World Cup: Predictions

World Cup Predictions: Group Stage – Round 2

How about that United States! And that John Anthony Brooks?!?

Ok, that’s out of the way. Back to the predictions.

After the first 14 games — Group H is being played on the same day as the beginning of Round 2 — it is a dead heat between the Union Clairvoyants and the PSP Prognosticators with 38 points, with the Media Oracles nipping at their heels on 34 points.

Antoine Hoppenot and Jonathan Tannenwald lead the individual table with 9 of a possible 14 points, while Greg Orlandini will look to up his game in Round 2, after getting only 3 picks correct thus far.

Union ClairvoyantsRound 2_A.inddPSP Prognosticators
Round 2_A.inddMedia Oracles
Round 2_A.inddPrediction Notes
  • While we were all fooled by Uruguay, Brazil (and perhaps Belgium) were smart picks. In Round 2, 6 teams were unanimous selections: Brazil, Croatia, Netherlands, Italy, Argentina and Germany.
  • Despite shocking Uruguay, there was no love for Costa Rica as they face off with the Italians.
  • England was again a hotly contentious pick, with 6 of our experts selecting them to rebound after a poor showing against Italy, while 4 others believe it will be Uruguay who gets back on track after falling to the Ticos.
  • Three cheers to true patriots Antoine, Leo, Kerith, Dan, Adam, Mike, Greg, Dave and myself, for correctly selecting a victory for the USA.
  • While he enjoyed his Round 1 photo, Dave felt it as important that the world know about the silly face he made at Tim Howard.


  1. Sheanon hates America.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      I literally thought the same exact thing…. you beat me to it.

      • And Tannenwald….I’m not letting him off the hook either. USA, USA!!

      • Jonathan Tannenwald says:

        I actually picked Canada in every one of the games. Because I speak a bunch of languages and want you all to know it. PSP changed my picks for some reason.

  2. Not a single Costa Rican win?? Hope you are all wrong – that wasn’t a fluke win vs Uruguay.

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