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All Three Points podcast: Change on tap?

On this end-of-season edition of the All Three Points podcast, the boys talk the US Open Cup final, the end of the Union’s Nick Sakiewicz era, and what this offseason may bring. Do we have reason to hope, or is it just more of the same? There’s highs, lows, tears, laughter—everything you want in the modern theater, er, sports podcast.

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  1. For the record: Raymond Lee was waived by the team back in August.

  2. Keep only the players who seem/play like they want to be here:

    Blake, McCarthy, (MacMath or Sylvestre)

    Gaddis, Marquez, Edu (only if he stays at CB)

    Nogs, Lahoud

    LeToux, Chaco, Tranquillo, Ayuk, Pfeffer

    Sapong, Nando (maybe for less $; he’s already discounted for 1 more year)

    -Guys you cut-
    Vito, White, Fred, Creavalle, Hoppenot

    -On the Fence-
    McGlaughlin (who knows?), Cruz, Berry, MacMath or Sylvestre, Casey (for less), Carroll.

    What to do with Wenger- guy either needs to show us something in a defensive position or needs a fresh start on a new team, we fence him to the highest bidder. I’m a fan of the latter.

    -Guys you go for with the space-
    1-2 Backs: Chris Tierney (NE), Justin Morrow (TO), J. Villafana(PT)
    1-2 Mids: Bedoya (Nantes), ???

    Probably good at forward, at this point search for those deep cuts in the MLS pool to fill the gaps where the others left. Need to root out the guys who A. clearly cannot play in MLS, B. have a losing mentality and C. Are simply too old to be playing at this point.

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