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2015 River Cup in Pictures: Union Front Office 3-1 Sons of Ben

PSP photographer Paul Rudderow was on hand Saturday as the Philadelphia Union’s Front Office defeated the Sons of Ben 3-1 in a hard fought battle for the River Cup. Here’s a look at what he saw.

RC001The National Anthem

RC002Starting eleven for the Sons of Ben

RC003Starting eleven for the Union Front Office

RC004The Front Office needed help so they called out the big guns

RC005Jim Curtin goes up hard

RC006Bodies were flying all day

RC007Chris Albright receives a nice pass up the wing

RC008Brandon Green takes a shot at goal

RC009Mike Sorber works the ball out of the back

RC010Rich Le out touches Jared Harris

RC011Jim Curtin shields the ball from Brandon Green

RC012Chris Albright sends Brandon Green Flying

RC013Matt Thornton collides with Corey Schiller

RC014Sara Delach passes up to Brandon Green

RC015Everyone played hard in the heat

RC016Anthony Noel comes out of the eighteen and gets Ikechukwu Onyeador, not the ball

RC017C. J. Sapong takes over on the drum

RC018Liam O Donnell and David Ortega work up the middle

RC019Matt Thornton pulls away from Chris Albright

RC020Peter Weiss went the wrong way on the penalty kick

RC021David Ortega pushes past Brittany Lugiano

RC022Damon Wilson winds up but could not get through the wall of legs

RC023Katie Duckworth looks for an opening

RC024Richie Graham plays one off his head

RC025Anthony Noel tips one over the bar

RC026Sean Golden with the last save of the game

RC027Richie Graham gets a late game love tap from Jim McFadden

RC028Mike Curry thanks everyone for their support

RC029The Union Front Office are the winners

For more photos, check out Paul’s Flickr page and feel free to leave comments.


  1. looks like a great time! gret pix too

  2. Old Soccer Coach says:

    Love the trophy! Plywood and angle iron! Strong basic fundamentals!

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