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Union bits, conference finals kick off on Sunday, FIFA orders report review

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Philadelphia Union

The list of nominees for the league’s end-of-season awards is out and the Union has been nominated for the Fair Play Award, along with LA Galaxy and Real Salt Lake.

Pointing to that “mentality” problem, Sebastien Le Toux is disappointed with the way the 2014 season ended.

At the end, if you look at our schedule, we probably should have 10 more points – we gave away many of them. So if you have 10 more points, we have 52 and we make the playoffs. It’s a tricky game, but we hope that next year we come back stronger to finish up the game and continue to play the same way, even better, to have a better season for sure…

I think it’s maybe just the mentality at the end of games. This year, we lead a lot of games and unfortunately we kind of gave [a] goal back at the end of the game. Lots of points that we lost at the end of the year that didn’t make us make the playoffs; we all know we need to be stronger mentally, be stronger physically and make sure we have extra energy for the last 15-20 minutes to kind of finish up the game. And don’t give up stupid goals.

By the way, Le Toux is getting married on Jan. 17.

An audio clip at Colombia’s antena2.com says that Carlos Valdes has two years left on his contract with the Union (I don’t have a translation of the audio, but here’s a crappy Google translation of the web page the clip appears on.).

Brotherly Game’s “You be the GM” series continues with Danny Cruz.

Philadelphia Union Academy forward Sean Wilson, and US U- 17 goalkeeper Kevin Silva (PDA) — both from Bethlehem — have been named to the NSCAA 2014 Boys All-America Team.


Penn State defeated Hartwick 2-1 on Thursday to advance to the second round of the NCAA Division I men’s tournament. They next face No. 9 seed Syracuse in New York on Sunday.

Christian Pulisic (Hershey, Pa.) has been nominated for US Soccer’s Young Male Athlete of the Year award. Unfortunately, so has DeAndre Yedlin.

Shea Moyer (FC Revolution; Wyomissing, Pa.) and Taylor Racioppi (US U-17 WNT, PDA; Ocean Township, NJ) have been named to the NSCAA 2014 Girls All-America Team.


The Conference finals begin on Sunday, with New York hosting New England (1: 30 pm: NBCSN, NBC Sports Live Extra, SiriusXM FC), and LA hosting Seattle (5:00 pm: ESPN, ESPN Deportes, Watch ESPN, SiriusXM FC).

Soccer America has “three keys” that could decide the New England-New York series.

At Soccer Gods, Steve Davis considers the much maligned MLS playoff format and concludes, “MLS eventually will settle into something steady. And rest assured, it certainly will be the worst system out there … except for all the others.”

Robbie Keane, Obafemi Martins, and Lee Nguyen are the finalists for the league’s MVP award.

Toronto FC announced on Thursday that they will field an as yet unnamed USL PRO team in 2015. They become the sixth MLS club to own a USL PRO franchise, and will be the 11th new USL PRO team of 2015.

From the Atlantic, why the future of MLS stadiums is downtown. The article refers to a study that concluded “an MLS match loses 260 potential fans for every mile the stadium is located outside its nearest urban core,” and wonders if the location of stadiums such as PPL Park will present problems in the long run. By the way, if the study on lost fans is accurate, and we assume that PPL Park is 18 miles from Center City Philadelphia, that means 4,680 fans don’t go through the turnstiles every home game. That’s a lot of people.

An opinion piece at the Boston Globe reviews the many complicated factors in New England Revolution’s plans for a stadium in Boston.

Representatives of expansion bids from Sacramento, Minneapolis, and Las Vegas met with MLS officials in New York on Thursday. Here are some reports on meetings:


Tim Howard has been named US Soccer’s Male Athlete of the Year.

Here are the nominees for the Young Female Athlete of the Year. Unless I’ve missed it, US Soccer hasn’t yet announced the nominees for Female Athlete of the Year. Hope Solo’s upcoming domestic battery trial no doubt complicates things from a PR perspective.

Here are the nominees for US Soccer’s Disabled Athlete of the Year.


After the meeting between Michael Garcia, the man who led the investigation into corruption in the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bids and author of the 430-page report on the investigation, and Hans-Joachim Eckert, head of the adjudicatory chamber of FIFA’s Ethics committee and the author of the summary report on the investigation that has been widely described as a whitewash, FIFA announced on Thursday that Domenico Scala, head of FIFA’s Audit and Compliance committee, will be given access “to full copies of all reports” on the investigation in order to review its findings “to determine how much of that information should be made available to the FIFA Executive Committee.” The announcement also says, “The investigatory chamber has already opened a number of formal cases against individuals as a result of that inquiry,” but it doesn’t name them.

Reports on the announcement from the Guardian, New York TimesNew York Daily News, and SI.

Reuters reports that Canover Watson, a vice-president of the Caribbean Football Union and member of FIFA’s Audit and Compliance Committee, has been charged with five counts of corruption by the Cayman Islands Anti-Corruption Commission. ” While Watson was temporarily suspended by FIFA in September pending the outcome of the case after his arrest in August, Reuters notes, “The cases relate to Watson’s time as the head of Cayman’s Health Service Authority…There is no suggestion of football-related crimes.”

The Guardian reports, “Lionel Messi, hailed by many as the greatest footballer of all time, may leave Spain after continuing to fall foul of the tax authorities, sources have said.” Messi reportedly feels he is being singled out for special scrutiny, especially compared to other athletes in Spain whose tax problems have been settled administratively, like Real Madrid players Xabi Alonso and Iker Casillas. “In the current atmosphere of hostility between Catalonia and the Spanish government, the fact that the Real Madrid players settled out of court while Barcelona’s star faces criminal proceedings is seen as further evidence of an anti-Catalan conspiracy.”


  1. the solution, Lio, is not to cheat on your taxes

  2. 18 miles won’t deter fans from filling PPL Park, however 5 plus years of feckless coaching, management/front office , and a cheap product on the pitch in this top media and sports market will be all the deterrent the fans need. Running this organization like a cheap 2nd rate outpost will be ALL the excuse we’ll need. This off season will tell this great fanbase a lot. I’ll say it again the 5 year dog and pony show had better be over. Sakiewicz, Sugerman, consultant Meulensteen, coach Curtin ,staff, and players need to realize continued BS is not an option moving forward.

    • I didn’t fully read your comment, but I need to disagree with the first part entirely. The stadium being in Chester has absolutely hurt and will continue to hurt Union attendance. The downtown argument is pretty concrete. Using public transportation and your own two feet to attend a sporting event is always, ALWAYS preferred. No one likes pre/post game traffic, the hassle of parking fees, etc. (I won’t even address I-95 traffic). Chester was a mistake, there’s no arguing that. Union tickets are not expensive (but they could be!), even the casual Philadelphian would stumble into a weeknight game if they were bored and just had to take the subway. Stadiums are just like every other piece of [commercial] real estate – location is everything.

      • Correct, correct, correct. +1000. You don’t know how many times I’ve tried to give people tix then they realize it’s in Chester, not south philly, and pass. When I drive them they’ll take them, but to get a casual observer to go to Chester from center city on their own, nearly impossible.

      • Formerseasonticketholder says:

        I agree as well ever since I gave up my tix the Wife and I have only been to a handful of games. Mainly because we don’t feel like traveling to Chester.

      • People wouldn’t venture lower than Washington ave in south Philly and used the same excuses at one point .
        The stadium in Chester is a fact. It’s where our home team is . As issues with transportation etc. get straightened out it becomes a non-issue. If your team is putting top talent out there to support people will go to the stadium.

      • Formerseasonticketholder says:

        I’ll Agree with you on those points. I pretty much only show up to PPL Park when a Talented team is in town. But if they wont pave their parking lot’s I don’t see the Public transportation issue being solved.

      • I’ll tell you this my friend. People didn’t see a lot of issues getting resolved in south Philly either. It was that scary. I grew up in Blue Bell PA and lived on Spruce in Philly so I heard the same excuses.

      • Totally agree. I love the setting at PPL, with the bridge and the river, and the stadium is well-designed.


        But I would trade all of that for a stadium in the city. In a heartbeat. I don’t much like the stadium complex either, but taking the orange line to Union games would be so, so, so much better than driving to Chester.

      • why don’t we forget about either city. Soccer is in the burbs! Should have built this in Radnor, or somewhere where more of the “talent” could go watch. Chester sucks! I have to drive over an hour, so I go to Reading or Harrisburg (another hour, but a much better drive), or hit the tournament circuit, or got to USTC or YSC for some high-powered youth soccer. I used to be a player and a coach, but I won’t travel to Chester or Philly for a game unless it’s a free tic to offset the crap one has to go through to get there and back home again. I hate this because I love the game so much, but it’s my money and my time and my peace of mind.

        Still, I love the team!

      • I don’t know, I have very few problems getting into/out of games. I drive about an hour and half to get to Chester and rarely miss games. I guess we all have different experiences.

      • Agree with this. A city stadium would be MUCH better. Anything you could use train or subway to reach would be best. Especially when you consider that younger people — e.g. millennials who are the core audience of MLS — are not buying cars in startling numbers. North of Chinatown, where they were considering putting Citizens Bank Park at one point — would be remarkable. University City would be fantastic. You don’t think you’d get thousands of casual college kids at games? Suppose there’s nothing to be done about it now, but I’d try to move the team to the city as soon as I could.

      • John O'Donnell says:

        I take the train to the game from Manayunk and exit at the Highland AVE. Station. I walk to a Hayes lounge for some pregame adult beverages and continue on to the stadium. It’s really not that hard and the walk is less than 15 minutes.

      • I think that it’s easy to forget the time period that the team was formed and when PPL got built was the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. A big reason why it got put in Chester is because the Buccinis were part of the ownership group and they already owned the land which PPL and its parking lots are currently on. There were also other economic incentives which made Chester a better option than anywhere else in Philly.

        I would have loved for the Union to have a stadium in Philly, but it would have taken much longer to get it built and perhaps even delayed the franchise getting awarded to Philly. I don’t think that people understand how difficult it can be to get things done in a densely populated city (like at what DC has gone through).

        Last thing, the stadium being in Chester really hasn’t hurt the team’s paid attendance numbers at all over the five years. You could make the case that they could charge higher prices for tickets if it were in Philly, but that margin would get decreased by increased expenses for higher cost labor, taxes, etc.

      • Excellent commentary. Similar I imagine to the difficulty NE is having with a stadium- then we would be all bitching how the U plays at The Linc.
        Would a city stadium have been nice? Yes. Its in Chester.

      • The Little Fish says:

        Great post George H. All true!

      • Would add that Sugarman & co. are from Wilmington and it makes it easier for them and all others who travel from that area to reach Chester. Actually wonder what the percentage is of ‘southerners’ who are season ticket holders.

      • I personally would have gone to 3 or 4 more games this year had the stadium been closer or with better access to public transportation. It is too much a pain.

    • Winning cures ALL ills. Marquee names and victories and people would row into the delaware to attend a game. Just win.

  3. I’m not so sure I agree with the assessment about losing fans for being outside of center city. I think there are a lot of people in the suburbs who don’t really want to go into the city for a game. I doubt if I would go to 20+ games a year if I had to deal with the hassle. It would be nice if there were more food options close by PPL to grab dinner before a 7pm game but other than that, I think PPL being right off the highway and not mixed in with a bunch of other stadiums is better than being in “The Complex”.

    • I live equi-distance between the 2, 25 minutes to bkth, and I prefer going to the complex over PPL Park. The location will never deter me from going, I love the Union, but between the train in or easy access off 95-South the complex is just easier. That being said, I wouldnt want PPL at the complex if it was built in the city.

    • I can understand that argument. But basically no Union fans (as a percentage of total fans, even assuming some Chester residents do support the team) live within walking distance of PPL, so everyone has to drive there.

      While driving into Philly is more of a hassle than driving to Chester from the suburbs, it’s not significantly more of a hassle, really, assuming there’s parking at the stadium. Plus, many suburban residents can take Regional Rail to the subway to get to the stadium complex without driving.

      Finally, having the stadium in the city opens up the Union to a set of potential casual fans who live in the city and might check the team out if it was easy to go to games. No one with a casual interest will make the trek to Chester on a random Saturday afternoon or Wednesday night.

    • UnitedPenn13 says:

      I live in south Jersey and I hate having to go to anything at the “Complex” even when there is only one event going on. When there are multiple events like a concert and a phillies game going on traffic is a nightmare and getting out of any of the parking lots takes forever unless you leave early. When I go to a Union match we stay for the entire match and we are home within 30 minutes once we get to my car and we live about 15 miles from PPL Park. I would probably not have season tickets if the stadium was in Philly.

  4. Unless there is a plan to build a new stadium in downtown Philadelphia that someone knows of what is the point? People have still been attending games and attendance will increase if the Union does what’s expected of them. Transportation, restaurants, shopping convenience will straighten out. I live in Manhattan N.Y. and have attended 5 games a year in Chester since PPL was built. It’s where my team is. I do this knowing the other issues will get fixed. The only thing that will keep me away other than health is the continued stupidity of this organization from FO to talent on the pitch. So I’ll remain in the minority. But I’ll gladly do so.

  5. james Lockerbie says:

    I live in Egg Harbor Twp NJ. Just a few miles from AC. I DRIVE to the stadium each time I go and I prefer to drive to Chester then to south philly.

  6. james Lockerbie says:

    The good news is the team’s new investor has experience with public transportation. Let’s see if he can fix some of the transportation issues some of one are concerned about.

  7. Also good that the original owner Sak is an astute soccer mind so that he can fix some of the problems with the team and it’s players.

    Oh, wait…

  8. james Lockerbie says:

    Come on …. it’s the off-season can we try to be hopeful that our future can be brighter.

  9. james Lockerbie says:

    There are train tracks right outside ppl park any idea how hard it would be to connect them with the Orange line. Yes it would be a long train ride, but I recently visited Washington dc and there were dc fans on the metro coming back from rfk. We were at the last station on the line out by Dulles international airport.

    • I think that’s freight rail only, but if you are proposing a new hobo supporters group, I AM ALL IN! FIRST TEN TO SIGN UP GET A FREE CAN OF BEANS

  10. james Lockerbie says:

    I am not an engineer but if I am reading bing maps correctly it appears to me the tracks right outside of ppl park could be tied into the airport line, or to the line running up to the 30th st station

    • old soccer coach says:

      No such restriction that I know of, freight passes commuter trains on the Main Line doesn’t it?

      • james Lockerbie says:

        If there is no such restrictions on freight/passenger train’s then I think we could get it done. if only we knew a bunch of crazy loud soccer fans to yell,beg and scream loud enough to get septa to make it happen.

  11. downtown Philadelphia would be best, but where? South Philly sportsplex is soulless – same as going to PPL now but with more access and more parking. PPL was supposed to be a waterfront wonderland – stadium cost: $115M; also to be built: $385 million complex of stores, restaurants and housing – grants/loans: $10M DRPA, $30M Delaware County, $47M State of PA – so the stadium is pretty much paid for – where’s the rest? without the complex of stores, restaurants and housing, its just a stadium with river and bridge views. at least tie a few barges up at the river and turn them into bar/restaurants.

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