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All Three Points podcast: Yes, we’re still here

While it has been far, far too long, the All Three Points all-star podcasting duo has returned. It’s been, well, a lot more than three games since the last pod, but the episode does not last six hours, we promise. Since last we met, the Union has scraped the absolute bottom of the barrel (losing to LA by four goals), then shown shoots of actual, real soccer (beating Portland by three), and shooting into legendary status (advancing past NYRB on PKs in the Open Cup while down a man for more than an hour).

There’s also some points, like, “What is going on?” Is this team on the cusp of something, especially with the personnel moves that seem imminent, or is it yet another false dawn? And don’t say it loudly, but is there a decent collection of players emerging here (better late than never?)

Listen to the episode using the player below, or download the file directly. Catch up with us on Twitter at @all3points, or leave us a comment here.


  1. glad to have this podcast back, good job. though i was looking forward to the six hour version where you’d try to remember the specifics of the game against rochester

    • we’ll do a super B-side of unreleased game conversations. it will not be received well…..

      thanks for the support, kyle.

  2. Well done guys. Your flurry of optimism towards the end was perhaps a bit… optimistic, but that’s part of why I like this podcast.

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