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Player of the Week: Jack McInerney

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Before we talk about Jack, let me say that this week, the PSP writers were split down the middle. Saturday’s game wasn’t overflowing with good performances, but it did have a couple, and Jeff Parke’s drew half the votes for this week’s award. So, let’s take a moment to recognize that we are beginning to see the best of a very new player.

Voted Seattle’s Defender of the Year for two seasons running, we knew the Union were getting a good one. But players take time to settle into new teams, and against both Kansas City and Colorado, Parke showed that. Against New England, however, he hardly put a foot wrong. His passing was crisp, his tackling sure, and more than that, his leadership was clear. As I said last week, the Union need leaders more than anything, and Parke is stepping up, loudly organizing his back line, and forming an excellent partnership with Amobi Okugo. Saturday may have been the Union’s first clean sheet of the season, but with Parke and Okugo (or Soumare?) back there, I don’t think it will be the last.

Parke may have gotten half the votes, but ties are decided by me, and scoring two game-winning goals in consecutive weeks for a team that’s struggling to play well is worth a lot in my book.

So, this week’s Philadelphia Player of the Week is Jack McInerney. Jack seems to have taken up right where he left off last season as the Union’s most consistent attacking threat. More than any other Union player, he gets into good positions. With a better touch versus Colorado, he might have had two or three goals instead of just one, and against New England, he outfoxed three Revs defenders to have the uncontested header that led to the game winner. Call him a poacher if you want, but goals are goals, and Jack gets them.

What’s more, need I remind you that Jack is still only 20 years old? The boy’s got nowhere to go but up, and that bodes well for the Union. He may have some work to do to form a truly workable partnership with Le Toux (though Seba-to-Jack goals are something I could get used to), but it’s becoming clear, if it wasn’t already, that Jack simply must be on the field. We fans of the Union should feel very excited indeed to watch him develop.

It’s not the first time he’s received this award, and by the looks of things, it definitely won’t be the last: Jack McInerney is PSP’s Philadelphia Player of the Week.


  1. put me on the list for giving it to parke. yeah jack scored twice but he was otherwise not really quality in colorado, and while he got on to the end of those balls(the first was all hop’s beautiful pass), it was parke who was involved as a positive force throughout the entire 90 in both games. he practically played CB & LB in colorado and had a huge effect on everyone else around him. there’s no question in my mind who deserves it.

  2. The Black Hand says:

    Have to go Parke, as well. Aside from the goal, Mac had a rather ineffective game. There were many balls played to the area, that our STRIKER was nowhere near the end of.

  3. I like jack but for me to really like him he needs to work on his creation a bit. He is cold blooded when the ball is put on platter but if its a half chance for him its really no chance. Hes young and that should improve as time goes by but he must see it as a priority to make a jack to hop and jack to letoux connection possible.

    I also agree that parke is turning out to be a great addition. Its only a matter of time for me till he is the capitain. only problem is I don’t want to trade him after this season and our captains band is a one way ticket.

  4. You can’t win games without scoring so I would go with Jack but Parke played well and killed a number of attacks before they could start.

    • you can’t win games conceding either…

      • Josh for da U says:

        yea but without scoring u literally cant win, and we have had some pretty depressing scoring droughts. Omobi and Parke killin it for us in the center back and really preserved the last 2 wins

  5. Andrew 'Calm' Down says:

    Boston Strangler v2.0

  6. Luva Golazo says:

    Parke was great, but after all the wailing and crying about needing a finisher last year when Jack was consistently scoring and then he picks up right where he left off, I still don’t get the lack of Mac love here sometimes. He is a pure, natural striker. On my job description for that role, “creation” and aesthetics are way down the list.

    • agreed, “creativity,” “aesthetics,” don’t matter, and you forgot another one: “height.” All bullshit. Goals and nothing but. The only way to judge a striker.

      • Luva Golazo says:

        Lio Messi @ 5’7″

      • The Black Hand says:

        Not a striker

      • Luva Golazo says:

        Oookaay…Espindola 5’9″ Donovan 5’8″ Magee 5’10”

      • The Black Hand says:

        All forwards but not true strikers. I get your point. All are quality players. Doesn’t change the fact that a taller striker would serve the teams needs by providing a larger target, who can match up better physically. None of this is to take away from McInerney. He is finishing. Given the Union’s tendencies to rush play in the final third, I think that a big man (Casey) would benefit the club, as well. Just food for thought.

      • Hmm. That’s not quite how Ruiz was judged…

      • The Black Hand says:

        Great point!

  7. Man of the match – Parke by far. Parke’s play easily prevented at least 4-5 dangerous opportunities for NE.
    Does Jack deserve to be in the starting XI? – absolutely.
    Is he a fantastic talent with huge upside? – definitely.
    Was he the best player on the pitch? – not by a long shot.
    I agree goals are goals, but the Rev’s back 4 were so shaky, and the pitch so slick, that we should have easily gotten more than 1 off a set piece. 60% possession and 20 crosses should generate more than 4 shots on goal – that is the job of the striker and why I still think Jack has a lot of improving to do.
    I reiterate…he is definitely in my starting XI now.

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