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Union trade down twice, select midfielder Pedro Ribeiro at No. 15

Photo: Myrtle Beach Online

With the fifteenth selection in the 2014 MLS SuperDraft, the Philadelphia Union selected Coastal Carolina’s Pedro Ribeiro.

Ribeiro is a 6’4″ do-it-all player. He has average speed but makes up for it with superb technical ability and an eyebrow-raising passing range. As a second team All-American and Hermann trophy semi-finalist in 2013, Ribeiro showed he could continue to improve even as he was clearly the best player in the Big South Conference.

His 11 goals and seven assists led Coastal Carolina to a Sweet 16 appearance in the NCAA tournament, and his creativity and confidence were on display during his senior season.

The Union traded down from the 6th spot to the 10th spot, then again down to No. 15 before selecting Ribeiro.


  1. Wow this guy is big. Any word on how he is in there air? Could be a big help. Where does he fit in with our lineup?

    • He’s a CAM, so probably bench behind Maidana. Not sure how he is in the air, but 6’4″. To put it in perspective he’s as big as Wheeler.

      • Yea just watching his highlights it looks like he’s playing with little kids, could be a valuable late game addition.

      • Jeremy Lane says:

        Then again, perhaps Maidana plays on the left of a 4-3-3, with Ribeiro and Carroll (and/or Edu?) in the middle three. Jack or Conor up top, Le Toux on the right.

      • Great point! I was just going off Hack’s 4-4-2 bucket.

      • Yeah, I would assume Hackworth will stick to his 4-4-2 formation. Assuming one of Edu or the French guy, I can see a mid-field arrangement of Carroll and Edu/Frenchy in the middle with Maidana and Le Toux out wide, with Ribeiro serving as the “understudy” for the Edu spot and Maidana. Or, if they decide to dump Carroll they could go with Edu/Frenchy in Carroll’s spot, making it a bit more dynamic; you can then either slide Ribeiro into the starting center-mid spot, or shift Maidana into that center spot and use a combination of Bone and Cruz (I hear the groans already) to fill the other mid spot. (And that probably requires moving Le Toux over to the left.)
        The 4-3-3 Jeremy mentions (Maidana, Edu, Ribeiro in the midfield; Casey, McInerney, Le Toux at the forward) sounds like it could be a fun formation for this team, though. That actually looks like a good offense to me. It also gives some good flexibility for subs. You can use Lahoud or Daniel as a sub for one of your forwards when protecting a lead; you can use Cruz or Hoppenot (and again, I hope our roster only has one of them by the start of the season) as a spark plug late if needed.
        The more I look at the 4-3-3, the more I like the idea of it.

      • I don’t think Hoppenot or Cruz are gong anywhere. They are cheap and play different positions. Doubt that any teams are seriously interested in either player.

      • Glad to see the Daniels and Carroll tandem will no longer be used, neither is an attacking mid, which I’m hoping Maidana or Riberio can fill that role!

    • Is it me or does John Hackworth have a great eye for late game subs. We have the greates collection of late game subs in the league.

      Starters notsomuch

  2. I know Costal Carolina is not the strongest school for soccer. But what do you think the chances are of him starting at some point this year? Seems to me he might have the ability to play right away if he gets his match fitness up.

    • Yea he’s a starter from day 1. Watched Pedro with Reading United, he’s got the tools to be a stud, eventually. But he’s a better option at the CAM position than anyone currently on our roster, save perhaps Maidana, but I don’t know enough about him yet.

      • From the footage I have seen on Chaco Maidana, he also plays on the right side as an “inside out” wide player- think Arjen Robben on Bayren Munich. He looked good there, able to cut inside and shoot or cross while providing space on the flank for Williams to make his useless runs.

  3. Now Conner Casey doesn’t have to be our only target on GK kicks. (Not that I’m assuming this guys is a starter, but when he’s on the field this will be true).

  4. Any idea what the Union got for trading down twice? Maybe the allocation money they gave up to move up to number 1?

  5. Based on his BIO from the draft site, he can even play left back which would be a good fit for the union.

  6. I like this pick a lot. Seems like a good fit for the 4-3-3 and the Union were able to trade down twice, pickup cash, AND get Ribeiro.
    In contrast to drafting Blake, I love this move.

  7. OneManWolfpack says:

    If the Edu and Nogueria moves come to fruition this team will be better than last year. That’s all I want is to be better. And we’ll have a serious piece to trade in MacMath if we want. All in all, I give it a C so far for the offseason.

  8. Pedro can play wide left. He did this the summer he played for Reading. He has more speed than you think and he is nasty not dirty on tackles. He will make impact if given right situation with Union.

  9. John O'Donnell says:

    I talked to Jay Sugarman at the draft and they said that they like him but he has to get is shape. Might be the steal of the draft in a few years as he can do a lot.

  10. So are we going to see a crap ton of “vote for Pedro” shirts now?

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