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Union U-17s fall in GA Cup, US U-23s face Canada in must-win Olympic qualifier, US-Costa Rica friendly

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Philadelphia Union

Andre Blake started for Jamaica against South Korea in Seoul. The game kicked off at 6 am ET with South Korea victorious, 3-0. You can watch a delayed broadcast of the game on beIN Sports on Wednesday at 2:30 pm.

The Union Academy U-17s fell 4-0 to New York Red Bulls in their final group game of the first round of the East Regional Generation adidas Cup qualifiers to finish with a 1-2 record, which includes a win after penalty kicks over Orlando City, and a loss to Toronto. Qualifiers resume in the spring.


Temple hosts Columbia today at 3:30 pm.

Penn hosts Rutgers today at 5 pm (ESPN3, Ivy League Digital Network). The Penn women’s team hosts American University at 7:30 pm (ESPN3).

Jlon Flippens (FC Delco; Philadelphia, Pa.) has been called up for the US U-18 WNT training camp taking place Oct. 18-25 at the US Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California.


Atlanta United won’t begin MLS play until 2017, but it will begin fielding teams at all age levels in the US Development Academy system in the fall of 2016.

MPR reports, “The city of St. Paul, its economic development arm and the Metropolitan Council are trying to limit disclosure of information related to a potential Major League Soccer stadium…State law makes most government data public unless the information is specifically classified otherwise. The agreement asserts the negotiations will involve trade secrets, real estate appraisals and applications for ‘public financial assistance,’ which are classified as non-public.”

David Beckham says he hopes to have his Miami team ready by 2018. “There have been a few speed bumps along the way but I believe we are closer now than we’ve ever been. So hopefully in the next six weeks we’ll be able to announce the site of the stadium, the stadium plans and then we’ll move on – it’s really exciting.”


Take your pick: Watch the senior US squad play Costa Rica in a friendly at 6:30 pm (ESPN, UniMás, Watch ESPN) in their last game before the start of World Cup qualifiers, or watch the U-23s face Canada in the third place game at 7 pm (online at NBC Universo) in the CONCACAF Olympic qualification tournament, a game they must win in order to play Colombia in March for an Olympic berth.

Meanwhile, new questions are arising about Jurgen Klinsmann after he sent Fabian Johnson home ahead of tonight’s match against Costa Rica. Klinsmann explained his reasoning, which followed Johnson, who missed five weeks with a calf injury, asking to come out of Saturday’s loss to Mexico in the 111th minute:

I had a very severe word with Fabian Johnson, and I sent him home today. He said he couldn’t go anymore and I reacted to it and obviously made the substitution. But he just feared to get possibly an injury, but he was not injured in that moment. He got all stiffened up. It’s a muscle issue. That’s normal. In a situation like that, little things often make a difference.

You have to move on. So [Johnson] is going home after we had a talk. And he can rethink his approach toward his team.

Apparently, Klinsmann wanted to have a sub in hand in case the game went to PKs in order to bring in Nick Rimando, which seems like a pretty lame-ass reason to publicly shame a player. At SI, Grant Wahl lists why this latest example of Klinsmann “throwing a player under the bus” is revealing. More at ESPN, Fox Soccer, NESN, ASN, Goal.com, and ProSoccerTalk.

ASN says it is time for fresh blood on the USMNT. ESPN wonders who are the candidates to replace veterans on the team.

Previews for the game against Costa Rica at US Soccer, MLSsoccer.comFox SoccerCBS Sports, Soccer America, Goal.com, ProSoccerTalkWashington Post, and International Business Times. Stars and Stripes FC says to expect a lot of empty seats at Red Bull Arena.

Previews for the U-23 game at LA Times, Salt Lake Tribune, Soccer America, MLSsoccer.com, and SI.

US Soccer announced on Monday, “U.S. Women’s National Team veterans Shannon Boxx, Lauren Holiday and Lori Chalupny, all of whom announced their international retirements earlier this year, will play their final matches for the USA during the team’s October’s matches against Brazil.” The team plays Brazil on Oct. 21 in Seattle (9:30 pm, ESPN2/WatchESPN) and on Oct. 25 in Orlando (2:30 pm, Fox Sports 1/Fox Sports Go).

The Guardian weighs in on the high school soccer vs. US Development Academy debate: “Why can’t high school teams and academies co-exist? Why can’t we have a system where development focuses on all aspects of the game, where schools and academies work together in order to offer the best possible opportunities to the player and the system?”


Reuters reports, “FIFA’s ethics committee has rejected criticism from UEFA president Michel Platini over the manner of his suspension, saying the argument that he was not allowed to defend himself is ‘not valid.'”

The AP reports, “The lack of a written contract and a delay collecting payment led to the 90-day suspensions for Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini, a person familiar with the FIFA ethics case told The Associated Press on Monday.”

Apparently, UEFA told England’s FA Platini had a contract and the FA assumed it was a written contract when they initially backed him following the latest scandal.

ESPN notes the one-point penalty Croatia was docked with after a swastika was marked in the pitch for the Euro qualifier against Italy in June could end up costing them an automatic berth in the at Euro 2016. The ESPN report notes, “According to Associated Press reports in Croatia, the swastika was a fan protest against federation leaders and was intended to embarrass them by forcing UEFA to impose sanctions.”


  1. Klinsman’s decision regarding sending Fabian Johnson home is sound IMO. I think I even am pretty okay with JK calling FJ out in the media… as it is sending a clear message.
    I particularly like, ‘and he can rethink his approach toward his team.’
    Using the word ‘his’ is important because it puts into relief that FJ was looking out more for himself than being willing to die for his teammates — and going forward it is clear Klinsman is being explicit, “team over self,” which is vital particularly as it is evident JK is going to be moving towards a younger squad (I hope) in a WC Qualifier.
    Klinsman is looking to Fabian Johnson to be a/the leader of this National team going forward.
    My very ardent hopes are Fabian Johnson does rethink things and even though his ability to be present with his Bundesliga club is vital for his growth as a player… his responsibility to the national team, when in theater, supersedes his professional aspirations.
    Round of applause from me for the USMNT manager.

    • You don’t throw players under the bus like that. He only does it to steer the blame to others. The words he had with Fabian should have sufficed. There was absolutely no need to tell the whole world about it.

      • Why?
        I get it…we here like to keep everything in house…close to the breast… don’t give the public anything worth thinking or talking about…stock answers.
        How did he publicly shame Fabian Johnson?
        He basically said FJ put himself before the team and there are repercussions for that…I for one like to know that… I for one like to know the USMNT manager has the balls to say it out loud.

      • This is Grant Wahl’s opinion Guido…it doesn’t mean a damn to me.
        Jurgen Klinsman is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.
        Sometimes JK is right Sometimes JK is wrong. Calling a player out publicly doesn’t make him wrong.
        The problem across the board is Sunil Gulati..not JK.

      • Mind you I did say, “I think I am okay,” with JK saying it publicly.
        I believe Klinsman uses the media as a means to changing the cultural perception, narrative and conversation, that when it comes to futbol…generally we are a bunch of pansy asses in America which it is ONE part of the problem… he fully understands many think he is out to lunch… but is he? Maybe as a coach he is overmatched but as a man with EXPECTATIONS of where the game needs to be as a cultural convention he is dead on IMO.

      • “generally we are a bunch of pansy asses in America which it is ONE part of the problem…”
        The sporting culture of soccer is vastly different than that of other sports in North America. For the most part, players are baby’d by parents and coaches a like. I hear it even on PSP in regards to Nowak and his training methods. Are you people kidding me?!?! As a high school student – a teenager – I was forced to grow a pair. Running without water, cutting 20-40 lbs to make weight before a wrestling meet/tournament. Maintaining fitness in the off-season year-round. That was wrestling. There is no professional option. We were treated like young men and expected to train as such. Achieve, persevere, conquer. Build a mental toughness to fight through pain and weakness. THAT IS WHAT JK IS DOING. He’s re-tooling the attitude.

      • Wahl is a great reporter but that piece is 100% opinion. For a contrasting view go skim Gary Kleiban’s twitter. JK did exactly what he should have: let the USMNT player pool know what level of dedication to the team is required. You never – NEVER – asked to be subbed out.

      • Jose Mourniho tells the British media that Eden Hazard needed to grow up two years ago and that he wasn’t ready to be a leader cause he wasn’t willing to die for his teammates and nearly two years later Eden Hazard is a world class player in pretty much all facets of his game.
        I don’t recall people around here saying, “oh Jose Mourinho shouldn’t call his players out in public like that.”
        As for me I remember thinking damn that is strong… and likely right and likely just the kick in the ass Eden Hazard needed.
        I don’t see this as Jurgen Klinsman filtering blame. I see this as a strong managerial position.

      • Mourinho has won. What has Jurgen Klinsmann won with this team? The team is underperforming, and that’s either because they players aren’t good (manager calls in the players), they’re not prepared (manager’s fault), or they’re not being managed properly. It’s been a trend lately, and when things start to go poorly a manager needs to have the support of his players, and calling them out in public often doesn’t do that.

        Also, Hazard was already a really good player and probably took it as motivation. Will Johnson? And does he really still have a spot on the team, or has he entered JK’s dog house?

        It could work out perfectly and Johnson will become a leader. It could be negative and he’ll lose Johnson and other players who side with Johnson. Either way, Jurgen better start winning.

      • JK needs to start winning – you’re correct – but he also needs to completely revamp the mentality of the USMNT and soccer here in the US. Bobby Wood took a BEATING and was rewarded for his efforts. I imagine JK wants dedication at all levels to maintain world class fitness year round, to put in 150% every match, and to challenge yourself and your teammates.

      • “The mob is fickle Cassius,”
        in 2014 we were lauding Klinsman for surviving the terrible gila monster of death in Brazil now because of a bad run of form while he is trying to sort out who should and should not be playing moving forward we are killing him.
        Let me ask you, who would do better Brian?
        Let me ask you, who has ever won a damn thing for this country?
        Who is going to magically make this team better. The current USMNT players generally….SUCK.

      • Well it worked for a year and then he lost the player. El P, you must have seen a Chelsea game this year, Hazard still look like that “world class” player? Not once this year. Obviously all of Chelsea’s problems can’t be laid at Hazard’s feet. But they can at Jose’s. He created the toxic atmosphere in the locker room and around the stadium. Now his time is wearing thin. He will be gone soon. Just as, hopefully, JK will be.
        Out of the 11 starters, 2 gave it their all in that match. Bradley and Cameron. Maybe you could add Guzan, but meh, he wasn’t stellar.
        JK has lost that locker room. He’s been found out. You can see it when Bradley responds to Landon’s criticisms about Klinnsmann. Bradley is losing the heart to defend Klinnsmann. He barely can muster the energy for it. He knows it’s a sinking ship and his are the only hands that are trying to save it.
        JK is looking more and more like Brendan Rogers every day. Lots of charisma, words, feigned excitement. No substance. No tactics. Poor results.
        Nothing Klinnsmann has promised has come true. The National team hasn’t advanced. They are not playing a proactive, attacking style of football. There’s no progression.
        If you want to argue the lack of talent, fine. I’ll accept that. But they don’t even try to play the way we want them too, which Klinnsmann promised. I’d accept losing that way.
        Jk has failed. It’s that simple. Going through another WC qualifying cycle with him at them helm does not excite me at all. Normally I’d watch the friendly tonight, but really I have no interest in seeing one more minute of Klinnsmann’s trials and errors. If he wants to stay as the Director of US soccer, I’m fine with that. But he should never coach this National team again.

      • Wasn’t JK deflecting attention from the desultory play (still waiting for Jozy or Clint to post their iFit “miles walked in Padadena”) with this public shaming of FJ? Ironically he reveals a real boneheaded strategy of saving one for Rimando in PKs when conditions demanded fresh legs. Altidore leaves for Yedlin and move up Zardes. Williams for Jones or Beckerman – move Bradley back to receive and create buildup that was nonexistant all match. Finally Beasley played a part in all 3 goals. Where was Ream? JK needs in game strategic help. Will he get it?

      • Am I the only one who thinks it a bad sign that Jurgen took a play out of Curtain’s handbook? Saving a sub to put in a goalie for pk’s instead of trying to win before 30 mins of overtime? Playing not to lose, is not playing to win.

      • He could have had the conversation with the team about that, rather then with the press and it would serve the same purpose.

    • I disagree only because of the context here. Normally, I’d have no issue with a coach sending a player away for what he considers a self-serving reason.
      But recently the US has dealt with a rash of muscles injuries going into the world cup and after. Some journalists are asking questions of the training methods. It COULD just be bad luck, but it could also be methodology. The fact that a player, who in the past hasn’t (correct me if I’m wrong) shown a tendency to second guess the coach, feels that he has to sub himself out to risk being injured is worrisome. It one of many small indications that Jurgen may have lost the team.
      I know leaders often need to be hard, but they must do so while maintaining the respect of those that follow them. I’m not sure that Jurgen has that respect anymore. If he has lost the team, he’s failing as a coach, regardless of how we feel about his tactics, lineups, etc.

      • Injuries have been an issue but what about some of the players who have stayed healthy. I think its a mixture that some USMNT pool players aren’t maintaining their fitness level year round. Same players seem injured/gassed after camp some seem fine.

    • I can make an argument that Johnson asking out of the match at that point is putting the team first. He’s stepping outside of the typical athlete machismo and saying, “Coach, the team is better off right now if another player finishes this game; I gave you all I have, but I recognize my best efforts for the rest of the game won’t be good enough.”

      • el Pachyderm says:

        Then I would expect him not to play with his club.

      • +1 Let’s see if he’s fit for the next Champions League match, his club is scheduled to play.

      • If I read correctly, in two of the four matches he’s played since his return from the injury, he’s played 70 or less. And there’s a pretty big difference between playing 90 and playing 120. He can go 90; he did it in 2 of the 4 games for his club, and he did it Saturday.

      • But he didn’t pull his muscle. He thought he might. [or at least that’s my understanding] You don’t ask to come out until you are limping off the field or laying down. He let his team down by not fighting through it. How many other guys were hurting after 120 minutes? I’m sure Besler and Cameron were just as fatigued.

      • Borussia Mönchengladbach just mentioned on Twitter that he’s being treated for a thigh injury.

      • He doesn’t need to be injured to be a liability to the team while on the field. If the fatigue plus stiffness prevented him from planting and cutting, for example, he could be doing more harm than good by staying on the field – to the team, not himself.
        We have one side of the story right now. I would love to know exactly what Johnson said. “Coach, I’m not your best option right now” is something we should be lauding, not throwing him into the doghouse over.
        On the other hand, “Coach, I need to come out before I get injured and can’t play for my club” is absolutely something to throw a player into the doghouse over.
        For me, what Johnson said is just as important as how JK is reacting.

    • this may affect your opinion- his club team just put out a release saying that he is injured. so unless he was injured on the cab ride to the airport klinsmann made something up in order to publicly shift the blame

      • It alters my opinion. I was just making a “Devil’s Argument” point that went the other way. But now… Now I give the player even more props for asking to come out when he knows he isn’t the best option for his team.

      • el Pachyderm says:

        Course is could be Johnson also trying to save face. Murky for sure.

      • you just have to ask yourself which is more likely- did a player just coming off an injury who is not known for being lazy or noncommittal fake an injury after the fact to save face or did a coach who is known for not owning up to his mistakes or shortcomings craft a narrative about his players in order to shift blame again

      • It’s not whether JK was right or wrong about FJ. Rather it’s the time and way he chose that is so revealing to me. Riddle me this: if we had won on PKs, does JK say this to the press?

      • Depends on the extent and severity of the muscle injury. You can play through pulls and strains for ten additional minutes.

  2. People People People. Jurgen Klinsman is the best thing to ever happen to American Soccer. I repeat. The best thing. We have a culture problem He knows it, I know it, some of you know it. He is trying to change the culture of the game.
    We can all argue about whether he is a good game day manager..but make no mistake… his agenda is far more sweeping and reaching than a loss to Mexico for Confederation Cup qualification or surviving the G.O.D in Brazil’s world cup.
    He is about changing the way we think and his role in our development to hopefully be a competent international team worthy of actually playing in the late stages of the most important tournaments cannot be overlooked.

    • I keep being told this, but I don’t see evidence. We don’t need to be completely results oriented, but I also don’t take what Jurgen is supposedly doing for our national program on faith.
      He’s not getting results in important games at the senior or youth level, so I need other proof that what he’s doing makes him worth the programs time. Where is evidence that this cultural change is both positive and in place? That’s not a rhetorical question.

      • Skim through this hobosocks. He’s trying to change the way players and coaches view the game and develop players. Our US player development is average at best.


      • I appreciate your providing this food for thought. This article outlines the problems with the system as is, though. Fair enough, even if I don’t agree with what is has to say about MLS. But it still doesn’t say what Jurgen is DOING to fix it, other than a claim that it takes guts to see and admit a problem.
        People think the system needs to change. Ok. Calling for change doesn’t directly speak to Klinsmann’s tenure in charge. What is Jurgen changing?

      • Jim, nice link. Words are nice. Actions are better. Words offer promise. Actions actually deliver. JK offers words, criticisms, doubts. His actions prove his words are just that, words. As Hobo has said, what has JK done to change the current thinking? You can tell someone that they are doing wrong, only x number of times before they tune you out. They need to be shown. Their hands need to be held. They need proof. They need you to make them believe through actions.

      • Words typically beget actions. And USSF is changing how the youth programs are run, requirements etc. That’s where it all starts. To be fair, the talent pipeline is mediocre and MLS is part of the problem. There is more encouragement to sign USMNT at inflated wages than to train and bring in young talent. Vancouver and Dallas are really the only teams doing it right. Maybe LA with Los Dos – giving time to young players and academy/homegrown talent.

      • Again I will not argue the talent, or the lack there of. I argue the methods. The lack of technical ability. I do not argue there needs to be a philosophy change, followed by structural change. But where is it? Jk is a man with too many things on his plate. If philosophy and structural change is truly what our country needs, then let JK do that exclusively. Let him spend his time at youth, high school and college levels, convincing them to do it his way. Presentations, statistics, numbers, and proof. Give the doubters all they can handle in showing them the “right way”.

      • +1 Hobo

      • el Pachyderm says:

        The youth pipeline is changing? Do you honestly think it was Sunil Gulati who decided to change the birth years for play as one example. That’s Klinsman and it seems elementary but necessary…

      • +1 that was the point I was trying to make. The changes from the USSF are undoubtedly JK’s doing.

    • + 1. A loss to El Tri was past due. But losing out on the experience of the Confederations Cup – and very possibly the Olympics – could be a real blow to the upcoming ’18 squad, and JK should honestly evaluate the teasons why they were lost – at least privately, I hope.

  3. I pulled this over from another thread in order to see what some of you would add or subtract.
    . I’m still okay with Bradley and Dempsey. The youth movement will need proper leadership and any organization we muster tends to come from him. I’m okay with Geoff Cameron. Generally a solid defender. Nothing special but solid.
    T Ream. – I guess
    J. Brooks.
    G. Cameron.
    M. Besler.
    V. Alvarado maybe… uncertain about him.
    O. Gonzalez.. I can be done with.
    THE EXPEDITED don’t let the door kick you in the ass list:
    Josie Altidore…finally…Done.
    Timmy Chandler done.
    Eddie Johnson done.
    Brad Davis done.
    Demarcus Beasley done.
    Jermaine Jones done.
    Kyle Beckerman done.
    Chris Wondoloski done.
    O. Onyewu done.
    Danny Williams done.
    Brek Shea done.
    Maurice Edu- no he is not a NT defender. Done.
    Players I want to see more of some as full-time positional solutions and some as tactical solutions.
    Terrence Boyd
    Joe Gyau
    Greg Garza
    Bobby Wood – cause he’s earned it
    Aaron Johanssen
    Diskerud – though I’m cool on him
    Juan Aguadelo
    Julian Green
    Fabian Johnson —- LB for every game. EVERY.
    Gideon Zalelem
    Hercules Gomez – where’d he go?
    G. Zardes- I guess
    Rubio Rubin
    Brad Evans
    Fatai Alashi
    Cameron Carter Vickers
    Luis Gil
    Graham Zusi – though I’m cool on him
    Emerson Hyndman
    Dillon Cerna
    Wil Trapp
    Alejandro Bedoya
    Bill Hamid – see if he’s the guy for 2018
    Zach Steffan
    Some others I’m certainly missing. Feel free to add to the list. Maybe a few from the US 2o year olds who will earn some PT in coming year or two.
    Really this is a solid list of quality players. Find your best…prep them for 2018 by using hopefully 2016 Copa as a taste for big time football.

    • Terrence Boyd – injured and string of injuries
      Greg Garza – injured
      Aaron Johanssen – injured [I think]
      Juan Aguadelo – can barely break-in NER over Charlie Davies
      Hercules Gomez – barely playing for TFC. Too old.
      Rubio Rubin – injured [I think]
      Graham Zusi – above average MLS. Meh international
      Luis Gil – riding the bench at RSL. Meh with U-23s
      Cameron Carter Vickers – spanked with U-23s. Needs time to grow and mature [physically mentally]
      Players I’m high on:

      Geoff Cameron
      DeAndre Yedlin
      Bobby Wood
      John ANthony Brooks
      Gideon Zalelem
      Perry Kitchen
      Aaron Johanssen
      Wil Trapp
      Steve Birnbaum
      Kellyn Acosta
      Emerson Hyndman
      Harry Shipp

      • I get the injuries but once they are in form again I’d like more of Greg Garza and Boyd.
        Forgot Keisweiter and Pelosi. Like Kitchen. How about Kelyn Rowe?
        Mostly my list was to highlight the players that should not be called up any more… and to focus on that group of players in their early 20s. The players that SHOULD occupy the 2018 WC team. I’ve said before that our coming out parties in my opinion need to be 2022 and 2026… where we begin to reach quarters and semis of these large tourneys on a regular basis.
        I’m not saying we win…I mean even Netherlands hasn’t won a world cup but they are consistent performers on the world stage and THAT is my expectation for this country.
        Another expectation I have for this country is to begin competing in the Copa America. If Mexico can compete in the Copa than we should too because CONCACAF Gold Cup just isn’t enough.
        In 12 years we should be winning that tourney every time with a B squad and high tops.

      • Regarding the older players, I agree. I think JK is doing his best to mix young talent with international veterans in competition – particularly in friendlies.
        Forgot Rowe. But like Shipp – small and technical – hasn’t really had a shot for a call-up. Yeah they are decent in MLS but can they compete internationally? I’m not so sure but I’m hopeful

  4. This whole debate…meh.

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