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Player of the Week: Zac MacMath

Photo: Paul Rudderow

From looking odds-on winners to almost assured losers in the blink of an eye, few on the Union roster seemed deserving of a Player of the Week nod this time around. But there was one player who stood tall and earned the Union a point all by himself: Zac MacMath.

Some will argue that MacMath should have done better on the two goals the Union let in. Reasonable people with reasonable concerns can disagree on that. What’s not up for debate is the quality of MacMath’s point-preserving penalty save and save on the follow-up shot. That play was of the highest quality.

The script is becoming familiar: the Union dominates large portions of the match, takes the lead but can’t put the game away, then coughs it up late through a combination of individual errors and poor team defending. When Aaron Wheeler brought down Juan Luis Anangono, scorer of the Chicago Fire’s equalizer, inside the penalty box in the 96th minute, it seemed that such carelessness was about to cost the Union even more dearly.

Up stepped Mike Magee, 2013 MLS MVP and Fire talisman, to take the spot kick. One does not expect one of the top marksmen in MLS to miss game-winning PKs, and to his credit, Magee hit the ball hard and low and to the corner.

But MacMath was better.

Call it luck or intuition, MacMath leapt to his right and easily saved Magee’s kick, pushing the ball wide. Then, alert to Magee following up his miss, MacMath got back to his feet and saved the second attempt, then swallowed up the rebound.

End of game.

MacMath has his critics, and he’s been looking over his shoulder all season, since the acquisition of Andre Blake. But give credit where credit is due: at the end of the game, facing a fearsome opponent in Mike Magee, Zac MacMath earned the Union a point. The quality of the play almost deserves more than that single point, and the Union need to be better, but there’s no denying that when it mattered most, Zac MacMath did his part. That makes him our Player of the Week.


  1. And I don’t think the dude even cracked a smile after making the save.

  2. John Ling says:

    That was a spectacular sequence. The quickness he showed in getting back up after the initial save was amazing.

  3. OneManWolfpack says:

    I’m not a huge Zac fan but both saves (on the PK) were world class. Very well done! Thanks for saving the point for us!!

    • I think this is where the critics come in (at least my criticisms): This is what he can do.
      I think he is one of those players that doesn’t have a chip or edge naturally. It’s like he just “wasn’t havin’ it” at the end of the game Sat, and I wish he always had that attitude…seems to be a theme though throughout the locker room.

      But thanks for the point Zac.

  4. james lockerbie says:

    We Philly fans can be rough, but When a player makes a play we give then the credit they deserve. Macmath, Good show!

  5. aum breath says:

    Really? He could have come out on the second goal on the initial inswing!

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