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Player of the Week: Conor Casey

Photo: Daniel Gajdamowicz

Conor Casey could have had a hat trick.

When you consider how good a game he played Sunday in Philadelphia’s 3-0 win over New York, consider that. Two goals, and a third waived off because Casey was just a step offside.

And both were terrific goals, in part because of how routine Casey made them appear. The first was a textbook header in which he plowed through the center of the box to find a Sheanon Williams cross. The second was a play in which he collected a loose ball, maintained his composure as he steadied the ball at his feet, and perfectly slotted in a point blank shot on goal.

Casey is the type of target forward the Union have never previously had but always sought. In 2010, Alejandro Moreno brought the unselfish target man concept but could offer little in terms of his own attacks on goal. In 2011, Carlos Ruiz filled the role but ended up bringing down his teammates (particularly Sebastien Le Toux) more than improving them. In 2012, it was Lionard Pajoy, who was brought in, but he could not pair a good finishing touch with his high work rate.

But Casey has it. He scores with his feet. He battles in the box against big center backs. Put a ball in the air near him, and he will put it in the box. And rather than be the black hole where passes go to die, he is arguably the core around which the Union’s passing game flows, able to set up strong high up in the attack and move the ball comfortably.

For the season, Casey has five goals in 14 games, but more notably, he has four goals from eight starts.

That kind of play makes Casey PSP’s Player of the Week.

Honorable mention

Sebastien Le Toux put in another good shift for the Union. His change of pace, composure, and vision combined to create the third goal. Throughout the game, he put pressure on New York both on the attack and defensively, and it’s this latter role in which Le Toux is most underrated. Yes, he missed a point blank shot on goal when he failed to wrap his foot around he ball just right. Stuff happens. Overall, another solid game from the Frenchman, who leads the league in assists with 7.


  1. neck label says:

    my voice is still a little raspy from yelling the guys name over and over again. i might start again. lunch break connor casey chant

  2. Glad to see honorable mention for Seba. Funny how many haters he had at the beginning of the season and is now leading the league in assists and chances created.
    Only thing Casey didn’t do was ” ‘F’ someone up” as the chants were calling for. Probably a good thing.

  3. Southside Johnny says:

    What a beauty of a beast! You just gotta love both of these guys and maybe even more because of the skepticism that came with them (including myself). It seems to me that front and back are really building their roles together and the midfield is getting there, too, kinda.

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