Week in Tweets

The Week in Tweets

photo: Daniel Gajdamowicz

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend. The Week in Tweets has missed you…I’ve hope you’ve missed it. Here’s your weekly round up of Union players and our readers tweets. His us up at @phillysoccerpg to see your tweets here.

Pre San Jose

The win over the Earthquakes


Players post match

I hate doing the dishes more.

National Dog Day


Social media tip of the day

Chaco explores NYC


Amobi enjoys tactics of all types

National Bowtie Day


This is how you tifo

Sure, Danny. Whatever you say.


Pfeffer gets a call up for the U-20s

Have seen many great sunsets at PPL, but when will Stay Puft visit?


Sounds fun…

Fines and etiquette…


That Everton-Chelsea match was insane

I bet they are going just to see Glassjaw


  1. ethan white has some good glasses

  2. Embiid is Twitter Gold.

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