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Hackworth presser, league buys Chivas USA, Union friendly to be live-streamed Sat., more

Photo: Daniel Gajdamowicz

Philadelphia Union

Update: Philadelphia Union’s friendly against the Columbus Crew will be streamed live on the Columbus web site at 1 p.m. on Saturday.

The takeaway from Thursday’s weekly press conference is that the Union are still on the lookout for a veteran central defender. John Hackworth indicated that the search is taking longer than anticipated, in part because the coaching staff is “being picky” about who might be brought in to fill the position given the existing defensive core already on the team. It is, as Matthew De George described at the Delco Times, “a measured and complex stance.”

Asked when a centerback signing could be expected, Hackworth replied,

Our timeline was about three or four weeks ago. I say that jokingly, but we have been looking everywhere trying to find the right player for our team. This is one of those things, it never stops in this business where you have to vet so many players to try to find the right one. I would refer back to earlier in the offseason where we were looking for important pieces to our midfield and it looked like we were not doing anything in that regard and the opposite was true: we were working really hard, we just had not found them yet and that is where we are at with our center back situation…So, we are trying to find that person and we are looking very hard. If we can get him here tomorrow great, there is certainly some urgency to that, but again were are not going to make that move unless it’s the right player.

So, there is some urgency, but what if the team has to start the season without a new veteran centerback? Hackworth said,

We put Sheanon and Amobi at centerback yesterday and started Ray Gaddis at right back and Fabinho on the left. You look at that, and with Zac in goal, that alone has four of those five guys that have been together for three of the last four years, which is a pretty good starting point. At the same time, you don’t want to go into the game with two center backs that are 5-10 each and think that you’re going to be able to play some of the teams in our league that have 6-2, 6-3 target forwards. That’s just unrealistic. And then you have guys that we’ve been playing there, like a Marquez, or Aaron Wheeler who have done really well there this preseason. We have guys that have some of those physical attributes and qualities that would match up well in those situations. That’s part of the reason we’re being patient, is because we’re not really in the position where we’re desperate for it.

Hackworth also discussed the competition at right mid/right wing between Sebastien Le Toux and Danny Cruz. Referring to the nuances of playing 4-3-3 with different personnel, Hackworth said, “So a 4-3-3 with Sebastien on the field the way that we are doing it looks like we are playing with two forwards. When you play with Danny Cruz on the field, he plays a little wider on the field, so there are these little changes specifically between those two guys. So, yes there is certainly a competition right now but they are not the only two that we are looking at for that spot. A spot that we have good depth at, and at the same time there is no one that has solidified that spot right now.”

Hackworth described Marquez as “one of the biggest surprises in camp.” He explained, “He has got good size, got excellent speed, he is strong, he plays pretty simple, but he is trying to make a huge jump from playing at that level so he needs time more than anything. But he has had strong preseason; we like him and what his personality brings.”

Hackworth said of the desire to get Conor Casey and Jack McInerney on the field at the same time.

Conor and Jack need to be on the field together because they complement each other well, but how you put them on the field together — and what formation they play — is an interesting question for us. We have approached our preseason so far in a 4-3-3. We believe we can use Conor and Jack on the field together at the same time, and that looks more like you are playing with two forwards. It looks like you are absolutely playing without a right midfielder at all or a right winger at times. Again, we’re kind of at this point of focusing the way we are playing — the way we are moving the ball, our angles, our rhythm, our changing our point of attack, immediate pressure when we lose it — and it definitely has a different look to have two forwards who like to play more centrally and off each other versus not. So we are always going to have to adjust to the players that we have and what their personality are, what their strengths and weaknesses are. That is something in the world of soccer today every coach has to balance — you cannot just plug in players that do not fit your formation, you have to have relationships that have to be established. We try to approach it more as principles and systems that we’re trying to make sure of the big picture we’re implementing, whether we are playing a 4-3-3, or a tilt to one side of the field, or not.

Speaking of relationships, how are Cristian Maidana and Vincent Nogueira coming along? Hackworth said,

Within the team they are doing great. I do think that everyone — from our players to the coaching staff, to the fans — have to know, no matter what, it is still a big adjustment even coming from the places where these players have been. From a cultural standpoint to just the level of play in our league, it is difficult to immediately come in and make those wholesale changes and they need a little bit of time. So, we are going to have to be patient with them, they are going to have to learn along the way. Both of them have shown well and yet we recognize that they have certain parts of their game they are going to have to adapt to be successful in the MLS.

How is Hackworth feeling about the upcoming season?

I feel really confident about the season, because we have a group of guys retuning that were building something — they know what we did last year was good, but was not good enough — and they have that desire to come in and make sure we have a better season this year than we did last. When you add good pieces to a core group of players that already have the belief in how you play, and understanding of what it take to be successful, I think that bodes well for the future.

Sebastien Le Toux says he’s recovered 100 percent from the bout of plantar fasciitis that he was dealing with at the end of last season and is looking forward to renewing his partnership with Sheanon Williams. “It’s so much better. I can run free compared to the last month of the season. I hope it’s an old story. Since I came back, I haven’t felt anything. It’s been good news for me.”

Le Toux also described how he talked to Nogueira I talked to him even before he decided to sign with the Union and his hopes to play along side him. “He was asking me questions about the team and the city. And I was trying to tell him all of the good things about living in America and playing in MLS…I hope it can be a good thing for us. Maybe since we are from the same country, we would have more chemistry. We would be happy to play together on the field.”

The page for next Wednesday’s match against Toronto is already up on YouTube, courtesy of Sporting Kansas City, apparently.

More fun with Maurice Edu, who has been killing it on the social media front. Edu had a bet that Flappy Bird would become Slappy Bird if he scored more than 10 (I have never played the game, so I assume saying “score” is appropriate). He’s gonna fit in here in Philly most excellently:

Brotherly Game’s series on positional depth continues with a look at attacking midfielders.


The Guinness International Champions Cup comes to Philadelphia on Aug. 2 when Roma faces Inter at the Linc with a 1:00 pm kickoff. A ticket presale begins on March 3 with general sales on March 5. More info from PhiladelphiaEagles.com, Philly.com, Philadelphia Business Journal, CSN PhillyAllentown Morning Call, Philly Soccer News, SI, and ProSoccerTalk.

The La Salle women’s team has released its spring schedule.


MLS announced on Thursday that it had bought back the Chivas USA franchise, saying “Effective immediately, MLS will assume responsibility for operating the club.”

The announcement explained, “In the coming months, the league will resell the club to a new ownership group that will be committed to building a new stadium and keeping the team in Los Angeles. The league has had initial discussions with a number of very qualified potential owners and intends to finalize an agreement with a new group sometime this year.”

Former Chivas USA president Jorge Vergara said, “The Chivas USA concept did not work out…There is only one Chivas. We want to concentrate in investing in Chivas Guadalajara. I am convinced of soccer in the United States and of MLS. But we have to strengthen Chivas Guadalajara and leave [Chivas USA] in very good hands.”

Don Garber said, “It’s time to turn to a new chapter here. That new chapter will start with us finding a new ownership group – we’re pretty good at that. And developing with a stadium plan – we’re pretty good at that, too.” Garber also issued an open letter to Chivas USA fans. Those that remain, anyway.

Garber also said that the discrimination lawsuit brought by two former Chivas USA youth coaches against the club last spring has been settled.

More on the Chivas USA news from The Goat Parade, ESPN, SISoccer America, SBI, Philly.com, Empire of Soccer, Goal.com, and The AP. Also, former Galaxy coach Steve Sampson on how Chivas “got it completely wrong.” He may be too kind in saying the team would have been successful if it had stuck to the “gameplan” of  being “a Latin-based team.”

Player moves:

In his conference call with reporters discussing the Chivas USA purchase, Don Garber said that Atlanta, Minneapolis, Sacramento, San Diego and San Antonio are all in the running for the remaining two MLS franchises.

More on Albuquerque’s hopes to land a MLS franchise.

The OPTA Spotlight column at MLSsoccer.com has a look at “clutch” players.

Xavi to Miami? Sure, why not.

Looks like the NASL is considering some changes to its competition format.


At the Washington Post, Steven Goff looks at some of the options for the upcoming friendly against Ukraine given the ongoing political crisis in that country. US Soccer spokesperson Neil Buethe says, “We are having discussions with the Ukrainian federation about all options.”

Oguchi Oneywu writes at SI about dealing with injuries and his World Cup hopes.

The USWNT will play China in Commerce City, Colorado on April 6. Ho hum.


The AP reports, “FIFA says it is concerned about security challenges during the World Cup in Brazil but isn’t afraid of being targeted by public demonstrations expected in June.”

Barcelona have been charged with tax fraud over the Neymar signing. Barcelona’s president isn’t too concerned.

You know that awkward moment when you call up a player for the national team and the player shows up, only, while he has the same name as the player you wanted to call up, he is not that player? Fabio Capello knows.


  1. Can someone please explain to me this American obsessions with moving players out of position? Seriously! Soccer isn’t the NFL. You can’t just drag and drop players everywhere.

    The tactics and game are so complex that you really need the best players at every position, and the best players are the ones who have played that position their whole life and know it inside and out. Williams should be considered an emergency CB, NOTHING MORE. This whole “Well he’s athletic and he didn’t kill himself last time he played there … So yeah he’s a MLB quality CB!!!!!!” is a joke.

    It happens on the NT team too with players like Evans!

      • All exceptions to the rule, and all with caveats. Bale is a world class talent. Van Der Sar changed to GK at a very young age.

        Even Okugo is in a terrible situation. He is a DMid through and through. The only reason why he played CB for is because our previous coach was crazy and we had no depth. Okugo at CB shoulda stopped as soon as we brought in a few real CBs to replenish. But we never did.

    • Being a player in MLS is like being a talented employee at a promising start-up business. You need to be able to wear multiple hats because they aren’t big enough to just buy all the talent at all the positions yet. You find talent that is willing to come in, and you use them as best you can until you get the money and interest to sign the specialized guys. MLS is going through a transition period, and the players will have to do the same.

    • I don’t think anyone’s “obsessed” with changing players’ positions. It has to do with the limits on the player pool and salaries. Williams is a RB, and it sounds like him playing CB is very much a case of emergency-use. In the end, the coach has to put the best players he has in the best positions for the team. If Williams is better at CB than White (or anyone else on the roster) is right now, and you have a Ray Gaddis who can fill in at RB, that’s what you do. Hack isn’t saying it’s ideal; he’s saying the opposite. And, at this point, Okugo is just as much a CB at MLS level, if not more so, than a DM, whether we like it or not.

    • It happens at the big clubs too.

      Barca made Mascherano into a center back (was a holding mid)

      Chelsea made Luiz into a holding mid (was a central defender)

      Bayern made Lahm into a holding mid (was a left back)

      Madrid made DiMaria into a central midfielder (was a winger)

      I’m sure that there are countless other examples of this happening.

    • Some players just are more versatile. Think about it, it’s not like players natural skills always line up specifically with one position or another. There are some players, Okugo is a good example, who have a wide enough skill set that they are capable of playing multiple positions. And you see it all the time at top European clubs as well. Arsene Wenger tends to prefer players who can play multiple positions. Cesar Azpuelecueta (a natural RB) has started multiple games out of position at LB at Chelsea. Diego Costa played on the wing last year at Atletico Madrid to accomodate Falcao.

    • People don’t just change positions in the NFL, either. Sure, it happens, but its very rare. What you do in the NFL is 99% of the time what you did in college, which is probably about 95% of the time what you did in high school. It is waaaay easier to change positions in soccer than football. I’d rather see a big, tall forward try to play center back than see a nose tackle feebly attempt to develop the lateral agility and hand skills to pass block as an OT.

      I love both games to death, but the idea that soccer is more tactically complex than football is literally laughable. It’s without a doubt one of the most tactically complex sports on the planet. Its like chess with humans.

      That said, Wheeler isn’t a center back.

  2. I don’t see the problem with players playing multiple positions. It might not be ideal but being a good “soccer player” in the modern game requires an ability to adapt to different formations and tactics and not just specialize in one rigid position within one type of rigid formation. A return to the concepts of total football in a way.

  3. Dan C (formerly of 103) says:

    Most striking revelation in all this CB talk, to me anyway, is that Ethan White is literally not even in the conversation…. Aaron Wheeler is in the conversation but not White. Looking more and more like we only took him to free up a spot/roster space for Parke to go to DC. I didn’t expect White to be a world beater but it seems as if he is currently being beaten out by a Division III rookie, a 2nd division Finish striker, and a question mark……

  4. My highest on Flappy Bird is 4 … 10 is hella impressive.

  5. I totally agree with James. Look at https://phillysoccerpage.net/2014/02/19/union-preseason-roster-update/ or any number of other links.

    The Union currently have 6 player who can play defense on the roster. White, Okugo, Gaddis, Williams, Fabinho and Kassel.

    Let’s eliminate Kassel: he played only 90 minutes last year, and this year’s team is supposedly better, so he shouldn’t play at all, and hence opposing USMNT stars should be safer.

    Okugo is being played out of position. Yes, our best player is being played in the wrong position. This is horrible management by the FO, right? The face of the franchise and its best young player, who’s eager to get a national team call up is being played in the wrong position. When his contract is up he’d be an idiot to stay with the Union.

    Anyway, for 2014 that really leaves 4 defenders. I understand why we were willing to trade Parke and get Edu. That was smart. But that happened BEFORE the draft. There were 2 CB’s rated as “can’t miss” in the draft. We didn’t draft either one of them, despite having just lost Parke. Instead we drafted a goalie we don’t need and another midfielder. (I like Ribiero, but he’s not going to see the light of day, just like Roger Torres didn’t see the light of day, especially with 3 DP midfielders now on the team.) Then, we drafted a CB who has already been let go and another CB who played division III and is by all accounts a project.

    We have like 15 midfielders and only 4 defenders! Landon Donovan, Eddie Johnson, and Jermaine Defoe are licking their chops.

    And notice Hackworth’s explanation of why we don’t have a starting quality CB: “we have been looking everywhere trying to find the right player for our team.” They haven’t even identified a target, much less made progress getting a deal done!

    • I would be shocked if Okugo isn’t living out of a suitcase and boxes in his apartment right now. This dude is outta here as soon as contractually possible. Literally every other option he is going to be given around this league and maybe Europe is going to be as a CDM and he is going to eat that opportunity up.

    • James Lockerbie says:

      Hold on, Hack just said, look the media the fan base everybody was ready to riot in the streets. Then we got three players, three very talented players. So maybe just maybe they do have a guy in mind and are trying to get a deal done. The team just doesn’t want to advertise it yet. Probably so the deal can get done or if it falls apart they don’t have to hear about it.

    • It makes absolutely no sense to claim Ribiero won’t get any playing time because Torres couldn’t get time. The only similarity between them is that they are young attacking players. Last week Ribiero literally ran 20 yards with the ball on his feet while dragging a redbull player that was clinging to his jersey

      • James Lockerbie says:

        Roger That! it was amazing I thought the referee was sleep walking it took so long for him to call that! unless he was going for advantage cause he was heading for the goal with or without that guy on his back L o L

  6. Well if he doesn’t pan out with LA Galaxy, I’m sure Bradford Jamieson IV will have a trust fund to fall back on.

  7. I still find all the moaning about Amobi Okugo playing out of position a little tiring. I realize many have little faith In the coaching staff, but it just could be that he is a better central defender than he is a midfielder. I certainly have not seen enough of him at the midfield position to make a firm judgement. But I have seen enough of on defense to see that he plays the position at a high level for his league with the potential for many steps up. It could be that the coaching staff does not see that potential in his midfield play.

    • +1
      I think he is one of the best if not the best players on our team at the moment and the reason I think that is from watching him play centerback.
      I’m not saying that him playing in the midfield doesn’t cross my mind very often but when he was making spot cameos in the midfield I didn’t think about him as a player very often.

    • James Lockerbie says:


    • Well said. Most people who clamor for Okugo to play CDM probably haven’t seen him play the position often. He really hasn’t impressed much at that position anyway. If he wasn’t going to play at CDM last year with Soumare and Parke on the roster, he’s certainly not going to anytime soon.
      The guy has the potential to be an elite CB in MLS with exceptional passing skills to boot. Let’s give this out of position argument a rest. Okugo is a center back.

  8. I hope I am wrong, but I have a lot of concerns about our team this year. The main reason is our coach.
    Here are a few them:
    1. Why 4-3-3 when we have 2 decent center forwards in Casey and Mac. Hack says if he plays them together than we will sacrifice a right mid? We should play them in a 4-4-2.
    2. Boggles my mind, but how is there even a question between Letoux and Cruz as a starter. Ah, Farfan would have been the best choice here. Thx Hack. Ribiero might win the position sometime during the season.
    ‎3.Sweeper position decision already covered by Ben.
    4. Zac has me nervous again. After looking better towards the end of the season, did anyone catch those 2 soft goals he let in this week? I will give Hack kudos for covering this with the #1 pick.
    5. Truthfully, we didn’t need EDU when we have Okugo to play DM. We should have brought in a good stopper and put Okugo in mid. Again I agree with Ben and Jason remarks above.
    Don’t forget we were a much worse team than our record showed last year. I think we would have been at the bottom with DC if it wasn’t for playing a man up in 11 GAMES!
    Ok Thanks, had to get that off my chest. With all that being said, we did upgrade personnel dramatically and should be in the playoffs. BTW, I love the Vincent addition! Just what we needed.
    Just hope coach doesn’t mess it up with bad formations and player selections.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      I don’t think it’s as much doom and gloom as you are putting out there. I do agree with you, that the formation and player selection by Hack will completely determine if this team makes the playoffs. And unfortunately, I have no faith in Hack in that regard.

    • In reference #2. I invite you and all of the PsP readers to watch the Hackworth Journey to head coach. On the Union youtube channel. They run a hight light, while Cruz is recalling his U-17 days with Coach. Anyone want to Guess what happens at 4.38 on the clip.

      • i’m not going to watch it but i’m going to guess a 16 year old cruz hands hackworth a pillowcase full of rubies

  9. OneManWolfpack says:

    No stream again for Saturday vs Columbus… I guess the weather prevented that. Still frustrating as hell. At least the Crew website has a Twitter update to follow. The Union’s social media is just flat out pathetic.

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