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Report says league balking at Edu to Union, on the Parke-White trade, Valdes update, draft news, more

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Philadelphia Union


As Kerith Gabriel reminded everyone on Tuesday, John Hackworth said in Monday’s press conference, “There’s a lot that’s going to happen, it’s going to be a very fluid process. Some of that might shake down before we actually get to the draft, and then there is definitely going to be some movement within the draft.”

Hackworth wasn’t kidding.

Right on the heels of PSP’s reports that the Union were targeting Argentine winger Cristian Maidana and French midfielder Vincent Nogueira, the club announced on Tuesday the trade of Jeff Parke and the No. 6 spot in the allocation order to DC United in exchange for central defender Ethan White and the top allocation spot.

And as multiple reports soon made clear (here’s one example), the Union acquired the top allocation spot in pursuit of US international Maurice Edu.

At Goal.com, Ives Galarcep reported on Tuesday that the Union were “putting the finishing touches on a deal” to sign Edu.

Soon after, ESPN’s Jeff Carlisle tweeted that the league “balking at Maurice Edu’s salary of $1.2M,” adding, “If league nixes Edu to Union deal, expect all hell to break loose.”

And break lose it did, as much as for the $1.2 million figure Carlisle dropped — ASN calls the amount “totally nuts” for a player who “featured for all of 10 minutes in his time with Stoke City and has not played a competitive club match in nearly nine months” — as about the idea that the league would block such a deal after Toronto’s massive spending for Jermaine Defoe and Michale Bradley, not to mention Seattle’s signing of Clint Dempsey, as Steve Moore makes clear at The 700 Level. More doubts from the Brotherly Game.

At Fox Soccer, Kyle McCarthy has a calmly posed review of the Edu news. “Consider the plight of Maurice Edu as the first significant repercussion from Toronto FC’s lavish outlay on Michael Bradley and Jermain Defoe…It is now up to the league and its clubs to figure out whether they want to engage in the arms race or vainly try to tamp down the market once again. Edu, the Union and everyone else will wait expectantly for the answer.”

Why would Edu go through the allocation process when Michael Bradley and Clint Dempsey didn’t have to? The Washington Post’s Steven Goff explains, “Like that pair, Edu would also be a designated player and have no lingering ties to an MLS team. However, league headquarters would not help facilitate Edu’s re-acquisition by paying a portion of a transfer fee; he would move on a free transfer. In such cases, MLS utilizes the allocation ranking, regardless of whether the player signs a designated player contract.”

Ethan White tweeted after the trade announcement that saw Jeff Parke dealt to DC United and the Union’s acquisition of the top allocation spot: “Great place to land. Let’s make some great memories! #DOOP”.

DC United general manager Dave Kasper said of the Parke for White swap, “Jeff is a guy that we’ve tried to trade for multiple times. He’s an everyday, starting center back. For us, in the offseason, we’ve said it was important to get our backline right – we realized what we needed was to get a starting-caliber center back to start off the season, and that’s what we see in Jeff.”

Kasper said of White, “I think Ethan has made progress, he’s knocking on the door to be a starter. He’ll have a better opportunity [in Philadelphia]; I think they might feel he’s a better fit for their system. We just thought with our group, moving into the season, we needed to get another seasoned veteran.”

Kasper also explained why DC was willing to trade the top allocation spot. “There’s couple of players who the league is in discussion with to return to MLS. It would have been very hard for us to pull of any of those deals from a salary cap standpoint. Both players will be hitting big numbers, and we’re not in a position, with how we’ve built our roster in the offseason, to accommodate those big salaries.”

At the Delco Times, Matthew De George writes of the Parke trade, “With each team getting a defender, the crux of the deal is financial. Parke made $205,000 in base salary last season to White’s $75,000, according to numbers released by the MLS Players Union.”

At SI, Avi Creditor on why DC fans are questioning the deal. More skepticism from ProSoccerTalk’s Richard Farley.

Valdes update

In the latest from the Carlos Valdes front, his agent Ricardo Pachón said in a radio interview on Tuesday (crappy Google translation here) that the former Union captain is close to signing with San Lorenzo. “We’ve had discussions back and forth to San Lorenzo, the player’s interest is great because it’s one of the big 5 in Argentina,” Pachón said. “I think everything will be set in the next 24 hours.”

In what appears to be a different radio interview (crappy Google translation here), Pachón seems to say that while interest from San Lorenzo is great and there have been “a few conversations,” the club “officially, in writing, has not contacted us.” Nevertheless, Pachón says San Lorenzo is the main option. “In the next few hours, I will meet with Carlos to decide.”

Meanwhile, San Lorenzo TV.net reports that a six month loan deal may be in the offing.


With all of the recent news of potential signings from outside the league, things will only get more interesting with Thursday’s SuperDraft.

PSP’s Sean Doyle has two draft previews, one featuring Reading United alumni and another looking at other top prospects in the draft and how they might fit with the Union.

MLSsoccer.com says it’s slim pickings when it comes to left backs in this year’s draft.

At the Union website, Kevin Kinkead looks at some of the players available from UConn.

The Union will be involved in multiple events during the draft and the rest of the NSCAA convention. Here’s a rundown of what’s happening. The Sons of Ben also have a rundown of the events they will be hosting. Make no mistake, the Sons of Ben, will be in full voice during the draft.


Beachwood, NJ’s Mark Geiger has been named one of 25 referees for the 2014 World Cup. Have at it, dear reader.


Further transactions from Tuesday include,

Michael Bradley says the move to Toronto “happened very quickly.”

Toronto head coach Ryan Nelsen says the team “will try and move hell and high water to try and keep” Matias Laba. More on Toronto’s “reboot” from ESPN’s Doug McIntyre.

Camilo Sanvesso is still training with Liga MX side Querétaro. Vancouver says it is still “working on a solution.” 24 Hours Vancouver believes losing Camilo could be good for the Whitecaps in the long term.

Have you heard the Xavi to New York City FC rumor? So has his agent, who says, “there’s nothing in it.”

With an offseason of big signings, Esquire wonders if MLS is about to become a “big deal.”

The LA Galaxy have announced that A.J. DeLaGarza, Todd Dunivant and Juninho “will be featured on their home field at StubHub Center in a group date on an upcoming episode of The Bachelor on ABC” that will air on Monday, Jan. 20.

From the Courier-Journal and WDRB, more on efforts in Louisville to land Orlando City’s USL PRO franchise when the team joins MLS.


Talking to reporters after the first USMNT training session in Brazil, Jurgen Klinsman said, “It gives us the opportunity to be already at the facility we are going to stay in the World Cup, to get to know the hotel we are going to stay at and to get a feeling for the country. What we want to get out of it is that the players experience all those things. In the technical side there is a lot that we can achieve, on the organizational, logistical side there is a lot we can experience.”


  1. One things for sure … it has gotten really interesting to be a Union fan these past few days!

  2. You know on one of those rare occasions that I don’t question why I spend so much time and energy following this team. I am put in a situation where i spend so much time and effort following this stupid league.

  3. I don’t know how many people would be willing to do it, but I found it to be pretty interesting and worthwhile to read the (very large) comments section on the Brotherly Game’s Edu article. It certainly clarified some of the thoughts and feelings I had about the whole situation.

    • I actually deleted my Brotherly Game bookmark after 4 year last night after reading the original authors comments. I appreciate the time and effort it took in writing the article, but you can’t just insinuate your opinion on players is absolute fact.

      • I agree with you there, thats why I encouraged reading the comments more than the article. I thought most of the insight came from those responding to the author

      • As one of the people responding to Justin, he was significantly out of line last night. I don’t blame you. He didn’t just insinuate his opinion was fact. He was calling anybody who disagreed with his opinion idiots and trolls.

        That being said, if you want to see a good defense of Edu/the contract, there’s plenty of them in the comments.

      • I was embarrassed for the original author of the article. His argument against had no “steak”, so he tried to bluff his way through with “sizzle”. Then when he got called out in the comments he doubled down with all-knowing arrogance.

      • I just went back and read those comments. The Author should be removed from the site. That was pathetic . . . like SERIOUSLY pathetic how disrespectful he acted towards anyone with any sort of differing opinion. He also doesn’t seem to understand sports economics.

    • FYI If you want a fun chuckle or two and good gauge of the knowledge of the average Union fan check out the post on the Union Facebook page about Parke’s departure. I’m glad we have a large base of fans, but some of the comments on there make me wonder!

      • Reading comments on the Unions Facebook page is like reading comments of Philly.com you don’t do it unless you have a strong stomach.

      • We (at work) were just talking about this yesterday…on everything. It’s funny to see the facebook comments vs. the PSP comments.
        This is why we come here.

    • Bunch of people who don’t know what they’re talking about

  4. If the league blocks the deal, I can only imagine how loud the boos will be when Garber steps to the podium Thursday.

  5. James lockerbie says:

    Well, we wanted some player movement. Looks like we’re in for a roller coaster ride!

  6. The DCU quote refers to two players possibly coming to MLS. If Edu is one, who is the other??? Could he be a good fit?

    • Probably referring to Marco Pappa, who the Sounders have been linked to. Things could get very interesting if the Union are not allowed to sign Edu, because they would still be #1 and could totally block the Sounders from getting him. He plays RM, so I’d say he’s a fine fit, although not quite as good as Edu.

    • Ed Farnsworth says:

      As Adam and Jhn said, the reference was to Marco Pappa.

    • More likely we’d trade the spot to Seattle for a draft pick or allocation. doubtful that we’d make a play for Pappa. We would then also hold the #2 spot.
      Could make a play for Diskerud?

      • Wilkerson McLaser says:

        We should. He has a year left on his Rosenborg contract, so they might be willing to deal. Though they might want to hold onto him in case he goes to Brazil and puts in a strong showing to boost his transfer value. Also, he’s one of the most highly rated players in Norway.

      • All true. But I’m sure they could be persuaded to let him go for some serious cash.
        I guarantee he will be in Brazil. JK rates him very highly and he fills a positional need.

      • Wilkerson McLaser says:

        For sure. Frankly, I’d be happier with re-directing the splurge budget aimed at Edu towards Mix’s salary and transfer fee.

      • +1

      • I would La-La-Love Getting Mix. But his nixed return to the MLS is the precedent for the current Edu debacle. Not sure he has any deisre to deal with the MLS group ownership structure again until he has completely exhausted all of his overseas opportunities many many years from now

  7. It’s too much money. I’m glad the politburo is blocking it.

  8. Can anyone briefly sum up why Edu has been off the grid for those 9 months? I’m not well versed in the reasons, just that he’s been mostly off the pitch since leaving Rangers.

    It’s baffling to see the league interfere with the progress was making this week, but a little scary that it seems they feel the need to protect the Union from itself (and/or, the league salary structures from soaring north). Kinda wish they’d been so proactive when the U signed A-du, if they’re going to be interfering and all…

    • same reason Bradley couldn’t sniff the field for Aston Villa and Mata can’t get on the field for Chelsea . . . some managers just prefer certain players to others, here in UVille we call it DannyCruzitis

    • Wilkerson McLaser says:

      A combination of injury and benchitis. He actually showed quite well in Turkey and, last I checked, had some solid suitors in Franc, Spain, and Turkey, but Stoke seems completely uninterested in playing him.

      My sense is that it’s because while he is a pretty good player (certainly good enough to play for Stoke IMO), he’s not SO good that he’s an obvious first choice starter. Especially when you have Europeans and others that don’t require permits, more known quantities, and, frankly, aren’t American.

      If MLS doesn’t work out, he’ll definitely land on his feet. But it could also put a stop to the reverse exodus of USMNT players to MLS as quickly as it began.

    • I think he was brought in under Pulis but that now Hughes is there he doesn’t rate him. Same deal with Brek Shea.

    • Thanks guys.

  9. Hey, can anyone provide me with some details on the Superdraft tomorrow. I want to know if there is a U fans meet up at it and if so, what time and is there a cost to attend. Thanks!

  10. Wilkerson McLaser says:

    Makes zero sense for MLS to block the deal. If we valuate Edu at $1.2m, rightly or not, that should be up to us to pull the trigger, particularly in light of expensive DP bombs like Danny Koevermans, Mista, Marquez, Juninho Pernambucano, etc., not to mention the Bradley and Dempsey transactions.

    In no way would the Edu situation set any worse of a precedent than has already been long established in MLS. If Beckerman doesn’t like it, then he should have a chat with RSL and his agent; that’s not our problem.

    I don’t think that paying $1.2m for any CDM should be a priority for Philly unless we’re serious about moving Carroll AND getting a proper CAM, but it’s our right to do so. I can’t help but think if we were dangling $1.2m for an aged European or a 26 y/o South American unknown, MLS would be over the frakkin moon.

    • Paying 1.2 Mil for a CDM shouldn’t be a priority for the Union. But this isn’t a knock againsr Edu. The MLS started this feeding frenzy for US nationals, and now they can’t put the Genie back in the bottle.
      Should Edu get 1.2 mil. Sure. Why? Someone is willing to pay it. Its not like he is getting a huge raise, unlike Bradley.

      • Wilkerson McLaser says:


      • Right.
        But what’s more scary here: That MLS is blocking it or that Sak and Hack value him so high? Again, I like Edu.
        But still, I somewhat agree with MLS. They’re not ready for a bunch of teams to make terrible purchases like Tottenham in the 90s or Cowboys and the Redskins of the NFL…

      • Its not his value in my opinion. It’s his position. The Union have never wanted for MLS level DMids and aside from opportunity it seems like an odd place to have a DP level upgrade.

    • Those are my thoughts exactly. Do I think Edu deserves 1.2 Mil? Absolutely not. Should the league block the move? Hell no. If other players are concerned about their salaries that’s something they need to take up with their club. If a team is willing to spend for a player, that’s their prerogative. I can guarantee if this was SEA, NYRB, LAG, or even POR the league would’ve ran with it.

  11. Geiger reffing the World Cup. It’ll be interesting to see if maintains his normal level of douch baggery on the world stage.

    • He will.

    • I really have to wonder if Geiger is better than we give him credit for, to be honest. He’s done the Olympics, the Under-20 world cup (including becoming the first American to ref a final in a major men’s tournament), and now the world cup. (Thank you, Wikipedia, for the information.)
      Bad refs are going to get work in MLS, because, well, MLS. But Geiger regularly gets major international gigs. And so – back to my first sentence: I wonder if he’s better than we give him credit for.
      Yes, I do think I need a shower now. Why do you ask?

      • Atomic spartan says:

        I may be hallucinating, but when I have seen Geiger ref outside PPL and RedBull on TV, he seemed to do a passable job. Not great, but passable. But near his home turf, he seems to get a bad case of the yips. Still can’t see what USSF or FIFA see in him tho.

      • Howard Webb keeps making the WC referee list and he’s not very good so why not Geiger?

      • I’m sure he’ll make a bad call or 3 but I’m wondering how his arrogance and eagerness to show up the players will play to a global audience and world class players.

      • Geiger tends to show well on the world stage. The problem is, he now thinks he’s too ‘big’ for MLS, and it shows when he does regular league matches.

  12. So we all complain that they don’t spend money, they finally get the message and offer to spend money and the league says no?!?! You know if this was NYRB he’d already have a press conference! He will make our team better the minute he puts the jersey on! If this doesn’t go through today I will be at the convention center screaming my head off at don garber and the lot!!!!

  13. Dear SONS OF BEN: You have the PERFECT opportunity here to stage a very public mutiny at the Superdraft if the Edu deal gets scrapped. This has nothing to do with Edu being worth 1.2M or not. It’s the idea that Don Garber can play favorites and shape our team’s roster, fan appeal, and outreach.
    Please don’t go sitting down.

    • Wilkerson McLaser says:

      Agreed. But, as we all know, the SOBs will just sing the same old songs from 2010 and plan the next charity match.

      • After spending more time in the River End this season than in previous ones, it’s pretty clear that the SOB need new life. Just look at the Portland match to see the difference: the TA were coming up with inventive and creative chants and songs, while we had the same lifeless songs that were there in the first season.

      • For you guys wishing the SoBs would do more– why not take off work, come down to the field house tomorrow, grab a cheap pint, chat up your ideas with a whole bunch of friendly people from all walks of life, and join them for the draft?

      • I am, it’s that important to go nuts on garber.

      • james lockerbie says:

        That’s why I shared my brothers idea. And I can’t wait to get to the draft to chant against g barber has he hates it we`’ll probably get thrown out but it would be worth it I am mad as h*** and I am not going to take it anymore!!!!

  14. While I think that the Union are overpaying Edu, they are not paying drastically over his market value as he’s already making roughly the same amount at Stoke. You can’t apply that same logic to the Bradley deal as there’s no team in the world that would pay Bradley $6.5M per year.

    Rather than buy into the “Garber wouldn’t be doing this if it were LA, NY or Seattle” conspiracy theory, I have two thoughts:

    1) This delay is only to serve as a warning to other teams to not go crazy overpaying players to come back to MLS. Similar to a ref calling a player who is already on a yellow over for a chat after a bad foul. The perceived intent is to calm the player down, but it’s really a signal to the player’s manager that if you don’t sub him out, I’m going to give him his 2nd yellow the next time that he commits a foul.

    2) There was always a rumor that the Union never paid their full expansion fee so MLS HQ played more of a role in the management of the team. And given some of the transactions that the team have done over the years which hasn’t worked out, Garber is pushing back against the Union FO and the viability of this contract. Clearly, we don’t see this happen with other clubs, but perhaps their relationship with MLS HQ is in better shape than the Union’s is.

    I could be way off base here, but I think that the deal still gets done with Edu at this salary and that this was a general warning shot to the owners of the league to remember who runs the show.

    • But the warning to not go crazy on payments is absurd because the MLS Encouraged, Facilitated and eventually contributed to overpayments of US nationals.
      So any warning will cause more resentment than not.

      • I didn’t say that MLS’s position was on solid ground, but I do think that they are mindful of the upcoming CBA and not getting too far out in front of the skis at a certain point.

        They have arguably the three most important USMNT members already back in the league (Dempsey, Donovan and Bradley). Aside from maybe Jozy, the benefit to having more USMNT players here is negligible.

      • Except for the quality of the product. Something the MLS cares little about.

      • What kind of warning are they gonna give when Orlando signs kaka and NYCFC goes bonkers and signs 3 mega dp deals? Because you KNOW that’s coming up next year.

      • True, expanding the league by 2 more teams in 2015 are only going to dilute the talent pool further and make the quality of play worse. The league needs to bring back more Americans who are marginally getting a game in Europe.

      • I could be giving the MLS HQ too much credit here, but I’d think and kind of hope, that in order to have a player qualify for DP status, the Club would have to put together some sort of report that could demonstrate the ROI. Dempsey and Bradley get the needle moving. They are very marketable, LEAGUE WIDE….is Edu? No. Was Adu? Technically, Yes. Some of the above say the MLS doesn’t care about talent… Does the EPL, NFL, MLB, NBA? No. It’s all about ROI…face it; it’s a business that needs to make money.
        Expansion makes money (at least in the beginning). Overpaying players that don’t promote the viewership of the game MAY create a loss. Again, I like the Edu play for the Union. It’s not my money so why should I care? But I can’t fault the MLS for trying to be a responsible business here.

      • If you attend matches it IS your money. Sports teams are a business, but it’s a business that is partially supported by the consumer. If no one (I mean literally no one) showed up for games, the Union would be bankrupt quickly. Teams have to do what is best for the bottom line, but that gets much easier to do when the product on the field is of a high quality, and the organization is respected. Until now neither of those things are true about the Union. This would be a step in the right direction, but the Union should not set a precedence by overpaying just as MLS should not by denying them the chance to. It’s a slippery slope.

  15. This is the most rational message board I think I’ve ever read. Kudos to the phillysoccerpage.com readers today. Seriously, there are so many inexplicable parts to this attempted transfer that for any single person to try and articulate them might be impossible, but this group has covered all of the ins and outs. Well done all.

    • Best compliment ever. I’m sitting here in the hospital reading through the comments section while on hold with insurance folks, wondering what people think about the Edu thing (because it’s better than thinking about insurance), and thinking the same thing. Awesome stuff from our readers. 🙂

      • Congrats dan, be careful with those insurance people . Just got a new bill and my son is 5 months old. But he’s gonna look great in an edu jersey!!!!

  16. The Union now have a case of “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems.” Can’t we go back to the days of tight-fisted, unattractive, bottom-of-the-table soccer to which Philadelphia fans have grown accustomed?
    Such a simpler time. Now we’re challenging the status quo and questioning the authority of a higher institution? When did Philadelphia become a hotbed for rebellion and revolution?

  17. Atomic spartan says:

    Anyone interested in starting a bidding war for Mix D? What’s your opening bid, given Edu’s apparent price tag?

    • Transfermarkt has him pegged at 1.4 Mil. http://www.transfermarkt.com/en/mikkel-diskerud/profil/spieler_103559.html. Not sure how much he makes in a given year.
      But with the WC coming up I’d wager roughly 2 Mil.

    • Wilkerson McLaser says:

      As Shane notes above, it is probably true that Mix has a bad feeling about MLS and its byzantine rules, processes, and proclivity for making things up on the fly (if that sounds contradictory, you’re getting the idea). If we’re going to do a bid for Mix, we should run it by the league first.

      A $2m transfer fee seems good in a World Cup year. Maybe offer him an Adu-like salary of $450k or so? All that should be more than covered by the moneybags in the couch cushions that the FO found for the Edu bid.

  18. So Edu’s deal is for a lot less money than Dempsey’s or Bradley’s, yet the league wants to nix this one? What else is obviously different about Edu than those two? Could it be that Edu is black and the other two are white? I don’t have any factual basis to say that this entered into MLS’s decision, but it is awfully suspicious when this is the first deal they nix (and please correct me if I’m wrong and the league has nixed other similar deals in the past). Maybe it’s something to bring up at the draft tomorrow.

    • I think to imply that it is race related is completely off-base. Most likely has to do with 1. the fact that the league helped pay for the transfers of CD and MB and 2. that Edu is asking for a high wage without providing the Star Power that LD, Henry, CD, Di Viao, etc. provide. 3. They are also claiming that it disrupts the league’s internal economy under single-entity ownership at an inconvenient time with the CBA up for negotiation within the next year.

    • Wilkerson McLaser says:

      What Jim said. They aren’t very compelling arguments, in my opinion, but I doubt race has anything to do with it. Let’s just say that if MLS is a secretly racist league, they’re doing a godawful job shaping the league to their prejudices.

    • Yes, they’ve done it before, and he was a white swede.

    • Everything Jim said . . . but the fact he’s a defensive player vs offensive is also very much in play. The MLS wants to promote themselves as an open scoring league and is actively encouraging teams to go out and sign young “attacking” players via the young DP spot. The spot is only available to offensive players . . . not defensive. So if Edu was an attacking midfielder like Bedoya it might be allowed (speculation on my part), even though Edu and Bedoya essentially have the same brand recognition with soccer fans. MLS was not happy when Montreal used their DP spot to sign their Italian CB a few years back and really wants those spots reserved for offensive players only

    • I do agree that it is not LIKELY to be a racial issue. However, given the timing so close on the heels of the Bradley signing, it does raise the possibility (in my mind at least) and I’d really be curious as to the league’s response if they are asked.

      • If it were a racial issue it would be in a roundabout marketing kind of way. In a we think these types of players are more likely to draw viewers/sell merch are players that our ideal demographic identifies with so they are a sigh at any cost priority. But most likely not.

  19. OK, so “what if” territory question. Specifically, what if the league backs off and lets the U sign Edu? What other moves happen?
    What happen to Brian Carroll? Is there any sort of trade market for him within the league, even if it’s just for allocation money?
    Who starts at CB, Okugo and White/draft pick?
    Would the Edu signing likely prevent the Union from also signing Maidana? Or is that proverbial poker still in the fire?

    • Hopefully they’ve seen the same team we did last year and it’s a complete midfield revamp. The other players weren’t dp offers so at least one will happen. I hope both though.

    • Wilkerson McLaser says:

      I’ve been thinking about that. I don’t see any way we keep Carroll at that point. I like the guy and I think he’s done well for us, but no reason to keep two expensive CDMs on the books. Carroll would get some decent offers around MLS and we’d get some allocation money or a draft pick or maybe a journeyman midfielder who we’ll play as a left back or striker or centerback or goalkeeper …

      Of course, we could always keep Carroll and play both of them, which would be dumb but certainly not the dumbest thing Philly has ever done. If we do sell him, though, I’d like to think we’d be bringing in a proper attacker to pair with Mo.

    • Per Taylor Twellman, who I think is pretty straight forward the Edu deal is 95% DOA. so with that assumption:

      I think White starts the season as CB and the new guy gets rotated in until he’s ready . . . if it’s Birnbaum it may very well be day 1.

      I think Carrol stays and is our #1 CDM

      Maidana has no connection to Edu deal, that one is happening either way. Any Nogueira(sp) deal however may depend on outcome of Edu though as they essentially play same position.

      • Wilkerson McLaser says:

        I’m frankly fine with Carroll sticking around if we have a proper CAM for him to hang out with. I really don’t know who that guy is, though. Can we kidnap Diego Valeri?

      • Maidana’s Wiki page says he plays left and CAM. When I brought it up previously, one of the writers (I think it was Dan) said we should expect he would play CAM for us. Would he pair well with Carroll?
        And does anybody know much about the French guy? I haven’t seen a whole lot (but also haven’t gone looking for much, either).

      • I watched Nogueira play the other night. A replay of the Lyon Sochaux match was on BeIN Sport. Box-to-Box Mid. decent distribution, has pace, looks like he prefers playing in the middle. [Sochaux had him playing RM]. Took a few corners for them as well. In his mid-20s. Only downside is that he isn’t very big. Maybe 5’6″-5’8″ 140-160lbs. Seems strong enough to hold onto the ball though. Apparently he’s also a captain [per wikipedia] , but wasn’t wearing the armband.
        Reminds me of LAG’s Juninho. Smaller, but athletic with good vision/distribution.

      • Thanks Jim.
        That’s what we Carroll “haters” are looking for from our DM…
        I wonder if this Edu deal gets blocked, Noguera’s agent pushes up the price.
        We might get screwed all around here.

    • I have heard rumors in the past week that they are shopping Carrol around. This could have been because they were angling for Edu. I would argue Carrol still has some value in the league; we could probably get something for him. I figure the centerback that would pair with Okugo would be one of the drafted guys or White (or Williams if it turns out the other options are too green). As far as the other guys we are pursuing go, I would say getting Edu would not affect that. Every staffer has gone on record spelling out exactly what it is the team needs and how many starters we need. They have said over and over that we need a CAM, two left sided players, and they would like a box to box guy as well. Signing one center midfielder would not satisfy fans and they know that.

      • If Edu and Noguera go through, then Carroll is expendable. If just Edu, then I think we have to keep Carroll (and I am a Carroll “hater”). I thought last year that not only do we not have CB depth and no CAMs at all, but we also have one real DM. All our bench is just Middies that really can’t play anywhere.
        Also, I wouldn’t be comfortable with Okugo and (insert White or rookie) as our starting CB pair and only CBs on roster. And I’m not moving Williams inside, no matter if Gaddis is there.
        Hopefully, you bring in Edu and hope White or whoever play into starting CB role and Edu can start DM — and Carroll can be bench and spot starter, or sometimes play 2 DMs with Attacking Outside Mids.
        If no Edu, Carroll stays defenitely and go all in on Noguera(sp)…Or maybe we can just try to pay Valdes to keep him….

    • Assuming that Edu is DOA and that both Madiana and Nogueira are signed, here is what I’m anticipating in a 4-4-2 bucket:
      Macmath, Gaddis, White/Birnbaum/Dean, Okugo, Williams, Carroll, Nogueira Madiana [LM], Le Toux [RM], Casey, JMac.
      Bench might be Random GK, White/Birnbaum/Dean, Hoppenot, Cruz, Wheeler, Bone, Neumann/Riberio/Tschuma.
      Kind of hard to anticipate draft picks

      • I’d actually like to see them move one of Hoppenot or Cruz. Obviously, just about everybody would scream, “Pick Cruz!” But if you care about what comes back in the deal, Hoppenot offers more value – better finisher, more on-the-ball skill, and lower salary.
        But overall, they’re basically the same player. Of course depth is good, but if you can move one to get another asset somewhere else…

      • Agreed. I just haven’t heard anything about either playing being shopped around.

  20. I think the MLS should allow the Union to offer the $1.2 Million. I didn’t know the MLS and so many other people know how Edu will and or would play in the MLS coming back from overseas. He could become the or one of the best Mids in the league! The fact is no one truly knows. He has a chance to redeem himself and get back to success. Any player in this sport can turn their success around. If they have the right opportunity. I actually commend the Union FO for “growing some balls” and really putting themselves out there. We have to realize many high quality overseas players have been drawn to only the most popular cities and Canada, such as NY,LA,Montreal,TFC etc. Philly is up and coming and fairly a new establishment in the MLS and I just think its a lot tougher to persuade high quality players overseas to come here.

    • It’s not about level of play really. It’s about marketability.
      If the entire league is one entity, then you want your highest paid and most marketable players in the biggest market.
      THe U benefit from high price DPs in NY and LA and Toronto to a certain extent…
      Maybe if Philly had better facilities and FO, they wouldn’t need to offer so much.
      Just saying.
      And we can’t diss the single entity. Without it, the MLS would fold. No question about it.
      Hopefully in 5 years they can go more into a profit sharing entity like MLB, but not there yet.

      • Purely by size, Philadelphia is actually a slightly larger market than Toronto. Philly is #4 in North America, Toronto #5; and they weren’t separated by much.
        Now, that said I do absolutely get that you’re talking about more than just actual market size here.

  21. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Valdes is loaned for six more months and returns after WC. Both the Union and Sante Fe own his rights, making it difficult for both parties to agree on terms, and might explain why Parke was shipped out. The U probably asked him to take a pay cut. Could be interesting if he comes back in July.

  22. So if the league kills the deal, what’s the over-under on the number of times Hackworth mentions it during the season? I say 5.5.

  23. Can’t wait to see how this plays out. I don’t know what will happen if the U don’t get Edu. Can they hold up the entire MLS 2014 returning player transfer market hostage via the allocation ranking? I assume Seattle and Pappa have already discussed terms. Could the U say tough he’s either ours or he’s not coming back. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess Pappa doesn’t view The Union as a more favorable destination than stacked playoff team that is Seattle. Would the league then step in yet again and force the Union to trade the allocation spot? (like they forced the Urruti trade). Would they orchestrate something with Laba to kill two birds with one stone? So many possibilities

    • I’d say probably not. The league would just treat that as the Union “passing” on their selection and move on to the #2 spot.

    • I’m guessing they would coerce Philly into switching with Seattle (which wouldn’t be the end of the world considering we would still be in the first spot after they got Pappa) but for appearance reasons they would have to give us something. I’m just hoping it would be something worthwhile

    • I don’t see why not. The allocation order is the allocation order. The Union had to trade up to secure Edu. They don’t have to take whoever the first guy to come through is, but they can hold up any other deal. Naturally, the MLS will probably come up with ways that are totally legal under the “rules that aren’t made up we swear seriously” that bypass the Union, but other than that, the Union have the #1 spot which gives them first right.

  24. The more I think about it the more I feel MLS is 100% wrong to block this. Isn’t one of the goals of the league to promote American (and Canadian) soccer? Here we have a player who is clearly one of the top 50 American players (and significantly higher than that in my opinion) wanting to come into the league and the league says no? That makes zero sense. I can understand it if he was not from the US or Canada, but the league should make every effort to get players from those countries to play here rather than turn them away.

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