How not to get fired, in 5 easy steps

Photo: Daniel Gajdamowicz

Believe it or not, it’s quite hard to get fired as Philadelphia Union manager.

The only manager the Union ever fired had to first allegedly misuse transfer funds, trade all his fan favorites, abuse his players, implode his career in the most spectacular fashion in MLS history, and generally just be a mean guy. So let’s treat Peter Nowak one as a one-off.

But after the stink bomb dropped in Montreal on Saturday, the clamor for John Hackworth’s dismissal has gotten much louder. Fans are losing patience, and it’s not just the vocal Negadelphian minority anymore.

With that in mind, it seems time to offer some tips on how not to get fired as Union manager.

(Let’s presume that Hackworth already knows not to apply for jobs in Scotland, so we’ll leave that and Nowak’s other silliness off the list.)

I’ve said Hackworth should not be fired, and even a performance as bad as Saturday’s won’t philosophically alter that viewpoint. He is a fundamentally decent individual with good vision for how to construct a soccer team, and he transformed a disgraced club into one top players want to join. He deserves more time to show he can coach them.

But his starting lineup against Montreal makes it harder to defend this position. That lineup looked like panic from a coach feeling the heat.

So, here’s how not to get fired as Union manager, in five easy steps.

1. Never start Fabinho and Danny Cruz on the wings in a must-win game. Ever. 

New rule: Any lineup card that includes both Cruz and Fabinho as starting wingers must include the caveat that “Chaco Maidana, Sebastien Le Toux and Leo Fernandes are injured.” Otherwise, it should be immediately lit on fire.

Forget Cruz for a moment. He was actually decent, particularly for a guy coming off an injury.

But Fabinho has no business starting ahead of Maidana or Le Toux, particularly considering both were coming off strong games last week.

Fabinho is a decent reserve left back who does one thing well: Dribble down the left and then cross into the middle.

But he hasn’t done it well lately because opponents know that’s all he can do. Plus, Andrew Wenger has offered no aerial presence in the box anyway, despite looking fairly good otherwise.

It’s one thing to add pacy players to pressure a weak Montreal back line. But “pacy” is no substitute for “good.”

2. Play your best players — the ones who are best in actual games.

Nobody outside the Union locker room cares who is best in practice. Whatever it means for motivating players, fans don’t care.

Only games matter now.

Maidana needs to play nearly all the time. Period, end of story.

Le Toux needs to play. Yes, you need to figure out how to better incorporate him into the lineup, but he has a history of scoring and assisting for the Union. Goals are good. It’s actually the point of the game.

Don’t overthink this.

The Union’s best 11 players may still be up for debate, but few would argue who the best 13 are when fit and in form: Okugo, Nogueira, Edu, Maidana, Le Toux, Williams, Gaddis, Berry, MacMath, Wenger, Casey, Fernandes, and yes, Brian Carroll. (Wheeler is probably No. 14.)

If you start anyone outside that top 13 due to reasons other than injury and then lose, angry Philadelphia fans will want to fire you.

3. Austin Berry must start at center back. Now. Or you will get fired.

If you’re losing games with a converted forward starting at center back ahead of the actual, proven starting center back you traded for, your fans will say bad things about you, like that you can’t coach and should be fired.

This is particularly the case in Philadelphia. I’m sorry. Don’t blame me. I’m from north Jersey. I have nothing to do with this. This is just the way they are here.

Personally, I like the Aaron Wheeler experiment. He’s a beast in the air. He’s very athletic, and he’s just a good soccer player overall. His adjustment has been impressive. Given time, he could become a very good center back.

But the time and place to give him minutes are not in Union games that you must win to save your job. It’s on loan with Harrisburg, for whom he could have gotten 180 minutes last week at center back. As a bonus, Harrisburg could stop playing your first round draft pick midfielder at center back, and you wouldn’t have to relive Wheeler’s ballwatching on the widespread defensive breakdown that led to Montreal’s goal.

The fan base swooned over the trade for former MLS Rookie of the Year Austin Berry. Berry looked good as a starter before he got hurt. He’s healthy enough to make the 18. You got the trade right. Just play the guy already.

4. It’s time to transition from long term to short term thinking.

Even if you are right in the long term, it will not matter if you get fired in the short term.

American sports have a great tradition of patient rebuilds. Our mechanisms of player drafts, waiver wires, free agency (or a semblance thereof), and no relegation make this a classic, time-honored tradition. Here’s how the process typically works:

  1. First you clear out the dead weight.
  2. You build a young foundation.
  3. You bring in some key veterans.
  4. The talent level improves.
  5. The chemistry begins to develop.
  6. Then you start winning lots of games.

The Union are on step 5. Everyone can see this team is talented. Even against Montreal on the road, they dominated possession and outshot the Impact.

Hackworth’s long-term vision should not be in question. He has proved an astute observer of talent and adept in the MLS trade and transfer markets.

But you can’t always be thinking of building for the long term if you lose the fan base in the short term. Patience is hard, particularly when the coach veers from the vision he wants you to be patient with.

5. Stay consistent with your vision, or you won’t convince your fans to. 

It’s hard to argue that fans should be patient if you’re not being patient.

It’s hard argue the team is evolving if you don’t let it evolve.

You can’t jerk around your wingers and start playing your backup left back as an attacker.

Put Maidana and Le Toux in. They’ll figure it out eventually. They’re too good not to. They’re the best hope in the short term and long term.

The same goes for Sheanon Williams and Austin Berry. Yes, Williams looks off the pace, and Berry crapped the bed in his one-game return from injury. But if Berry is fit enough to make the 18, he is fit enough to start at this point. Same with Williams, even if he needs a late game sub right now. (This is how to use Fabinho, by the way. Bring him in when Williams tires, and flip Gaddis to the right.)

Sports are not that complicated. Put in your best players. Let them play.

This is Philadelphia. Stop screwing around. Philadelphia fans don’t have the patience for this kind of thing.


  1. Love everything about this article.

    • Do you? Keep in mind I wrote he should NOT be fired.

      • I don’t think he should be fired, either. Still liked the article.

      • Thanks! I’ve just seen Jason demanding Hackworth’s firing in our Comments section lately. (Yeah, I like to read the comments. 🙂 )

      • So what would it take for you to think he should be fired?

      • The Black Hand says:

        Great question!

      • A bad record and no progress by August/September despite all this talent would make it hard to argue against a firing, wouldn’t it? (Even if you think he should stay on as GM.)

        Do you remember the Atlanta Braves’ pitching staff in the late 80s and early 90s? I do. I take the long view. But I’m also a realist.

      • What counts as a bad record? No playoffs? Because so far no team in the east wants to win the supporters shield that’s for sure.
        This team is designed to win now. Maidana is in the outs with Hack. Edu is a rental, essentially. Nogs is on an island and Wenger is loooking just like Mac on an island at the moment.
        As far as I’m concerned dude has until the world cup break as the final final final deadline.
        Because I only see regression in play and the only coaching I see of players is that they all seem to be trained to dive more efficiently.

      • The long view is this despite 3 major signings the core nuts and bolts of the team has stayed the same or regressed under hackwork for all the deadwood Hackworth has supposedly cleared out he has replaced it with variations of the same kind of plywood.

      • Also I don’t get the Braves analogy at all. The Union don’t have the potential to be great as that line up. And man those Braves teams were huge chokers.

      • neck label says:

        i do remember the braves. they had a proven major league manager.

      • I agree. Not in a jerky way. Honestly, what would need to happen for Hackworth to be fired here in your opinion?

      • Ok well obviously I don’t like that part of the article so I almost loved everything about this haha.

        I do like your 5 points though and what he should do because I share those exact same ideas. I like that people are seeing the same things I am.

        Also, while not calling for his firing I like that you had the balls to write this article. Haven’t seen enough of this on here this season.

    • amen. spot on.

  2. I hope Hackworth reads this.

  3. Dan, sound advice. Now sit back with the rest of us and watch Hack ignore it.

  4. Amazing piece. Well done.

  5. Brilliantly done, Dan.

    The point about Wheeler learning how to be a centerback in Harrisburg was spot on. Why this is being done at the MLS level when you have two centerbacks sitting behind Wheeler is the most puzzling to me.

  6. Bill Quiroga says:

    AMEN to you Dan. Everything you wrote in this article it’s so TRUE.

  7. With you on everything but Le Toux. Playing Leo more is the thing to do. But for the love of all that is right and holy in the world, play Berry and Maidana. And Fab is the guy you play when everyone else has the flu….

    • Yeah, Fernandes has been good. Leo or Le Toux — As long as you’re starting most of your best guys, you’ll buy more time with fans.

  8. Let’s see if the horse drinks.

  9. Dan again it makes too much sense so it’s probably over Hackworth’s head! Number 6 step to not get fire? QUIT! We know that will never happen. This is still an awesome article Dan!


  10. The Black Hand says:

    1)I thought that the Fabinho/ Cruz start worked, to some extent. Both played their wing (giving us width) and both showed a physical element that we had been lacking. Fab faded, dramatically, and should have been subbed for Maidana early in the second half. But, he wasn’t awful. Definitely a better midfielder, than he is a LB. (That says more about how bad he is at LB.)
    Cruz played a good game. I prefer him to LeToux…or at least a split. LeToux’s poor touch and wandering play are the two things that come to mind, when I think of his game. He is good at taking penalties…wait…
    2) Agree, though it is difficult to find who those XI are. A lot of ‘stinkers’ have been shown.
    3) Agree. Play the guy who has own awards for his CB play. That said, Wheeler has done well…considering.
    4&5) I cannot comment because I don’t think that Hackworth has any of those to things.
    Hackworth should have seen out the rest of Nowak’s year and then been moved on from. Never, should he have been considered as our actual manager. The proof of that has shown for his entire time as manager

    • Exactly. When he was hired full time he was like 4-4-1.
      However, I think he does have a vision. He wants a free-flowing attack and a high press defense.
      The key is he doesn’t know how to teach or implement that vision at all…which is literally coaching.

      • The Black Hand says:

        Nothing says ‘free-flowing attack and high-press defense’ like Brian Carroll and a very lazy looking Maurice Edu, making up your guts.
        The time has looooong since come to cut ties with a man with ZERO managerial experience. US youth doesn’t count.

  11. “… they dominated possession and outshot the Impact.”
    Problem is, Hack doesn’t feel like shots/shots on goal are a “valid” statistic.

  12. On #4 I think the U are stuck on The talent level improves. Haven’t seen much in chemistry. If anything it’s regressed since the home opener.

    • The Black Hand says:

      Agree. You definitely want to find the most talent you can, but if you can not orchestrate that talent, on the pitch, then you are left with a bad club with some talented players. A prime example would be Manchester United. (Though, the Red Devil failures brought me great joy!!!)

    • I believe Dan’s point and correct me if I’m wrong Dan, is that they are working on the chemistry, so they are working on #5. It’s actually what I wrote about in Fans’ View last week so I totally agree!

      • Correct.

      • The Black Hand says:

        We seemed to have more chemistry earlier in the season. No?
        Not sure what “chemistry” is currently being worked on.

      • I agree. I mentioned in my post that I felt at the beginning of the season, they perhaps over-performed. Players were just going out there and playing and now they’re trying to settle into their roles a little further. The problem is we’ve lacked ANYTHING resembling consistency in a starting XI, for several reasons. The best XI rarely play together in games. I hate to say it, but that takes time and game minutes.

  13. For a moment I thought you were going back on the “See me in September” proclamation. But I was glad to see you stuck to your guns in thinking he shouldn’t be fired.
    I continue to believe he should be fired. Should have been fired last year. And frankly, never should have been hired.
    But despite disagreeing with you about Hack’s future, I really enjoyed this.

  14. You are missing a couple of key steps:
    – get the most out of your players;
    – come up with a better substitution strategy.
    – come up with a plan B when Plan A does not work;
    Doubt he’ll follow these nor your recommended steps and I see him gone before the WC.

  15. Dan C(formerly of 103) says:

    Dan, you forgot # 6: Place all blame for lack of improvement on your mentor for 2 1/2 years.

    I understand the cap was tied up. I understand we had less then stellar players. But aside from MacMath this year, show me one aspect of this team that has actually IMPROVED in the 2 1/2 years Hack has been in charge.

    As I’ve said before, players have either regressed or been shipped out. They sold us a youth movement that never came to fruition and then they bought a bunch of spare parts that just don’t fit.

    Hack deserves to be fired NOW when you take into account his tenure as a manager. Good managers get more from less, Hack gets less from more. But Sak won’t fire him because he is a company guy.

    • when it comes to sak only one question comes to mind. how much does hack make and how much will his replacement cost compared with how much will I lose keeping him. That math determines how long we have to put up with losing/poor game planning.
      I supported hack originally and don’t dislike him as a person I just don’t have faith he is a game day manager.

      • james lockerbie says:

        Man, you got that right. And I agree with you backstory seems like a great guy but game day manager not so much

  16. Staci Klemmer says:

    Great article! From your keyboard to his computer screen…

  17. Hi all you dissatisfied PSPers I understand your frustration. I have a friendly reminder for you all: the Union play in MLS. If you think Hackworth should be fired immediately that’s fine, that’s like, your opinion, man. But have you considered what next? What master tactician is coming to MLS to manage the Union of Philadelphia? Tell us who could do a better job. Otherwise it’s just whining.
    (looks like Marcelo Bielsa’s going to Marseille, so, not him)

    • No. He is the worst coach in the league. This league. There will be someone better. They should look for that person. In the meantime, ANYONE else could do just fine- what are we going to get worse? Seriously, this is Larry Bowa level at this point.

      • Bullshit. You can’t possibly mean that. Seriously, this is preschool level whining at this point.

      • Here is the problem. In MLS if you use your definition it will always seem like preschool whining because we (the fans) have little idea what the budget is and who is available. thats partly how we ended up with hack as an interim turned permanent.
        Its not like the big leagues where millions are spent. That does not however mean that the management shouldn’t always have a list of possible replacements and a succession plan. That is always because you never know. My frustration with this situation mostly stems from not trusting hack for the job multipled by my fear that sak doesn’t have an exit strategy multiplied by the fact I feel hack is cheaper and therefore who we have and will keep moving forward. I do however completly agree that dumping hack without a functional stragtegy to rapidly( by years end) replace him with someone better is a terrible idea.

      • I don’t think it is. I feel pretty calm about it, and I think that if you reflect on the points I have made that you will find them to be true:
        -> He is the worst coach in the league
        -> Someone better is out there
        -> We can’t possibly get much worse if we fire him
        -> This team screams 2003 Phillies.

    • I hear Piotr Nowak is available…

      • The Black Hand says:

        He was a better manager. Total asshole (so we have been told), but had a much better knowledge of the game.

    • This is the laziest thinking ever. I’ve always hated this line of thinking. That’s what all the Andy Reid defenders said..
      Basically your saying that sports don’t ever progress.
      You think Liverpool said that before they hired Rodgers? Germany before Low? Barca before Pep? Bayern before Van Gaal? Even in MLS: Kreis, Vermes, Porter, Petke, Berhalter…could just keep on going.

      • yeah and how did Andy Reid do last season?

      • Dan C (formerly of 103) says:

        He did the same as he does every year. Exposed in the playoffs when game day management is at a premium…. actually sounds kind of familiar and on topic.

      • Porter is doing great this year .. by your line of reasoning he should go now, too (or should have gone last year at this point). To sustain success you have to plan for the long term. Acquire good players, integrate them, keep/get them healthy, and play them. It seems a lot of commentators think the players are all healthy, are all integrated, and are all following Hack’s instructions to the T. soccer, and life, ain’t like that. most seem to give a pass to the front office, which may be a bigger (or the real) problem.

  18. OneManWolfpack says:

    Excellent article. While I called for Hack’s head in a comment on another post, it was a bit reactionary.
    I am willing to give him time. But I agree that serious changes, and not just panic “throwing poop at the wall to see what sticks” changes, MUST be made. This article should be sent IN MASS via email to Hackworth.
    There is nothing more frustrating than when your team excels at some things (possession, player acquisition) and utterly fails at others (management, substitution, scoring goals). If we were only half decent at the stuff we sucked at we’d be that much better. So annoying.
    Turn two of the five draws into wins and we are at 11 points (assuming my math is correct) and in the top 3 in the East. The fact that we are where we are right now, with the East being as bad as it is, is the only thing saving this season.

    • Dan C (formerly of 103) says:

      Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve. What you are failing to also take into account is that the U have played 2 more games then the majority of the teams a head of them. If you take into account actual points per game, then the situation is much, much more dire.

    • But that is Hack’s only solution, you see. Because he doesn’t actually coach. He just assumes you put players in positions (that he likes to refer to by numbers to make him sound smart) and that’s his view of tactics.

  19. The Realist Brian says:

    Great post. I disagree obviously and think that Hackworth’s time is done. Tactically, he is abysmal. He plays a quasi-possesion game that swings the ball from side to side without any real approach (and this isn’t a slam on Nogeruira, who I think is unbelievable and we are lucky to have him). Once we reach the attacking third, it all breaks down with the lack of runs to stretch and pull the defense out of position. This falls back on him and his assistant coaches (who apparently run the day to day coaching/tactics). A good coach, like Bielsa 😉 would scream the living shit out of Casey, Wenger, Le Toux and Fernedes to move and make off shoulder/diagonal runs. Our attacking players (minus Nog) are very static. And again that comes back on Hackworth and staff.
    You are spot on about Maidana. He should not be subbed out of the game. Ever. If he is out of shape, play him into shape. He is far too good to be subbed for someone like Hoppenot. If frustrates the crap out of me, so hopefully Hackworth heeds your advice.
    Good call on sending Wheeler down to Harrisburg. Or better yet, why not use that heading ability at the end of the game when our attack devolves into cross after cross into Connor Casey with Wheeler coming in at his natural position? Amazingly, Wheeler can actually pass when he played up top. Instead of watching him struggle with learning this position, play him in his position of strength–>Forward.
    The one thing I would fault him on is his use of our younger players. Pfeffer should be getting games and Hackworth has a poor track record getting the young guns involved. And the fact that Riberio is playing at Center Back in Harrisburg is an absolute travesty. Big and talented AM are very difficult to play against. Hackworth/Belcher putting him in the back is such a mistake and it needs to be corrected quickly.

    • Old soccer coach says:

      The center back Ribeiro is replacing has a broken ankle. If you look at the HCI roster, there are few spare defenders. Point is moot in any case as Ribeiro pulled a hammie vs. Sacramento Saturday night.

      • Doesn’t matter who is injured. If the Union have a loan relationship they should be able to dictate that they don’t want their attacking player wasting minutes at a position that we aren’t grooming him for. It does the Union no good to have a player getting minutes completely out of position. How about playing one of HCI’s actual players out of position. Or send white or wheeler down. we dont need 2 CBS and a left or RB on the bench.

      • The Black Hand says:

        Not really how loans work. Club manager plays the player where he pleases.
        I haven’t really seen enough out of Riberio, to formulate an opinion. Where would he fit in the Union lineup? Can he play on the RW?

  20. He should have been fired last season. Why wait for a bad record? We have one now at 1-3-5! We have six games in May, and the Union are challenged to take more than what 4-8 points from the 18 on offer? At this pace we will finish with less points than last season.
    Though all of the previews will have the Union scoring 2+ goals.
    5/3 10:00PM EDT
    at CenturyLink Field
    0 points

    5/10 4:00PM EDT
    D.C. United
    maybe 3 points

    5/14 8:30PM EDT
    at Sporting Park
    Sporting KC
    0, maybe 1 point

    5/17 7:00PM EDT
    New England
    1-3 points

    5/25 8:00PM EDT
    at Stub Hub Center
    Los Angeles
    0 points

    5/31 10:30PM EDT
    at Stub Hub Center
    Chivas USA
    0-1 point

  21. james lockerbie says:

    Is this an article or a pitch for the job? Careful keep writing articles like this and the phone may ring Hi, I have a need for a soccer coach lol good job. You were spot on.

    • No, they definitely should not hire me as a coach. (Adam Cann would be a different story.)

      Now, general manager or assistant GM? I can make that case! 😉

  22. John Hackworth: Games(57) W(20) L(23) D(14) Win%(35.09)
    2014 season 8 pts. 1-3-5

    Piotr Nowak: games(75) W(21) L(30) D(24) Win%(28)
    2012 Season 8 pts. 2-7-2 FIRED

  23. John Osborn says:

    Yeah, thinking in the long-term looks like what motivated the Jack Mac trade. I wouldn’t be surprised if that trade kills the Union’s playoff chances this year.

  24. Great analysis. I agree with most of your points except starting Le Toux. He has become a ghost in the last few games. His touch is absolutley horrible, his defense has been poor, his crosses and corners have been horrible as well. Having said that, we could talk about individual players all day but this team truly needs a foundation of a starting line up day in and day out. All I see is that Hack switches up the line up after every game. It is quite insane. For our backline, know one has been outstanding except Okugo(of course not as of late), but he has been the strongest and smartest in the backline all season. We definetly need him back there. for the midfield, it is obvious that Edu, Noguiera, and Maidana start. for offense, in my opinion it is up for grabs. either way there needs to be that foundation of starters in everygame. Hack can’t be putting different line ups out every single game.

  25. I’d like to go the SKC, RSL, RBNY route and give it over to either Curtain or Albright. Albright has less actual coaching experience, but more playing experience.
    Either way, if we’re firing Hack mid-way through, then we’re desperate. But he should have never been here for this long in the first place and we’re desperate anyway.

  26. Mark Johnson says:

    Crapworth starting Wheeler as a center back in the MLS is akin to Andy Reid making his offense line coach the defensive coordinator of an NFL team. STUPID IDEA! Dan, you are right on with your comments about Wheeler learning the role in Harrisburg.

    Unfortunately, that is not the only problem with Crapworth. Starting 2 defensive holding midfielders at the same time, having no idea what to do or how to play Nog, and Okugo is a DM whose career is getting ruined as a CB having to play along side a forward.

    This team has one method of attacking, crossing the ball into the box, that’s it and the rest of the league has figured it out. Something has to change immediately or the season will be a complete waste.

  27. Fire him before the whole season is ruined.

  28. Enjoyed the article, except, Aaron Wheeler is not a good soccer player overall. He is clueless at the back and was clearly a crap forward. He has average skill on the ball and his distribution is poor. Name a single team in this league that would have him, let alone play him.

  29. 6. Lose to Seattle by less than 4 goals.

    Incidentally, I think all the hand wringing about who in the world might replace Hackworth is a little silly. There are other soccer coaches out there. We couldn’t do any worse. Heck, did Nick consider sitting down with Nogueira, Edu, Casey and getting their suggestions for a real coach? That might be a way to reinvest them in the team. Because right now all of them are looking for an exit strategy.

    Funny how 2 months ago we were all concerned about building a real practice field. Now I’m worried about having a team to practice on it.

    Looking forward to start of US Open Cup. Might be first game we have a chance to win.

  30. My vote is for “Old Serby” Paunovic to come back and coach

  31. Dan, I enjoyed your article. I still give John Hackworth this season.
    Aaron Wheeler plays centerback like he is a forward. Posesses the ball, waits for contact, then flops to get a call. So far the calls have been coming but wait till they don’t.
    I agree his lineup this week was crap. It almost seems like 3 or 4 players missed a team meeting or something. Danny Cruz plays with the energy of a 12 year old and I can’t tell when he has a concussion from when he doesn’t. He seems to run all over the field. Chako needs to be on the field period. Letoux needs to be part of the game, or at least fresh positive energy off the bench at some point.
    I did see some positive target play from Casey when he got in the game even if only a well timed run back to the ball that did not get served.
    Agree with comments above that 2 Holding midfielders as they are called now are counterproductive to the mission at hand.
    We did win possession and got many chances on goal and difference was a GK drop.
    Better luck next week I guess.

    Go Union
    Rupemaan 119

  32. Philly Cheese says:

    Great mix of humor, wisdom and pathos in article. Probably Hack’s ego can’t take a hit to read your recommendations and others comments, but maybe one of his assistants can get him to talk to someone he respects to filter this and make it seem like he thought this up on his own. Sounds like a sports shrink might be in order here. Please don’t get so desperate to think Nowak was better manager. Nowak treated players like crap, withheld water in practices, didn’t communicate and got us into financial issues with players who no longer are on roster but we are paying for. Would love to know if we are clear from under financial issues with Adu, Bakary, Valdes, etc.

    • Nah, Hackworth is a pretty humble guy. It amazes me how much people underestimate this guy. There’s a reason players like him. He’d probably read this. But then, this column wasn’t meant only for him. If it was, I’d send him an email or something.

      • I’ve met him a few times myself, and humble is a fine word to use.
        The guy is taking a beating on PSP and may not be the best of coaches but by all accounts he’s a decent guy for sure.

  33. The Right Direction says:

    Great article Dan. Spot on.
    I like the idea of Pauno, not now, but after the season…!!!

  34. Even if Hackworth reads it, he’s already on record against it. He says Wheeler has already earned the starting CB role – here. He’s in love with his system and the 110% effort guy. The record is the players’ fault for not finishing. Pro coaches spend a lot of their time motivating their top talent. We know Edu is auditioning, but he’s not allowed to play the role. Chaco knows he’s better than Cruz. Carroll could have been moved back if Hack wouldn’t sit him. This won’t end well, but will it end soon?

  35. I would give him the leeway of 2 more games and if both stink as bad as the Montreal game he needs to GO! But the question is who is going to replace him?!?

  36. kingkowboys says:

    I am in the don’t fire Hackworth camp. What will that really do? It will lead to more turmoil and get us no where. He at minimum gets the year, so strap yourself in and buy lots of Tylenol.
    Completely agree with this article. Hack needs to realize that short term there are different decisions than long term. I would rather see a consistent starting lineup and different subs than mostly the same subs and a different starting XI.

  37. And Hackworth just burned this article in his latest press conference.

  38. Hackworth needs to be fired. NOW. So tired of his personnel decisions and general tactics. Hackworth would make a great High School coach in the area.

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