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Fans’ View: A miracle by the bridge?

Photo: Earl Gardner

Sometimes these posts write themselves, like when Eric Ayuk exploded onto the scene earlier this season and I couldn’t resist sharing the positive vibes I got while watching him. I wasn’t quite sure which direction to go this week, but a few days into vacation in Lake Placid, the answer was right in front of me. My annual pilgrimage to Herb Brooks Arena and the corresponding family viewing of the movie “Miracle” left me wondering what the Union equivalent of the miracle on ice would look like. Basically the opposite of Peter Andrew’s post earlier this season on everything that could possibly go wrong.

US Open Cup heroics 

Sealing the deal for my post selection was another unexpected victory in the US Open Cup. On the heels of an amazing two-goal comeback while down a man to DC United, the Union defied the odds, and logic, by playing 80 minutes of soccer with 10 men against New York Red Bulls and coming out on the positive end of a penalty shoot out.

It’s starting to feel a bit like destiny, with a beatable Orlando or Chicago side standing between us and another final appearance. Waiting on a potential final is a Salt Lake team that isn’t quite what it used to be or a Kansas City squad that the Union tend to play very tough. Why not us? Part one of any Union miracle includes the US Open Cup trophy coming to Chester.

Summer signings

Success may simply mean getting Mbolhi off the books (I know that’s not exactly swinging for the fences). If we do nothing else, I’d consider it a miracle if we turn Mbolhi into any kind of impactful winger to give this offense a little more bite. If that’s Dittborn, Barnetta, or someone not yet on the radar, reinforcements are needed. Setting the bar low, but swapping out Mbolhi for a dangerous winger feels like component No. 2 to a Union miracle.

GM/Director of soccer operations

Whatever it is called, the search has gone on long enough. Hire anyone not named Sakiewicz or Amaro, and we’ll at least see acknowledgement that having someone in charge of player personnel matters. It can be GM by committee among PSP contributors and readers even. Hiring anyone for this role equals part three of a Union themed miracle.


In full Jim Mora voice. After a poor start and a barge full of injured Union players, it feels dirty to even mention playoffs. But in a mediocre Eastern Conference, we’re still in the mix. Climbing into that 6th spot, on the back of some much improved wing play, would complete a miracle closing to the season.

Just as Herb Brooks told his 1980 hockey team that they may lose 9 out of 10 to the Soviets, the hopeful items above all coming to fruition may be a longshot. But for one short stretch, is it too much to ask that we perform like one of the best teams in MLS?

I really want to believe.


  1. Winning the US Open Cup followed by a MLS playoff win (not just getting in) would be huge!
    Just the idea that both of these are a very real possibility is pretty remarkable. The squad that at one point looked like they didnt want to be out there has turned into one that wont go down without a fight.

    Why not us?!

  2. OneManWolfpack says:

    Good stuff, and I want to be with you… but for now, dip your toe in… something tells me if you cannonball right in, you might drown. This is the Union after all 🙂

    • Just saw the Williams trade. Can I get a Re-write this week PSP? One of my top 2 or 3 favorite union players plus an international spot for allocation money?

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