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In pictures: Union 2-1 NYCFC

PSP photographer Earl Gardner’s look at Saturday’s 2-1 win over New York City FC.

Photo by Earl GardnerNick Sakiewicz welcomes everyone to the new practice fields.

Sugarman and CurtinUnion owner Jay Sugarman and head coach Jim Curtin at the practice field opening.

Photo by Earl GardnerA lucky Union fan got to cut the ribbon.

Photo by Earl GardnerGoalkeeper Coach Paulo Grillo talks with John McCarthy during warm ups.

Photo by Earl GardnerJim Curtin takes the pitch.

Photo by Earl GardnerThe Starting XI +1.

Photo by Earl GardnerUSMNT player Mix Diskerud makes his PPL Park debut.

Photo by Earl GardnerFans voice their dissatisfaction with Union ownership.

Photo by Earl GardnerSteven Vitoria calls for the ball.

Photo by Earl GardnerVincent Nogueira catches some air.

Photo by Earl Gardner4 Leaf Clove – Live Like Shertz

Photo by Earl GardnerZach Pfeffer and former Union player Andrew Jacobson clash in the air.

Photo by Earl GardnerJohn McCarthy made his MLS debut.

Photo by Earl GardnerRay Gaddis fights for possession.

Photo by Earl GardnerThe famous butt ball of 2015.

Photo by Earl GardnerBest goal celebration ever at PPL Park?

Photo by Earl GardnerDavid Villa takes a corner.

Photo by Earl GardnerMaurice Edu clears a ball from the box.

Photo by Earl GardnerRay and Khiry Shelton fight for the ball.

Photo by Earl GardnerSeba looks for the foul.

Photo by Earl Gardner
Hey Lampard…Oh, wait…Never mind.

Photo by Earl GardnerErik Ayuk Mixes it up.

Photo by Earl GardnerVince, doing his thing.

Photo by Earl GardnerDavid Villa puts NYCFC on the board.

Photo by Earl GardnerThe Third Rail.

Photo by Earl GardnerJacobson takes out Ayuk.

Photo by Earl GardnerSeba is down after colliding the the advertising boards behind the River End-side goal.

Photo by Earl GardnerHe required five stitches to close him up.

Photo by Earl GardnerWhere Seba crashed into the boards.

Photo by Earl Gardner
CJ Sapong lets rip a shot.

Photo by Earl GardnerAndrew Wenger takes flight.

Photo by Earl GardnerZach comes off the field for Chaco.

Photo by Earl GardnerWho is that masked man? What’s his superhero name?

Photo by Earl GardnerChaco played his first minutes since his recent injury.

Photo by Earl GardnerVince scores the go ahead goal!

Photo by Earl GardnerJoy returns to the River End!

Photo by Earl GardnerWenger salutes the fans.

Photo by Earl GardnerHometown hero, 

For 100 additional photos please check out Earl Gardner’s Flickr page.


  1. They took our signs after less than 6 minutes of game time. For the record, however, the Union employee who took them was very much in agreement with their message. Sak saw them, Earl got a picture, I’m satisfied.
    edit: great shots as always, Earl.

    • Earl Gardner says:

      I’ll be honest, I had no idea I took a shot of your signs and I didn’t even know about them til I was editing. At first I almost deleted it because the players were not in focus and then I realized what my focus had latched on to.

      Glad you enjoyed them!

    • Thanks for bringing the signs to represent the fans. And thanks for sharing (once again) what a jerk Sak is….

      • OneManWolfpack says:

        Everyone should bring signs. They can’t take them all. Nice job all involved. Way to get the word out.

  2. Great, Great stuff here, as always! The picture of the board where Seba hit it reminds me of the photo of the alleged Iceberg that the Titanic hit, with a tell-tale line of red paint at the water line…

    • They are never going to totally remove the boards but having padding over the metal corner sounds like common sense after seeing the picture.

    • Earl Gardner says:

      The top edge of those boards are basically lined with plastic razor blades. If you look at the pic, those “tabs” on the top of the board have sharp edges. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened before. There is definitely a collection of Seba’s DNA on that board with the blood and hair.

  3. Great pics, wish you’d gotten one of Nogueira smiling, that is a real rarity!

  4. I was worried Earl, but I can see that what I saw live was worse than what you were able to capture from your angle.

    Your action shots – especially when the guys are in the air, never cease to amaze me…thanks for sharing these!

  5. Hey Nick Sak. So do I understand correctly the signs were removed- but you probably had nothing to do with it right? What, hurts your feelings?
    Welcome to being a leader- not everyone is going to agree- this is 20 years for you in the business and you have the thin skin of rolling papers?? — oh but wait, its your building… right, so you get to do what you want when others dissent- crush the voice of the people, no religious freedom or right to bear arms either?
    Sorry to tell you, actions like that, no matter what your silly bylaws say, is being a Benedict Arnold to the Union and all this country and specifically this city represent. You don’t represent me. You don’t speak for me. Signs or no signs.

    • not nick sak says:

      please remove this comment

      • magic. This is such good thinking- a proper response.
        As for me, the only time I will step into that stadium is to sing to my dearly departed #14- who by the way was rock solid this week with the wand- but that isn’t really newsworthy.
        Every team needs its conductor and sadly he is no longer ours.

  6. Lovely photos.

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