com, Jonathan Tannenwald on what the Union might learn from the recent success of Montreal Impact.

CJ Sapong is now an athlete ambassador for Aya Worldwide, “a non-profit organization focused on helping individuals and communities in Ghana and other developing communities through education and health initiatives.” His first appearance as an ambassador will take place tonight in New York.

Michael Lahoud took part in a Beyond Soccer Series 2015 panel discussion, along with Chicago Fire goalkeeper Sean Johnson, in New York on Tuesday. More at Chicago Fire.

MLSsoccer.com reports Lahoud will be releasing an albulm next year that will also feature Sapong. Describing his interest in “acoustic soul,” Lahoud says, “It’s like Drake meets John Legend, almost. So I really like that, and I really like collaborating with other teammates and other people in the soccer community who can rap…It’s gonna have a little bit of everything. A little bit of East Coast, West Coast; something for the sensitive people out there.”

The Off the Pitch series at the Union website continues with Cristian Maidana. When asked if the team was stranded on a desert island, which player would die first and who would be the sole survivor, Maidana replied,

I think Fabinho would die first because he is going to get hungry. He is always eating.  I think I would survive the longest. Just like in a movie I saw, when everyone dies I will eat their meat. I think I would be able to withstand more time but who knows.

The Fabinho bit made me laugh out loud and then I thought, wait a second, is Chaco saying he’s a cannibal?

Brotherly Game has season reviews for Sheanon Williams and Maurice Edu.

Apparently, Union minority owner David Seltzer helped launch something called Craft NOW, which is aimed at promoting Philadelphia’s craft scene.

When it comes to landing a helicopter on a soccer field, it seems Jay Sugarman got off easy compared to 76ers and New York Devils owner Josh Harris. More at DeadspinDelco TimesUSA Today, CBS SportsNew York Daily NewsNBC New York, NJ101.5, Philadelphia Magazine, Washington Post, Daily Mail, and the AP.

In related news, ESPN reports Harris, along with business partner David Blitzer, “is on the verge of buying a shareholding in” Crystal Palace. The Guardian reports the shareholding is “sizeable.”


US Youth Soccer has announced select games from the the upcoming US Youth Soccer National League Fall Showcases in Wilson, N.C. will be streamed live. The girls showcase will take place Dec. 3-6, the boys showcase on Dec. 10-13. Click here to find area teams on the streaming schedule.


Montreal Impact defender Laurent Ciman has been named Defender of the Year.

37-year-old Miroslav Klose to MLS? Los Angeles Galaxy, New York Red Bulls, Chicago Fire?

Atlanta United’s training facility will be in Marietta. Some locals are not pleased. More at MLSsoccer.com.

Apparently, the area proposed to be the location of a stadium for David Beckham’s MLS team must be declared a “slum and blighted” in order for a redevelopment agency to be created.

San Antonio Express-News has more on the expectation that Spurs Sports & Entertainment will launch a USL team to debut in the spring of 2016 that will play at Toyota Field, previously home of NASL side San Antonio Scorpions. As to the future of the Scorpions, the Express-News report says, “The fate of the local NASL franchise is uncertain, but [team owner Gordon Hartman] has indicated his plans to locate a buyer for the Scorpions. Most believe the city could not support two teams.”

The San Antonio city council will vote today on whether to back the purchase of Toyota Field, along with Bexar County, and then lease it to Spurs Sports & Entertainment, as part of the effort to secure a MLS franchise.

Paste looks at the ten worst teams in MLS history.


The US U-23s were defeated 2-1 by Brazil in Recife on Wednesday. Reports from Stars and Stripes FC and MLSsoccer.com suggest the scoreline was flattering for the US. The teams play again in Belem on Sunday (3 pm: FS2, Fox Sports Go).

The New York Times looks at the USMNT’s first opponent in qualification for the 2018 World Cup, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. More on the team at US Soccer and Soccer America.

Geoff Cameron on the team’s recent poor form:

We all know that as individuals we need to perform, we need to do better. It doesn’t come down just to Jurgen. It comes down to us as players as well. He picks the team and the players he thinks are doing well and playing but us as individuals we need to perform. If individuals aren’t performing then it is not fair to just criticize one person. You have to criticize everybody. We need to do that and work well as one like we were before the World Cup. I think that maybe we are on a bit of a downward spiral. We need to be able to turn that around and with the US we’ve always been able to turn it around. Hopefully these upcoming games will give us a chance to do that.

Don’t worry, Geoff, fans have plenty of criticism for the players, too.

At Fox Sports, Bobby Warshaw on what Jurgen Klinsmann needs to do in order for the USMNT to reach the next level.

The debate over US Soccer’s new policy on headers in youth soccer continues at Pro Soccer Talk, KTNV, KENS5, WSYMWXXI, and WJHL.

England’s FA is set to announce new policies on headers but the Daily Mail reports, it is “not intending to change the rules of the game to prevent head injuries, claiming that there is not enough evidence to do so.” An article at the Independent supports the US policy but says of the FA, “there was no desire to ban heading in any age group.” Other opinions in England find the notion of banning headers at early levels of youth soccer ridiculous.

The Netherland’s FA also has its doubts about the US’s new policy.


FIFA has cleared five candidates for the FIFA presidency: Sheikh Salman Bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa of Bahrain,  Jerome Champagne of France, Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein of Jordan, Tokyo Sexwale of South Africa, and Gianni Infantino of Switzerland. Somehow, Sheikh “arrest the Pro Democracy Athletes” Salman passed an integrity test but Musa Bility of Liberia did not. More from the AP and the Press Association.

Sepp Blatter has been released from hospital after suffering what was described as a “small emotional breakdown.” Earlier reports suggested Blatter would not be able to leave the hospital until Monday.

The AP reports: “Switzerland’s justice ministry says it has approved the extradition of FIFA investigation suspect Eugenio Figueredo to his native Uruguay, though the move is unlikely to happen. The United States can block the order because its request to extradite Figueredo — which the Swiss already granted — is pending.”

Argentina hosts Brazil tonight in a World Cup qualifier (7 pm, beIN Sports). Should be fun!


  1. I’ve got this lingering blatter infection and I can’t seem to get rid of it

  2. Dammit! When is something exciting going to happen? Union really spoiled me with those 3 days a couple weeks back.

    • Let the “What should the Union do with Leo” debate begin!

      • Bring him back or sell him. If he wants to stay in NY, sell him. If he wants to return, he has a good depth role to play, and he could win a starting job again.

      • Agreed
        See – this is exciting!

      • Well, I guess I’ll join in. Fernandes went to Hofstra didn’t he? He definitely may prefer to play in his home area. On the other hand, being left-footed and cheap, he could provide some nice depth in the MF. On the whole, I’d prefer to see him back.

      • i agree with this. we are definitely lacking in wide left footed attacking players

      • Stoneybrook on long island

      • I say sell him. I think Leo’s value is highest right now. While I think he could help and have a good career with the Union I still prefer Barnetta to play on the left even if he wants to be in the middle he just thrives on the left. Which doesn’t leave much room for Leo sell him take the money buy a LB.

      • Sell him. He seems to be enjoying his time with the Cosmos. Do the right thing by him. I’m not sure he will be an incredible impact player in MLS.

    • I guess we’ll find out who is getting released right after the MLS Cup right? I remember in previous years roster decisions were made much sooner.
      I could be wrong tho.

      • Yes, I think that’s right. Then the 2 re-entry drafts in December (or the 2 phases of the re-entry draft). Obviously, MLS has to take off for this international break, but the extra dead week right in the middle of the playoffs is a real momentum killer. I guess they are announcing regular season awards this week, but it’s not the same.

      • Timely discussion. MLS just released this:

      • Excellent-thank you. So I only have to wait through 3 more weeks of atrocious Flyers hockey to get some Union action.

      • they truly are. i had limited expectations but they are failing even those. it’s like the bad Philly mojo just cannot be shaken by ANY franchise in this city

      • What do people think about which Union players won’t be renewed? Just off the top of my head I’d say for sure, Vittoria, Fred, and Berry are out. More than likely Wenger, McMath, and Casey are also out. Even though I don’t think Curtin wants Maidana back, I don’t see the Union just unceremoniously dumping him into the re-entry draft. If Stewart agrees with Curtin’s assessment they’ll use some other avenue to send him away. So that’s only 7 players, huh? Doesn’t seem like nearly enough turnover for such a weak team. There will probably be more.

      • Out:


        Truth be told there are so many random players on the Union who are disposable squad/Steel players that they could go too.

        Catic? Hoppenot? Creavalle? McLaughlin? any of them could stay or go and not be missed.

      • if i had to be cold and cut, this list i’d agree to.

      • Agree with basically all these, except I think (hope) Maidana is more “Maybe” than “Probably”.

        My opinion on the other “?” guys:
        Catic – Stays and gets a season at BSFC
        Bird – Basically lost a season to injury, he’ll go to BSFC
        Creavalle – Stays for first-team depth
        McLaughlin – BSFC or Out, he needs to play somewhere
        Hoppenot – Out, don’t see a future for him here

      • Also worth mentioning is that Fabinho is out of contract, but I think they will re-sign him.

      • So who I would like to be gone and who will be I think are entirely different if it is me I get rid of:
        Staying but going to BSFC

        Who I think they will actually get rid of:
        (unfortunately there is some man cursh on Wenger and I don’t think there will be as much turnover as there should be)

      • I agree. I really want Maidana to stay but I don’t think Curtin wants him to stay.

      • Something I think could be interesting is putting white and berry in BSFC see if they can build something for future CB pairing or pair Berry with Marquez. At one point Berry was a Rookie of the year candidate I think being young he still has some promise unlike what we have seen from Wenger throughout the last few seasons.

      • That won’t happen Berry burned his bridge and White is gonna be needed for depth on the main squad.

      • I agree it won’t happen just would be interesting to see and no White should never be considered depth on the first team. If he wants to be a first team player needs to improve in USL.

      • Bet on Fred being a “player/coach” at BSFC next season.

  3. US U23 played most of the match with a man up and were not even close to scoring; embarrassing. Does not look good for the Olympic Games, if they ever get there.

    • Echoed. 2nd. Whatever. US Soccer makes me blue sometimes and no better example than this past U23 friendly. We could be so much more…if only we just stopped pretending to want to be good. We are imposters… “hey we survived the Group of Death (which wasn’t even a G.O.D) in last WC. Hey we are improving.” As if the G.O.D and advancing to knock out rounds of any event should even be the metric anymore.
      No we’re not. NO. We’re. Not. Improving. Not. Improving. NO. We’re Not. Not yet.
      I watched the hole game, and short of Zalelem – who really has a fluidity that appeases my love of human movement… the team generally —- SUCKED. Even some of the keynote players just seem dimwitted by comparison. ZERO CLEVER.
      I can’t remember the last USMNT game at any level when I thought these players share like-mindedness… and were able to sustain that shared space. I SEE something growing here. A sophistication. Nothing. We suck.
      Brazil was good, but they had 10 guys on the field and STILL controlled the entire game. Oye Ve.

    • It was a friendly, why would the US play so conservatively/defensively? I suppose you could say they were practicing the tactics they plan to use in the play-off games. But then the question is- is the US ever going to be a team that does more than drop 10 back deep and hope to get lucky on a counter? It was like watching a Union game.

  4. Miroslav Klose now. Well…can’t say I’m surprised.
    The Dutch have their say regarding heading the ball, “In America, much more than in the Netherlands, there exists a claim culture. The fear of future claims may have played a role in this decision.”

    • Say what you want about Klose, but I think he actually is an older player that fits the league well. He will work hard and is about winning and improving teammates I see him taking it more seriously then say Lampard Gerrard Drogba. Could you imagine him on the Union though if Chaco Nogs and Barnetta throwing cross into him in the box (just flat out domination) there would not be a CB pairing in the league that can handle Klose in the air. However, a 37 year old player is always a risk regardless of where they sign.

  5. So Fabinho escaped death by rocket to the sun only to be tagged as the first to die on a deserted island?

  6. At least the Union isn’t n hat list of 10 worst MLS teams of all times. Let’s keep it that way.

    • Great article. Thanks for posting. Hope Dallas with its DA boys wins it all and will become the gold standard of how to develop players. Funny that the Union is not even mentioned; maybe because they rely too much on Scottish coaches….

      • el Pachyderm says:

        What a zinger. It’s funny you say. I have my doubts about the whole academy set up and wouldn’t be at all disappointed if ES turned it over. With all due respect to a bunch of gentleman I find very kind and generous upon talking with. This is business though.

  7. OneManWolfpack says:

    Alright Tokyo Sexwale… BRING IT HOME!! HA!
    Also, can someone summarize just what the hell happened to the San Antonio Scorpions? It looks like they were just basically booted out of their own city? Seems messed up. Weren’t they a fairly popular team, doing well?

    • seems like the current owner wants to sell the team (or at least a significant part) to the group that owns the san antonio spurs. the idea is that they will then expand the stadium and buy into mls. for some reason the city buying the stadium and leasing it to the scorpions is part of this plan

  8. Old Soccer Coach says:

    Ed, Chaco Maidana is not a cannibal. Chaco comes from a country that has experience with penal labor camps, and played in a country that has had a long, well developed experience with them. He is being realistic. Solzhenitsyn, in Archipelag Gulag, denotes that every escape attempt would include three people. The one that died first would serve as food for the other two. Siberia is a hostile environment.

    • Old Soccer Coach says:

      The author of Enemy at the Gates, William Craig, discovered when interviewing German survivors of capture at Stalingrad in January 1943, that they were treated so badly in Soviet Gulags that they became highly discriminating cannibals, eating only the freshly dead.
      The author Harry Wu, in his volume on the Chinese famine in the early 60s caused by Mao’s Great Leap Forward, asserts that starving Chinese traded their children with their neighbors so as not to eat their own.

    • This is so good there is nothing else to s….

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