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Will Pfeffer be on US U-20 WC qualifying team, league schedule to be released Jan. 7, giddy for Gedion, more

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All of us at PSP wish you and yours a happy and safe New Year’s celebration.

Philadelphia Union

At ASN, Brian Sciaretta notes the option Zach Pfeffer provides for the US U-20 team ahead of next months CONCACAF championship tournament but does not include him in his predicted 20-player roster. You will recall that Pfeffer was named to the 35-player provisional roster for the tournament but was not included in the 21-player roster for the training camp that is now underway in Florida. US U-20 coach Tab Ramos is expected to release his final roster for the U-20 World Cup qualification tournament on Friday.

UPDATE: PSP has learned that Pfeffer is recovering from a minor injury, hence his exclusion from the roster for the US U-20 training camp. We will learn on Friday if the injury will also see his nonselection for the 20-player roster for the upcoming CONCACAF U-20 World Cup qualifiers.

Brotherly Game has a season review for the Union defense.


Rachael Dorwart (M; Penn Fusion; Mechanicsburg, Pa.) and Sydney Zandi (M; Penn Fusion; West Chester, Pa.) have been called up for the US U-17 WNT camp in Lakewood, Fla., Jan. 3-10.


The league will release the 2015 schedule on Wednesday, Jan. 7.

Chicago has signed 31-year-old center back Adaílton from Brazilian Serie A side Bahia.

According to his father, Mix Diskerud could still return to Rosenborg, one of four clubs the player could join for 2015. MLSsoccer.com reports a final decision “could come from the midfielder some time next week.” In addition to being linked to Columbus, Portland, and NYCFC, Celtic is also reportedly interested in Diskerud.

Is Roger Espinoza headed back to Sporting Kansas City? He is leaving Wigan Athletic after appearing as a substitute in Wigan’s 1-0 loss to Sheffield Wednesday on Tuesday.

Rumors of Ronaldinho and Riquelme to MLS? Wait, so the Riquelme to Montreal rumors are false but the Alberto Gilardino to Montreal rumors are not? And the Ronaldinho to Orlando rumors are false, too? Well then, there you have it.

Japan Times reports the City Football Group, owners of Manchester City, NYCFC, and Melbourne City, “is looking to set up a Japanese subsidiary by next summer with an eye on eventually owning a controlling stake in the J. League’s Yokohama F. Marinos.”

At Soccer Gods, Miriti Murungi considers why the US soccer community has largely been silent about as “Ferguson, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, police-community relations, and immigration reform dominate news cycles.” Good question.


This just in from the Department of Positive Developments:

At the Washington Post, Steven Goff has everything you need to know about Zelalem More on Zelalem from Soccer AmericaDeadspin, USA Today, and Business Insider.

At ASN, Brian Sciaretta says cool it with the Zelalem hype. Goal.com says Zelalem won’t save the USMNT because it doesn’t need saving.

The judge presiding over the Hope Solo domestic assault case has delayed ruling on whether to dismiss the case. Solo’s attorney’s had asked that the case be dismissed earlier in December. More from King5 and KUOW.org.

ProSoccerTalk has a twopart top ten list of US soccer moments for 2014. SBI has five top USMNT performances, and the top five USWNT goals, of 2014.

The photographer Alexis Cuarezma details how he did the photoshoot of the USMNT for SI ahead of the World Cup.


Checkout this week’s Footy on the Telly for listings of the New Year’s Day Premier League games.


  1. The Realist Brian says:

    It sucks to see Pfeffer not getting the nod, but I firmly blame the Union for the lack of playing time Zach has seen. He is one of the leading scorers of the US team this cycle, and that team is loaded with talent and deeper in midfield and forward. I don’t see him getting selected for the CONCACAF tournament. For him to make it to the WC, he will need to play early in the 2015 season for the Union, and Curtain has ZERO chance of doing that because he is concerned with his job based on media reports. That means no development for Pfeffer, and he will miss out at an awesome opportunity that is the World Cup. Plus the addition of Zelalem, who should get called into the U-20’s to help integrate him within the US system, it will be difficult making the team. Ramos has gone on record talking about some very talented players not even being called in (Rozhansky at Virgina who I really like as a player, and Brasuljevic at Georgetown who will play for the Energy Drink Scum) as not even having a chance with this team. Alas, this is a good problem to have for the US, as competition drives growth. Now, if Zach can come in and dominate during preseason, that will be key. Make it the obvious choice for the coaches to have to select him. Can he do it? I hope so, but I don’t have confidence in the coaching staff with youth development.
    Speaking of, any word on signing Darius Madison to a HG? What about Shinksy from Maryland? The Union has to start making moves, and both of these guys have some good skills. Both played for the Union pre-acedmy teams, one that won the SUM Cup a couple of summers ago. Alex is a little injury prone, but maybe a professional environment will help with his eating, training and recovery (or maybe that would be Orlando City, right Okugo?) I would love for the Union to start making some moves here to bolster the squad and build up our youth with local products. Only problem is that it doesn’t fit into Curtains moronic view of players that he wants :Bigger, Stronger, Faster. How about technical players that can move the ball and keep possession, Jim?

    • Have you watched Darius Madison? He is not ready at all. Selfish forward who has the ability to score some very nice goals but not nearly the quality to make an impact in MLS yet. No reason to sign him now. He could use another year at UVA. Shinksy on the other hand is a slippery player who has some pretty good technical ability. Not sure he is worth wasting a home grown slot though because he is not a sure thing but he has maxed out his college eligibility. Also he turns 22 in April. He deserves and will get a look by some MLS team, whether or not that is the Union. Best academy prospect right now in college is probably Keegan Rosenberry at Georgetown. Has started every game in college and is one of the smartest and technically sound players I’ve seen of the academy players. Wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a homegrown deal after his senior year next year.

      • “Selfish forward” – Is this a bad attribute for a forward to have?

        In all candor, I haven’t seen Madison play that much so I don’t have a feel for his pro prospects although he didn’t have a great season in 2014.

      • The Realist Brian says:

        Leaving him in college is my concern. He needs to be in a pro environment. Right now, he has zero development with his coaches at UVA, and they don’t start their short spring season for awhile. He needs professional coaching.
        As for Keegan, I agree. Saw him a few times with Georgetown and he looks good.
        Shinsky- I would rather sign him than him going somewhere else. You get a couple of HG slots per year, and we haven’t signed anyone in the past 2 years. Let’s start making some moves.
        But we do have the buffon Sak-of-shits in charge still, right…and ZERO money. Awesome…

      • Rosenberry and Madison were NOT academy products….the Union just like to take credit for it……they were around before the real academy was implemented……fact.

      • I’ve watched Darius a lot since high school……and, with all due respect, your a little off. Darius was playing with the Union reserves while he was still in high school, as was Melvin Snoh. He would either start the first 60 minutes ( ahead of Hoppinot!) or come in the last 30 minutes for the same player. That was three years ago! Most good goal scorers have a selfish streak to them…….they drive you crazy…and then win matches for you…its what they do! Darius had the match winner in the semifinals and played his keester off in the final. His job against UCLA as the lone target forward ( not his real position!) was to hold the ball up and stall so the rest of the squad could get a break and keep their shape…..to park the bus. His job was get the snot kicked out of him to buy some time for his teammates. How is that selfish? He also lit it up the past two summers for Reading United……look it up. Some of his offers are from across the pond. I understand the argument that he needs to get out of college and into the pros……..but to insist the talent isn’t there for the next level is way off!

    • Thank you Brian, I couldn’t agree more with this team establishing more technical and possession oriented players. Bigger, stronger,faster is great but if these players do not have the skill set, and organization to finish out games then what’s the point? I believe possession is a key factor for next year and it’s one of the factors that was missing last season. Being a counter attacking team is great and can work, but you have to have a solid possession game as well. You have to create both!

  2. Great article about the USMNT photoshoot!

  3. I’m really shocked that Tab Ramos didn’t even invite Zach Pfeffer to U-20 training camp. Zach seems to have a knack for scoring goals for the national side despite limited PT with the Union. I believe this is the year Zach could bloom given the opportunity. If not….

    …Dutch national team midfielder Demy de Zeeuw is looking for a new club and even tweeted about MLS. I’ll take him anyday (especially with the potential move of Mo Edu to our backline AND Okugo’s departure.) Demy de zeeuw would be a great addition AND surely is an acquaintence of fellow Nederlander Rene Meulensteen. The dude can ball. Go get him Rene!!!

  4. Thank you PSP for another awesome year. You all continue to impress me with your thoughtful and insightful writing. I really appreciate all of the enjoyment that you have provided to me in 2014.

    Best wishes to all of you and your loved ones for a happy & healthy 2015.

  5. OneManWolfpack says:

    Echoing precious sentiments here: THANKS for a great 2014 PSP… and here’s to great 2015. Happy New Year to everyone here!!

  6. Atomic spartan says:

    Slightly off topic I know, but: can we get Everton to take a certain Algerian GK off our hands? I’d be willing to make the deal in exchange for a Sak of magic beans.

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